Upper and Lower Eyelid/Blepharoplasty Surgery

Before & After Gallery Upper and Lower Eyelid/Blepharoplasty Surgery

blepharoplasty surgery

Before and After Upper Lid Blepharoplasty performed by Dr Hodgkinson

About The Procedure

Dr. Hodgkinson has helped many patients over the years with excessive skin folds in the upper eyelids, which can cause hooding. The fat surrounding the eye globe can sometimes experience a herniation or protuberance which creates a bulge in the eyelids, resulting in a tired or ‘worn out’ appearance.

Upper lid blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgical procedure that removes excess skin and muscle and redefines the supratarsal crease. Lower lid blepharoplasty smooths out wrinkles of the lower lid. Bulging fat is rectified by removing excess skin and muscle which also restores it to the orbit. Lower lid wrinkling, if not too severe, can be smoothed out using a resurfacing techniques.

blepharoplasty surgery
Before and After Upper Lid Blepharoplasty performed by Dr Hodgkinson

Eyelid surgery and brow-lifts

When it comes to positioning of the eyebrow, the ideal spot is arched above the bony orbit. The brow descends with age and can result in a stern or unhappy facial expression.

A brow lift now commonly uses the endoscopic approach and is often considered complementary to the blepharoplasty procedure. It is, however, essential to identify the cause of the problems first. For example, drooping brows may cause a fold of loose skin which can hang beyond the lid margin. We also need to consider gravity’s effect on the forehead and eyebrows. This can at times cause fullness in the upper lid and requires brow-lift surgery as opposed to eyelid surgery.

The results of eyelid surgery are often longer lasting when done in conjunction with a brow lift. It is important to note, however, that blepharoplasty may not wholly remove crows feet and other wrinkles around the eyes; with injectable fillers also possibly being needed. In the case of an aged appearance to the face, additional treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections can be used. This procedure will help to relax the muscles of the face causing wrinkles to disappear while also preventing them from forming.

blepharoplasty surgery

Concerns about blepharoplasty

Often patients seeking eyelid surgery or brow-lift are worried that they may end up with an over-operated appearance. This is a fair concern if the surgeon removes too much skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids, which can result in a gaunt, even sickly look.

A high lateral arch is a desirable feature of a youthful face, but if the brow is lifted too much, the patient can end up with a startled, ‘rabbit in the spotlight’ appearance.

The procedure should never be overdone and balance is key. Tissues should be restored to where they were when the patient was in his or her early 30s. For this reason, Dr. Hodgkinson will request past photographs of the patient. Taking out too much fat to achieve the deep ‘star eye’ appearance of the glamourous stars of the 1940s and 1950s is not for everyone and can look strange. Nor is it necessarily ethnically appropriate or suitable within the patient’s family group

Oriental Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Operation)

Oriental blepharoplasty is a particularly cautious area for the surgeon. It is necessary to ascertain the exact height where the patient wants the double eyelid fold to sit – low, medium, or high.


blepharoplasty surgery
Before and 4 months after Oriental Blepharoplasty

The white of the eye can be overexposed with even the slightest pulling down of the lower eyelid tissues. This creates a ‘round eye’ or severe, ‘hound dog’ appearance. During the initial consultation, Dr. Hodgkinson will determine who is at risk of developing this problem. With the use of surgical procedures such as canthoplasty or canthopexy and temporary tarsorrhaphy, Dr. Hodgkinson can prevent any dragging down of the eyelid.

In cases of a lazy eye (ptosis of the eyelid), which is caused by the weakening of the lid-opening mechanism, Dr. Hodgkinson can offer a solution at the same time as blepharoplasty.

blepharoplasty surgery
Before and after of upper eyelid blepharoplasty performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.

The endoscopic brow-lift

An endoscopic brow-lift is much less invasive than the traditional procedure. Dr Hodgkinson introduced the procedure to AustraliaI 25 years ago. It does, however, require a high level of skill and technology. The procedure is performed via keyhole incisions that are made behind the hairline. From here, the endoscope is inserted which projects an image onto a screen. This guides the surgeon in the procedure to tighten tissue and muscle, something like nintedo surgery.

The operation can involve minor discomfort for some depending on their pain threshold however, the incidence of complications is very small. The swelling and bruising which is very normal, takes about a week to ten days to dissipate. Luckily, the eyelids are very forgiving, meaning scars become indiscernible with time. Brow-lift incision scars are hidden behind the hairline.

blepharoplasty surgery
Dr. Hodgkinson is an expert in asian eyelid surgery and taking cultural wants or requirements into account when creating new looks.

Dr. Hodgkinson’s experience with blepharoplasty

Dr. Hodgkinson is a cosmetic surgery expert with over thirty years of experience across a range of procedures including various eye surgeries, nose surgery and more for patients who visit his clinic.

As a member of the faculty at the Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (OSAPS), Dr. Hodgkinson has a great deal of first-hand experience with various issues that can cause problems for people around the eyes, both aesthetically and in a practical sense.Dr Hodgkinson has visited many prominent surgeons in Asia and has been a guest lecturer at Asian meetings over the last 20 years.

Dr. Hodgkinson is an expert in customising eyelids and other facial surgeries to create a natural look. By using a range of advanced techniques, Dr. Hodgkinson creates permanent results that restores the patient’s look to that of their younger years.

dr hodgkinson
Dr. Hodgkinson is an expert in customising eyelids and other facial surgeries to create a natural look.

Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson works to create an attractive and pleasing aesthetic, customised to the physical features of the individual to ensure complete satisfaction no matter the procedure. He places significant importance on getting to know his patients and establishing a positive relationship to create a comfortable environment and achieve the best possible results. His skills are sought-after by people from all over the world and he has many repeat patients who know and trust the high quality of his work, and the positive experience provided by his whole team.

blepharoplasty surgery
Acquire a more youthful, refreshed look by removing excess skin that can create a tired appearance around the eyes.


  • Will these procedures fix peripheral vision?
    In the case where droopy eyelids have caused peripheral vision, these procedures can be of benefit. That being said, there are many causes of peripheral vision which cannot be solved by eyelid surgery. These can include glaucoma, occlusions, or a detached retina. Some cases may also be caused by a compression of the optic nerve. If peripheral vision loss is something you are suffering from, it is vital to see an eye doctor for the diagnosis before looking into this procedure as a solution.
  • How long will the procedure take?
    Depending on the work required and the scope of the issue experienced by the patient, most eyelid surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis. They utilise local anesthetic with the surgery taking around one - two hours on average. It is vital that you organise for someone to drive you home after the procedure as you will not be able to do so yourself.
  • What is the recovery period required?
    In the case of an outpatient surgery, you will be allowed to go home once we determine it is safe to do so, and when the local anesthetic has worn off. As with the procedure length, recovery times will vary; however, stitches that are not self-dissolving will usually be removed after ten days. In most cases, full recovery is reached around the one-month time frame, but this may vary. blepharoplasty surgery

    Dr. Hodgkinson aims for a look similar to when a patient was in his or her early 30s.

  • Is the procedure painful?
    Surprisingly eyelid surgery is not very uncomfortable. Patients never need narcotics and usually panadol or sedatives only are needed to reduce discomfort. Ice soaked eye pads reduce swelling and soothing eye drops are used post-operatively.
  • Are there any surgery side-effects I should be aware of?
    It is quite reasonable to experience swelling, bruising, or redness, all of which will settle naturally within a few days. There is also the chance of light sensitivity, double vision or watery eyes, all of which are no cause for alarm. To help with your recovery, you should keep your head elevated and can reduce swelling with a cold compress. In some cases, we may advise eye drops or creams if there is a significant level of discomfort.
  • Is eyelid surgery covered by health insurance?
    Eyelid surgery is covered under an insurance policy if medically necessary. We will be able to give you a clearer idea about this during your consultation, along with exact pricing for the procedure.
  • What if I encounter any problems after the procedure?
    Dr. Hodgkinson's team are highly skilled in all aspects of aftercare and are on-hand to assist you at any point should you experience any difficulty. You will feel comfort in knowing that in Dr. Hodgkinson's over 30+ years of experience, there have been no negative situations encountered by his patients' thanks to his high skill level and the amount of care provided for all patients via his experienced team.