Male Rhinoplasty (Male Nose Job)

Before & After Gallery Male Rhinoplasty (Male Nose Job)

NOTE: These images are un-retouched un-posed clinical images, of actual Dr Hodgkinson patients.
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Before and after a septorhinoplasty

About The Procedure

Male Rhinoplasty is nose reshaping surgery for men who have trouble breathing as a result of trauma and/or who wish for a better appearance and facial balance. Previously men commonly considered plastic surgery in general and nose jobs to be associated with the female gender; however, cosmetic plastic surgery for men and male nose surgery in particular have become increasingly more acceptable and popular.

Nasal trauma occurs not only in childhood due to mishaps but also throughout life from accidents and quite commonly from various sports, especially contact sports. This trauma can leave lingering effects on both the person’s breathing as well as on the appearance of their nose and therefore their overall facial features. Rather than merely living with the problem, more men are starting to do something about their nasal problems, by finding out what rhinoplasty surgery entails and how much time off work or studies is needed for recovery.

What can I do if I have suffered from nasal trauma?

When a patient with past nasal trauma comes to see plastic surgeon Dr. Hodgkinson, the breathing function is tested, along with an evaluation of the inside structures of the nose. In some cases, which may require further evaluation of the nasal structures, a CAT or MRI scan may be appropriate to give a more detailed vision of the damage and what might be required to restructure the nose both functionally and aesthetically. Computer imaging is also used during the consultation. This allows the patient to communicate what they are seeking in terms of how their new nose should look as well as for Dr Hodgkinson and his staff to share with them what is realistically and surgically possible. These tools combined allow Dr Hodgkinson to determine the best surgical path forward both for the function and appearance of the nose.

male rhinoplasty
The before and after results of male rhinoplasty surgery as performed by Dr. Hodgkinson

What is the process once I decide to move forward with the procedure?

Once the desired shape of the nose has been agreed upon your overall health will be assessed to ensure that you are well and fit to proceed to surgery. The surgical procedure itself is performed as an out-patient day procedure. This will take place at Dr. Hodgkinson’s Double Bay Day Surgery, an on-site, fully licensed, and accredited day surgery hospital. In most cases, the surgery will take about one and a half hours, inclusive of any corrections to the breathing. After the outpatient procedure, patients will be required to wear a splint on the nose for approximately one week to ten days.. You will be able to return to work or studies after seven to ten days. If you experience any discomfort, a mild analgesia should help.

In the case where you have already had nose surgery performed by a different surgeon, which has resulted in a less than optimal outcome, secondary surgery is possible, but the results will be less predictable, and Dr. Hodgkinson will give you a realistic idea of your likely outcome. You have to be aware this is a more difficult and complex plastic surgery as the tissues and structures of the nose have been further compromised by the previous surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson has experienced high levels of satisfaction from patients who have undergone male rhinoplasty surgery with him. Rhinoplasty surgery, when performed as primary surgery on a structurally sound nose (for example a nose that has not been compromised by noxious substances such as recreational drugs or that does not have substances introduced post-operatively) can last a lifetime.

male rhinoplasty
Before and 6 months after a Male rhinoplasty procedure performed by Dr Hodgkinson

Why should I be considering male nose plastic surgery?

The most common goal of male rhinoplasty is to change the shape and appearance of the nose, which in turn improves the overall facial balance. That being said, male nose reshaping surgery can also fix deformities caused by an injury that has left the patient with breathing issues and discomfort.

This procedure may be well suited for your situation if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • You wish your nose was larger or smaller
  • You’d like to achieve better facial symmetry
  • The bridge of your nose requires some refinement
  • The base width of your nose needs changing
  • You have a crooked nose
  • You would like to reduce humps in your nose
  • You have trouble breathing

While improving the appearance of your nose, male rhinoplasty will also increase your self-confidence, and can lead to better breathing and a higher quality of sleep. This, along with the other cosmetic procedures for the facial region offered by Dr. Hodgkinson, instills a greater sense of confidence in your facial appearance, improving your sense of self, your body image improves.

What is involved in a male rhinoplasty procedure?

A male rhinoplasty, or male nose job, procedure reshapes the nose via the modification of bones and cartilage. This allows the skin of the nose to adapt to a new shape over time. In cases where a previous rhinoplasty has been performed to less than desirable results, a secondary rhinoplasty can correct an inadequate or poorly performed initial primary rhinoplasty. The skin must shrink but is sometimes limited in its quality so needs to be treated before and after the operation. Dr. Hodgkinson will assess the quality of the nasal skin before and after surgery.

male rhinoplasty
Before and 6 months after Rhinoplasty

What is the ideal male nose?

The male nose is wonderful, in that there is no one size fits all approach to the ideal male nose. While functionally, an ideal nose would eliminate any breathing problems, all male rhinoplasty patients will have a different impression of what makes an ideal nose for their face; how it balances with their other facial features and how it creates a facial harmony that brings them satisfaction.

Only during consultations with your specialist plastic surgeon will you be able to identify the nose job procedure that will provide the ideal look for your face.

Dr. Hodgkinson, an authority on Male Rhinoplasty in Sydney

Plastic surgeon Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson, is a world-class expert in rhinoplasty surgery, regularly lecturing on the topic in Australia and worldwide. Dr. Hodgkinson is one of two Australian plastic surgeons who has been accepted into The Rhinoplasty Society, which consists of the top surgeons throughout the world with exceptional skills in the Rhinoplasty procedure. To achieve this status and honour, a plastic surgeon must undergo an extensive vetting process and have their expertise validated as innovators in their field.

Dr. Hodgkinson is deeply committed to aesthetic and reconstructive nasal surgery and can provide a realistic image of what your new nose can look like, along with the necessary information to ensure you make an informed decision.

alter image
An accurate picture of your potential new nose with be given to you prior to your procedure via a state-of-the-art computer imaging program.

How much does male rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of the male rhinoplasty procedure will depend on many variables. We’ve detailed the costs of male nose surgery in our free information packs that are available for downloading from our website. You can find more information on the surgical procedure there, but also free information packs on a range of cosmetic and plastic surgery options available.

In cases where the procedure is to correct a breathing issue, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Dr. Hodgkinson will help detail this option for you; in the meantime, you can find preliminary information at MBS Online.


  • Will I still look masculine if I have a nose job?

    This is often one of the biggest fears faced by male patients when it comes to having a nose augmentation. It is important to remember that Dr. Hodgkinson’s specialty across all procedures, male or female, is a sensitivity to a range of elements, including the look of the face, gender, ethnic background, and family resemblance.

    When it comes to the rhinoplasty procedure, some surgeons can over-feminise their male surgical results, creating a type of stigma that the nose job is a feminine procedure. This is not an issue; however, when an expert in nose surgery such as Dr. Hodgkinson is on the case. He works hard to individualise the results for each patient, so the new look is natural and balanced.

    Male rhinoplasty requires an avoidance of a cute or button look, which is often caused by removing too much tissue or cartilage. Dr. Hodgkinson believes it is critical to maintain a strong nose for his male patients, which is in balance with the rest of the face. This will, almost by default, guarantee a natural masculine appearance.

    male rhinoplasty

    A before and after with six months of healing as performed by Dr. Hodgkinson

  • What can I do about my ski-jump nose?

    The “ski-jump” nose is usually caused by trauma, an accident or in some unfortunate cases, previous over-zealous rhinoplasty surgery wherein a less experienced surgeon removes too much tissue leaving a the patient with a nose which is either unnatural in shape or too small.

    In a male, a small, weak nose is seen as most unattractive and lacking masculinity. Most men want a good strong nose and to achieve this for patients with a scooped out or too small nose, we use a patient’s own tissues to build up the top of the nose, thereby producing a more handsome, defined profile.

    The tissues used for this nasal grafting are most commonly bone and cartilage.  The use of silicone implants or implants of any synthetic material is problematic as over time the body rejects the implant and the implant works its way out of the nose and requires removal and can create an even more difficult defect to repair.

    If your nose is naturally too small or scooped out in shape from trauma or previous surgery, there are options for rhinoplasty surgery to create a more natural and pleasing shape to your nose.

    Before and After Nose Surgery

  • How do I know if I will like the look of my new nose?

    The reason why so many people come to see Dr. Hodgkinson is his preparation process in which he will discuss the options and outcomes of your procedure, while also using the Alter Image program to provide a visual example of your expected results to help make your decision.

    You will find peace of mind knowing that your goals will be taken into account with your current situation to ensure your nasal bridge procedure will provide an outcome that you’ll love, reinstating your self-confidence and comfort.

    It may be the case that a different procedure is better suited to your goals, and if so, Dr. Hodgkinson will discuss this with you. This exemplifies the importance of the rhinoplasty consultation process to find the best path forward for you.

    That way, you will understand the potential and realistic outcomes, as well as any associated risks. If you have any questions, they will be answered during this time, and Dr. Hodgkinson will ensure that you are comfortable with all decisions before surgery is confirmed.

    alter image

    The ‘Alter Image’ program allows Dr. Hodgkinson to let you see the achievable natural outcome of your procedure.

  • How long will I have to be off work, after nose surgery?

    Most patients have a good idea about what they dislike about their nose and what they want done but a big concern is how much time they will miss from work or studies and/or how much discomfort they will experience. The surgery surprisingly causes minimal discomfort and oral painkillers such as Panadol can control this. Recovery from rhinoplasty takes approximately seven to ten days and you can resume most activities within two weeks, except for contact sports. Rigorous activities can resume in about six weeks.

    The hard work of our team, along with the state-of-art equipment and materials we use create the most comfortable environment possible for patients. We aim for minimal postoperative sedation and the quickest recovery period possible. You will likely feel strange as the anaesthetic wears off and experience some soreness, swelling, or discomfort, which is all completely normal.

    You will also likely feel tired after surgery and have a splint placed across your nose to assist in the healing process for around seven days after surgery and with paper tape for several weeks after that. We ensure that you are well-informed when it comes to the healing process so there will be no shocks or surprises after your procedure. You are encouraged to ask any question that you may have to ensure you are entirely comfortable with what will happen before, during or after a rhinoplasty surgery.

    Before and After Rhinoplasty

  • What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

    Dr. Hodgkinson places great importance on working at the highest levels of safety and care, which is why the thousands of nose surgeries he has performed over his long career have experienced no adverse or negative risks. Part of our responsibility as medical practitioners requires us, however, to inform you of any possible associated risks for the surgical procedures we provide.

    Your risks are related to your general health, and even in the best of hands, sometimes (about 5%) of healing doesn’t go as expected, and a touch up operation may be needed at 6-12 months to refine the result.

    Prior surgery by some other surgeon, taking recreational drugs and trauma all contribute to unpredictable healing after rhinoplasty.

    The incisions that are made as part of this process are inconspicuous, along with any scarring that will fade or lessen with time.