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Breast Surgery - An Overview of Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Reconstruction

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of the Breast has the purpose of either creating or restoring an aesthetically pleasing shaped breast in proportion with a woman’s torso. This type of surgery includes procedures such as breast augmentation with the use of breast implants (augmentation mammaplasty), breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), breast lifting with or without the use of breast implants for volume (mastopexy), breast reconstruction after breast cancer or congenital defects and the correction of inverted nipples. Sometimes these procedures are performed in conjunction with one another for women with largely asymmetrical breasts to give balance to the figure.

Breast Augmentation, Enhancement and Enlargement

In creating beautiful breasts via breast augmentation using breast implants, the chest wall and tissues of the patient must be measured and assessed to ensure that the desired size of implant can be adequately carried by the patient without implant show or potential complications. The choice of implant is important and whenever possible, the saline implant is preferred as it has the best and longest running track record of implant safety even though there are cases in which a gel implant is indicated such as in very skinny women with very bony chest walls and/or thin skin. Another advantage of the saline implant is that it can be inserted through a much smaller incision and from any incision site: under the breast (inframammary), around the nipple (periareolar), under the arm (transaxillary) and even through the belly button (transumbilical).

Of paramount importance in all these decisions is the surgeon’s expertise to meet the patient’s expectations with these options as neither any single implant nor any one incision site is right for everyone in restoring the beauty of breast shape the procedures include reduction, lifting and reconstructing. The basic principles of reducing and lifting breasts are similar in that the goal is the remove excess tissue or skin and restore and elevate a sagging breast to a more natural position most commonly due to their genetically predisposed large size, substantial weight loss or weight gain and the effects of child birth.

Breast Reduction and Mastopexy

In smaller reductions and mastopexy’s this can be achieved with an incision site solely around the nipple. This is called a Benelli or Minimal Incision Mastopexy. For patients needed a lift and lacking volume, this can be performed with or without a breast implant. For larger reductions, it is necessary to make a neat anchor shaped scar which runs around the nipple, vertically under the breast and in the inframammary fold. These scars fade with time and patients are gratified at the relief they feel from shoulder notching, neck and back pain from carrying heavy breasts and the improvement in their ability to wear fashions and participate in sports.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Reconstructive breast surgery is a highly specialized field as it can deal not only with patients after breast cancer but women with asymmetries of the breast or chest wall. Breast reconstruction after cancer can be carried out either with the patient’s own tissues (usually using a latissmus flap from the back or TRAM flap from the abdomen) or breast implants. The choice of method of reconstruction will depend on the patient’s tissues and the amount of radiation treatment the patient has undergone. For women with chest wall deformities including Poland’s Syndrome, Pectus Excavatum, Pectus Carinatum and even Scoliosis, reconstruction can often require custom chest wall implants in conjunction with breast implants or a combination of procedures of lifting, augmenting etc. to create a balanced result.

In reconstruction each patient’s specific situation and medical history must be carefully examined to decide what is the best course of action. Breast reconstructive surgery including the correction of inverted nipples is a very rewarding field for surgeon and patient alike and requires a surgeon with the expertise to be able to assess the situation correctly as well as carry out the procedure(s) necessary to optimize the result. Breast Surgery Procedures Breast Augmentation/Breast Implants (Augmentation Mammaplasty)