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About The Procedure

The primary goal of a nose reconstruction is the restoration or refinement of form and function. This procedure can be required as a result of a variety of causes, such as trauma, which resulted in a nasal abnormality. Some other situations that may lead to a need for a nose reconstruction can include congenital defects, car accidents, physical altercations, and previous surgeries.

A nose reconstruction procedure requires a very skilled surgeon due to the complex three-dimensional surface of the nose. It encompasses varying thickness of skin covering it, scaffolding ranging from rigid bone to flexible cartilage, and the inner epithelial lining.

There is a range of particular reconstructive techniques that can be used to repair defects; however, there is a level of creativity that is required when handling a nose reconstruction on the surgeon’s part.

Nose reconstruction is often required due to traumatic nasal defects. The cartilaginous scaffolding needs to be reconstructed to not only improve the visual aspect of the nose but in some cases, breathability and comfort.

Nose Reconstruction Surgery
Before and 6 months after nose reduction and reshaping

Why should I consider a nose reconstruction?

The nose and its shape can be a significant factor in how we perceive ourselves in the view of others, causing anxiety and a lack of self-confidence if we deem there to be an issue with how our nose may look. Dr. Hodgkinson sees many patients of varying ages who wish for their nose to provide a more harmonious look with their overall facial profile. Trauma to the nose can also cause discomfort and difficulty in breathing or sleeping.

A nose reconstruction can alter the size and shape of the nose while ensuring that the aesthetic remains appropriate in conjunction with the person’s profile, especially from a side or oblique view.

Nose Reconstruction Surgery
Before and 6 months after nose reduction surgery

What are my nose reconstruction options after skin cancer surgery?

At a consultation, Dr. Hodgkinson can discuss the option to reconstruct your nose if you have skin cancer to be removed from your nose.

Local flap: This procedure uses available skin on the nose to close the incision, most suitable if the wound on your nose is small. Dr. Hodgkinson prefers flaps as grafts don’t have an exact skin match.

Skin graft: If the area of missing tissue is significant, the skin may be relocated from elsewhere on the body. The best source for a skin graft will differ per patient and be discussed during your consultation.

Staged procedure: The staged procedure or forehead flap involves an expander placed under the brow to stretch the skin creating new skin that can cover the nose and create a natural result. This is for extreme cases of skin cancer surgery.

Nose Reconstruction Surgery
Before and 6 months after after nose reduction and reshaping

Why is Dr. Hodgkinson best positioned to handle my nose reconstruction?

When it comes to cosmetic surgeons with facial procedure experience in Australia, few are as experienced and knowledgeable on the topic as Dr. Hodgkinson. With vast expertise in all facets of nose reconstruction procedures, Dr. Hodgkinson applies his years of experience along with the most advanced equipment available to provide the best results for his patients.

Dr. Hodgkinson is one of the two Australian surgeons accepted into The Rhinoplasty Society, which consists of top Surgeons throughout the world in Rhinoplasty. An extensive vetting process is undergone in order to be accepted into this non-profit organization, which was given to Dr. Hodgkinson as recognition as a world-wide leader in nose reduction surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson has over 30 years of practice in facial cosmetic plastic surgery and has spoken all over the world about his unique approach to various nose procedures. Dr. Hodgkinson is an expert in aesthetic rhinoplasty, having completed thousands of rhinoplasty surgical procedures with enormous amounts of expertise and experience in the area. Dr. Hodgkinson excels, during his assessment of all facial features to craft a nose that is beautiful while looking natural and harmonious in conjunction with the other areas of the face.

Why you should only ever require one nose reconstruction

The results of a nose reconstruction procedure should only be performed once with the correct aesthetic being suitable and individualised for each patient. Dr. Hodgkinson delivers this by interacting with his patients in-depth, taking the time to determine the patient desires along with the realistic opportunities to attain the best result.

A nose reconstruction is a procedure that can repair and enhance the look and performance of the nose, but the chosen surgeon must also have the experience and skills to ensure that further surgeries will not be required. When working on the tissues, bones, and cartilage of the nose, a well-skilled surgeon will not only create a desirable look for both men and women but ensure the nose is best positioned for a comfortable and successful healing process.

Nose Reconstruction Surgery
Dr. Darryl J. Hodgkinson is recognized world-wide as an expert in nose reduction surgery


  • How do I know if I will like the look of my nose reconstruction?

    Dr. Hodgkinson will not only discuss the options and outcomes of your procedure with you in-depth prior to surgery but will also use the Alter Image program to provide a visual example.

    Your goals and current situation will all be taken into account to ensure your nose reconstruction procedure will provide an outcome that you are not only happy with, but also proud of.

    If a different procedure is better suited to achieving your specific goals, Dr. Hodgkinson will discuss this with you. The consultation process is all about finding the best path forward, understanding the potential and realistic outcomes, and risks. Any questions you may have will be answered, and Dr. Hodgkinson will ensure you are comfortable and confident with all decisions before you undergo surgery. Dr. Hodgkinson shares with you the goal of improvement, restored confidence, and complete satisfaction in your physical appearance.

    alter image

    With the aid of our computer program 'Alter Image,' Dr. Hodgkinson will be able to give you an idea of the achievable natural outcome as part of your nose reconstruction.

  • How long will I be required to take off work?

    A nose reconstruction surgery may vary in its recovery time due to the potential complexity based on your specific situation. A rough time frame of standard cases is around seven to ten days to heal, with the majority of activities able to resume within two weeks. It is recommended that you refrain from contact sports for around six weeks.

    It is also important to note that you will likely feel tired immediately after surgery. The reconstruction surgery will require some sort of bandaging or splint across the nose for around seven days. The healing and recovery process will be explained to you in more detail by our team, along with more specific timeframes once we understand the complexity of your required procedure. We work hard to ensure that you are totally comfortable with all of the details before commencing so that you understand everything required. We strongly encourage you to ask any questions of our experienced team whenever you need; we are here to assist you during the entire process.

  • I’ve heard that nose jobs make men look too feminine, do they?

    One of the main reasons why people seek Dr. Hodgkinson for their nose reconstructions is his ability to ensure that any nose surgery is well-suited to the look and gender of his patient. Dr. Hodgkinson always provides an individualised result that creates a natural and balanced look. An outcome that does not make it look like you have undergone surgery should be part of your aesthetic goals, and in the case of a male patient, maintaining a strong nose and masculine appearance helps create a look of health and vigor.

    male rhinoplasty

    Before & After after nose reduction and reshaping

  • What risks associated with nose reconstruction surgery should I be aware of?

    It is important to note that Dr. Hodgkinson works at the highest levels of safety and care, and has performed thousands of nose surgeries with no adverse or negative risks during the healing process.  But as part of our responsibility as medical practitioners, we must inform you of all associated risks with all surgical procedures.

    It is very important that you are aware of any potential risks with any surgical procedure that you may be considering. In the case of a nose reconstruction, these may include;

    • Scarring and swelling
    • Infection
    • Bruising
    • The need for secondary procedures as healing is unpredictable
    • Allergy
    • Reduced sense of smell
    • Visible swelling over several months
    • Loss of structural support
    • Perforation of the septum
    • Excessive pain
    • Altered nasal sensation
    • Bleeding
    • Asymmetry
    • Airway obstruction

    This is a complete list of potential problems, many of which are extremely rare, with low percentages of eventuality. If your nose reconstruction requires incisions, Dr. Hodgkinson aims to make them as inconspicuous as possible. Any scarring will fade with time.