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Dr Hodgkinson Creates Beautiful and Natural Looking Results

The number one factor in the quality of your result is the experience of the surgeon. Nose reshaping surgery is complex surgery and no one nose fits all faces.

If you are considering surgery, the one factor that will determine the quality of your result more than anything is the expertise of your surgeon.

You can expect nothing but personalised, beautiful and natural results from World Renowned Nose Surgeon Dr Hodgkinson with 35 years of experience and over 30 000+ successful surgeries from nose straightening, removal of humps, refining flared nostrils, building up the bridge, ethnic rhinoplasties, cleft lip noses correcting breathing problems and more.

Before and After Results

Dr Hodgkinson is recognised world-wide as an expert in rhinoplasty surgery. He has published several articles on the subject in international medical journals and lectures on the topic. He brings this expertise to each and every patient, being able to individualise each result to fit the patient’s face and be in balance with their features. He is one of only two Australians to be granted membership to “The Rhinoplasty Society”, a prestigious group of the world’s best rhinoplasty surgeons.

nose surgery rhinoplasty

Before and after 6 months
of rhinoplasty

nose surgery rhinoplasty

Before and after 6 months
of rhinoplasty

revision secondary rhinoplasty

Before and after removal and treatment of expose silicon nasal implant

male rhinoplasty

Before and after 6 months
of rhinoplasty


Before and after 6 months
of rhinoplasty


Before and after 6 months
of rhinoplasty

What can Rhinoplasty Do For You?

rhinoplasty surgery sydney

Rhinoplasty can not only enhance the look and function of the nose, it can also improve confidence and eliminate years of self-consciousness caused by your nasal appearance.

  • Increase or decrease the size of the nose
  • Give the nostrils a new shape
  • Reduce the nasal tip
  • Reduce or enhance the bridge
  • Enhance the balance and harmony between other facial features
  • Have a positive effect on your overall facial aesthetic
  • Correct problems associated with a deviated septum
  • Improve breathing

Are You a Good Candidate For a Rhinoplasty?

If you are healthy both physically and emotionally and one or more of the following applies to you, then you may be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty!

size shape nose

You are not happy with the size and/or shape of your nose.

unbalanced nose

Your nose is not in balance
with your other features.

nose injury

You have had an injury
that has changed the look
or function of your nose.

breathing problems

You cannot breathe well
through your nose.


Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson is a highly qualified and sought-after Australian plastic surgeon who trained at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States and has licensure and specialty recognition as one of the best plastic surgeons in Australia, the United States, Canada and Asia.

He is recognised worldwide as a leader in Nose Surgery with over 35 years’ experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive nose surgery.

He is regularly invited by plastic surgeons worldwide to publish and present his world-class results and techniques especially in Nose Surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson has performed thousands of rhinoplasties and he likes to spend a great deal of time with his patients before surgery, getting to know them, their desires and getting a complete understanding of the work required.

This thorough process will help patients attain customised and natural results.

dr hodgkinson

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