Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty (Nose Tip Refinement) – Tip Rhinoplasty

About The Procedure

The nasal tip is an important focal point for the face, so it has a significant impact on the overall balance and symmetry of the facial aesthetic. If you have concerns with the shape of your nose tip in relation to the appearance of your nose, nasal tip surgery, which is less invasive than a full rhinoplasty, may be a suitable option for you.

Nasal tip surgery performed by Dr. Hodgkinson can result in aesthetic improvements to the nasal tip via refinements, which enhance your nasal proportions achieving a more balanced appearance.

What is closed nasal tip rhinoplasty?

The nasal tip procedure aims to make aesthetic improvements via a less invasive surgery process, which will enhance the patient’s nasal proportions and provide a more balanced look.

Different from a full rhinoplasty, nasal tip surgery can make the nose tip appear less bulky, providing symmetry and a more desirable projection, rotation, and proportion when viewed in conjunction with other parts of the nose. This provides a new look for the whole face while leaving the bone structure of the nose intact.

The goal is to reshape or remove excess cartilage from the tip of the nose. In some instances, Dr. Hodgkinson may lift the nose tip or refine the nostrils, to ensure that any changes made will suit other parts of the nose.

The benefits of nasal tip surgery

The main reason why nasal tip surgery is popular is that it is a less invasive process. This reshaping method is usually performed as a one-hour surgery, significantly shorter than a full rhinoplasty.

As a result, you will spend less time under anaesthetic while also having a shorter healing and recovery period. The use of general anaesthesia is still required, which means you may experience some swelling or bruising post-surgery, but this is quite normal and will be far less of an impact than that experienced in a full surgery.

closed nose tip rhinoplasty
Unhappy with your nose? Speak to Dr. Hodgkinson about a new aesthetic that will provide a new sense of self-confidence.

Is nasal tip rhinoplasty the right procedure for me?

If you are self-conscious about your nose as it hooks or has a crooked shape, nasal tip surgery may be right for you. We see many patients who realise they are unhappy with the form of their nose after taking a “selfie” and noticing an accentuated, bulky nasal tip.

If you have a grievance with nostrils that flare, creating a broad look to your nose, Dr. Hodgkinson is skilled at fixing this and any other asymmetrical issue, which can give an off-balanced look to your face.

To discover if nasal tip surgery is the right path forward, you will first have to book a consultation with Dr. Hodgkinson. We recommend this before making any decisions as you will be assessed for both your current state and your desired goals.

In some cases, the full rhinoplasty procedure may be necessary. Those with a crooked nose from tip to bridge may be experiencing a deviated septum, which requires straightening to improve breathing.

If you are concerned with the appearance of your nose tip and are in good physical health, you may benefit from this procedure.

Why should I consider Dr. Hodgkinson for nasal tip rhinoplasty?

Dr. Hodgkinson is a highly regarded cosmetic plastic surgeon, considered as an expert in all forms of rhinoplasty. With a track record of exemplary long term results, and findings published in 70 articles via a range of scientific journals, Dr. Hodgkinson presents his work to surgeons around the world.

Dr. Hodgkinson and his experienced team are well known throughout the medical community for their significant focus on pre and post-care. Nasal tip surgery presents lower risks than a full rhinoplasty as it is; however, this combined with the exceptional care of Dr. Hodgkinson and his team means the safest cosmetic surgery process is available for all.

Prior to surgery, you will be fully informed about the relevant procedure and will be well informed across all elements of the procedure, from the initial stages to the healing process.

Dr. Hodgkinson’s core belief is that all rhinoplasty procedures should only need to be performed once. The goal is a natural and attractive nose, appropriate and individualised for every patient.

Dr. Hodgkinson places great importance on the time spent with each patient, so that a real understanding of their desires can be reached, which will achieve the best result. The consultation also includes the use of an imaging system, which will help determine the likely outcome of your procedure.

There is a reason why people from all over the world call Dr. Hodgkinson their surgeon. His knowledge and skills in the area of rhinoplasty are significant, guaranteeing results that provide harmony with the patient’s other facial features.

Contact us today to learn if nasal tip rhinoplasty is right for you

Dr. Hodgkinson ensures that any rhinoplasty procedure he performs is ethnically appropriate and individualised to the patient, providing balance with the patient’s other facial features.

With over 30 years of experience in facial cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Hodgkinson is an expert in aesthetic rhinoplasty and responsible for thousands of successful surgical procedures. Book a consultation today and start down the path to an attractive, harmonious, and natural look for your nose and face.

Dr. Hodgkinson’s unique method will be tailored to your requirements and situation, which will inform the best path forward. You can also ask any questions you need to understand the potential outcomes and risks associated with nasal tip rhinoplasty. Speak to us today for a consultation and start the process towards a positive change for your looks.


  • What risks should I be aware of that are associated with nasal tip surgery?

    It is crucial to note that even though nasal tip surgery is a less invasive procedure, it is still a surgery, which brings with it an element of risk. Dr. Hodgkinson's team will explain all of this in-depth during your consultation.

    You will have great peace of mind; however, in knowing that over a 30-year career, Dr. Hodgkinson has never experienced a serious or life-threatening complication with any of his patients post-surgery.

    With thousands of rhinoplasties performed, Dr. Hodgkinson's stellar safety record speaks for itself. He and his team ensure the highest levels of safety, guaranteeing the most exceptional level of care for every patient.

    While every surgical procedure has a level of risk or complication that may be present, you should be aware of them to stay properly informed. If you are a patient with a poor medical history or are psychologically unstable, you may not be a suitable candidate for this procedure.

    Any relevant risks will be explained during your consultation; and in cases of rhinoplasty, the small risks can be infection, bruising, or bleeding, along with a low risk of issues concerning the anaesthetic.

    All of Dr. Hodgkinson's patients have experienced high-levels of care and safety due to his skill level and strong focus on quality aftercare.