Nose (Nasal) Bridge Surgery

About The Procedure

Many people enquire about nose augmentation surgery from Dr. Hodgkinson, especially when they feel they have a “flat” nose. Using a process he has perfected over thousands of surgeries, Dr. Hodgkinson can build up the bridge of the nose to create a more desirable balance with the eyes.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery as the result of a nasal fracture that may have flattened your nose, Dr. Hodgkinson can use bone or cartilage grafts to rebuild and create a refreshed aesthetic to the nose. Previous boxers, kick boxers and football players have this problem. We call it a “Saddle nose”.

When dealing with any kind of nose-focussed procedure it is important to enlist a very skilled surgeon as there is a complex nature to the three-dimensional surface of the nose. Noses include varying thicknesses of skin, rigid bone and flexible cartilage, which is why an in-depth understanding, such as the skills and experience of Dr. Hodgkinson, is required.

How do I know if I need nasal bridge surgery?

Those who enquire about nose bridge surgery are either unhappy with the visual aesthetic of that particular section of their nose or require surgery due to a traumatic nasal defect. This can, in some cases, be an attempt to improve both breathability and comfort.

nose surgery rhinoplasty
Before and six months after a nose bridge reduction and reshaping performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.

Because the nose is in a prominent position on our face, its shape can be a vital factor in the way we perceive our looks and how others may view us. Those who are uncomfortable with the shape of their nose may experience anxiety or a lack of self-confidence, which plagues them every day.

Dr. Hodgkinson has performed nasal bridge surgery on a range of patients of varying ages, as many people wish for their nose to offer a more balanced look in conjunction with their overall facial profile.

If you have experienced some kind of trauma to the nose, which is causing discomfort or difficulty in breathing or sleeping, the request for a change may be even more pressing.

Nose bridge surgery can alter the size and shape of your nose, and an expert in this field, like Dr. Hodgkinson, will ensure the aesthetic remains appropriate when considering your profile from a side or oblique view.

nose surgery rhinoplasty
Before and six months after; the side profile of a nose reduction and reshaping procedure performed by Dr. Hodgkinson

Why is Dr. Hodgkinson best positioned to perform nasal bridge surgery?

Dr. Hodgkinson is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons when dealing with a facial procedure in Australia. Recognised worldwide for his experience and knowledge on the topic of nose surgery, Dr. Hodgkinson has performed thousands of nose reconstruction procedures. Along with some of the most advanced medical equipment available, Dr. Hodgkinson applies his years of experience to provide the best results for all of his patients.

It is also important to note that Dr. Hodgkinson is one of only two Australian surgeons that have been accepted into the world renowned Rhinoplasty Society. This group features the top surgeons in the world that have performed a range of Rhinoplasty procedures.

These surgeons have undergone an extensive vetting process before being accepted into this non-profit organisation. Dr. Hodgkinson was invited to be a member, as recognition that he is a world-wide leader in nose reduction surgery.

His experience has been built upon 30 years of facial cosmetic plastic surgery, thousands of successful procedures and travel around the world to explain his unique approach to various nose procedures to others within the medical profession.

Dr. Hodgkinson is considered one of the foremost experts in aesthetic rhinoplasty with a strong success rate crafting a nose that is beautiful and natural, but also that is harmonious in conjunction with the other areas of the face.

Dr. Hodgkinson’s nose surgery ethos

When it comes to any surgical nose procedure, Dr. Hodgkinson is a firm believer that they should only be performed once. The correct aesthetic should be suitable and individualised, and Dr. Hodgkinson ensures that he achieves this by interacting and spending a decent amount of time prior to surgery with his patients to not only determine their visual desires but also to determine the realistic opportunities available. This helps to attain the best result and is the reason why all of his patients are ecstatic with their new looks.

Nose procedures, such as nasal bridge surgery, can repair and enhance the look of the nose, as well as the performance. It is important however that your chosen surgeon has the experience and skills required when working on the tissues, bones, and cartilage of the nose. The outcome should be a desirable look, applicable to both men and women, with a nose that is best positioned for a comfortable and successful healing process.

dr hodgkinson
Dr. Hodgkinson spends significant time with his patients to ensure the best outcome is reached.


  • How do I know if I will like the look of my new nose?

    The reason why so many people come to see Dr. Hodgkinson is his preparation process in which he will discuss the options and outcomes of your procedure, while also using the Alter Image program to provide a visual example of your expected results to help make your decision.

    You will find peace of mind knowing that your goals will be taken into account with your current situation to ensure your nasal bridge procedure will provide an outcome that you’ll love, reinstating your self-confidence and comfort.

    It may be the case that a different procedure is better suited to your goals, and if so, Dr. Hodgkinson will discuss this with you. This exemplifies the importance of the rhinoplasty consultation process to find the best path forward for you.

    That way, you will understand the potential and realistic outcomes, as well as any associated risks. If you have any questions, they will be answered during this time, and Dr. Hodgkinson will ensure that you are comfortable with all decisions before surgery is confirmed.

    alter image

    The ‘Alter Image’ program allows Dr. Hodgkinson to let you see the achievable natural outcome of your procedure.