KTP / Aura Laser for Facial Spider Veins

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NOTE: These images are un-retouched un-posed clinical images, of actual Dr Hodgkinson patients.

About The Procedure

Many women and men develop small red veins on their face commonly known as “spider veins”. These veins are usually small, thin lines that may be flat or only slightly raised and may be blue, red, or purple in colour.

Common areas for these veins are around the nose, on the cheeks and chin. Usually they are painless but they can be unsightly and many patients present wanting to know what causes spider veins to form and what they can do to remove or camouflage them.

Spider veins can be both hereditary as well as caused by lifestyle factors such as sun exposure and alcohol consumption. They can also result from anything that causes extra blood to move through the body such as pressure from straining under childbirth or forceful coughing, sneezing or vomiting. Hormone replacement therapy during menopause can also increase the incidence of spider veins as estrogen can weaken the valves in the veins.

The good news is that spider veins are easily and non-invasively treated with the KTP / Aura Laser. This laser is the gold standard for spider vein treatment is was created solely for this purpose.

The laser creates a brief intense light pulse which targets the red blood cells in the unwanted vein whilst not harming the surrounding tissues. Sometimes more than one treatment is necessary, especially when there are more than a few veins to be addressed.

Usually the veins once treated do not recur if the patient follows their post treatment instructions for the first few days to avoid excessive sun exposure, alcohol consumption, hot and spicy foods, hot baths & showers and topical creams and ointments containing vitamin E. Normal diet can be resumed but excessive sun exposure and alcohol consumption should continue to be avoided to impede further spider veins from forming.

We have been using the KTP / Aura Laser technology successfully at The Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic for nearly twenty years and it has yet to be surpassed in the industry for efficacy.

The laser treatment, sometimes called KTP laser, targets the fine red veins or capillaries of the face that most commonly appear around the nose and on the cheeks. The treatment (often called Rosacea Treatment) is performed in the clinic and the patient is capable of returning to their normal activities immediately following the treatment.  This treatment is also used for:

  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Reduction of sunspots
  • Reduction of freckles
  • Reduction of sun-damaged skin
  • Removal of raised lesions such as seborrhoeic keratoses, dermatosis papulosa nigra

Discover Affordable KTP Laser – Facial Spider Vein Removal Treatments

What the laser does is send a pulse of energy into the capillary that literally vaporizes it. The result is that the capillary disappears and closes. Technically, KTP laser is a beam generated by a neodymium:YAG laser is directed through a potassium titanyl phosphate crystal to produce a beam in the green visible spectrum; used for photoablation and photocoagulation.  Fancy description for a treatment that is relatively pain free and gives visible results. The laser treatment is performed in one of the clinic procedure rooms and takes from 15-45 minutes in total depending upon the amount of facial veins present. Performed by a cosmetic nurse, this treatment delivers results to remove those unsightly facial veins.

As skin and cosmetic plastic surgery specialists, our team at The Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic has helped many sufferers cope with this skin condition through our effective and state-of-the art facial spider vein removal treatment.

We use the KTP laser technology to target prominent facial veins and capillaries. The laser provides dramatic and relatively pain-free results by sending a pulse of energy into visible capillaries, causing them to vaporise and decrease in redness. This treatment is performed by our well-trained and highly qualified cosmetic nurses and takes about 15-45 minutes. It has no downtime, which means patients can resume their activities immediately after the procedure. Patients are advised though, to avoid hot showers, sun exposure, strenuous exercise and eating hot food 24-48 hours after the treatment since the heat can restore and open up the veins again.


  • How do I remove spider veins on my face?

    For spider veins on the face—usually around the cheeks and nose—we use the KTP laser which is very successful at removing these unattractive blemishes. Further skin damage, usually from wind and sun will result in the reappearance of these veins and the laser therapy will have to be repeated.

    No anaesthesia is needed for this laser treatment. The patient wears special goggles during treatment to protect the eyes. The cosmetic surgeon traces out these small veins with a laser light which obliterates them. A laser session usually takes about half an hour. A second session may be needed.

  • What can I do about the deep lines around my lips & cheeks?

    For deeper and more extensive lines I prefer to resurface the upper lip with either dermabrasion or the carbon dioxide laser treatment. The smooth resurfaced skin takes seven to ten days to heal and leaves new, pink skin which for six to eight weeks requires makeup to conceal and sunscreen for protection.

    The new, smooth upper lip can be a little shiny and lighter in colour than the rest of your face. This is why resurfacing the whole face is sometimes better so that there is a uniform lighter colour all over rather than have a demarcation line around your mouth and a sun-tanned, freckled complexion on the rest of your face.

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