Dr Hodgkinson Guest Speaker at Conference in Xian,

Dr Hodgkinson on Faculty at Second Combined Meeting of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Chinese Society of Plastic Surgery in Xian, China

Dr Hodgkinson was invited again to be on the faculty at the second combined meeting of ISAPS and the Chinese Society of Plastic Surgery after his talks last year in Beijing at the inaugural meeting.

This year the primary topics he lectured on were Breast Lifting when a Breast Implant is required and the use of bone grafting in Nose Surgery/Rhinoplasty especially in Asian and Eurasian patients.

The conference was quite comprehensive for the Chinese delegates in attendance as a full range of cosmetic surgery topics, particularly breast surgery, body contour surgery, facial surgery (mainly eyelids and noses) and injectibles were discussed.

For the presenters, it was important to have a knowledge of some of the unique aspects of modern Chinese aesthetics and lifestyles as procedures and approaches common in the west may have less relevance. For example, the ‘one child policy’ alters somewhat the problems of

breasts in that women only have one term pregnancy and breast feeding episode. Large breasts and ptosis of the breast, or droop of the breasts, is less common but is seen in China. The anchor incisions or vertical incisions for breast reductions are virtually not needed. The Chinese are very worried about scars and most of the breast augmentation is done through the axilla.

Published January 7, 2011