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Breast Reconstruction / Mastectomy

Latissmus Flap
Mastectomy for breast cancer can leave a woman not only physically distressed but psychologically wounded as well. Dr. Hodgkinson has a special sensitivity for these patients and has over 30 years experience in reconstructing women’s breasts using a multitude of techniques. These techniques range from the use of an implant to flap surgery using the patient’s own tissues to create a new breast mound.

Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Tram Flap
The two common types of flaps are the latissmus flap which takes tissues from the back and the tram flap which takes tissues from the stomach so that the woman receives a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty at the same time that she received a new breast created from her own tissues. In the case that the remaining breast is drooping or too large a breast lift or reduction can be carried out on the remaining breast at the same time as the reconstruction to create an overall more attractive and symmetrical appearance. Patients who have not undergone radiation therapy can also be candidates for tissue expansion. The nipple areolar complex is also reconstructed as a secondary procedure for all women requiring reconstruction.

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