Facts About Breast Enhancement

The Facts About Breast Enhancement With over 25 years of experience as a Plastic Surgeon specialising in breast augmentation surgery, Dr Hodgkinson gives you the real facts about breast enhancement. A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson Breast Enhancement The Doctor is in! “I diet and exercise but still have big hips, what can I do?” The … Continue reading Facts About Breast Enhancement

Finesse Rhinoplasty And Mummy Makeovers

    New Memory Gel Implants Prove Their WorthAt last there has been a big improvement in silicone gel technology A Letter from Dr HodgkinsonDr Hodgkinson talks about our Cosmetic Surgery Update Issue The Doctor is in!”I want my nose fixed but am worried I will end up with a “cute” nose.” Mummy Makeovers Are … Continue reading Finesse Rhinoplasty And Mummy Makeovers

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