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NOTE: These images are un-retouched un-posed clinical images, of actual Dr Hodgkinson patients.

About The Procedure

The mini-facelift procedure features a minimal incision on the lower two-thirds of the face that elevates and “fixes” the underlying issues, producing results that look more natural than just tightening the skin. It is usually preferred in the late 30’s to mid 40’s. This is sometimes referred to as the “ponytail lift”.

The advantage of a minimal incision procedure over a traditional facelift is less scarring and downtime while maintaining the longer lasting and more natural result of a complete facelift procedure by securing the lax underlying SMAS and muscle tissues.

Before and after mini facelift
Before and after a mini facelift procedure performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.

Dr. Hodgkinson is a skilled plastic surgeon with 30 years experience across all versions of the facelift procedure. A consultation with him will determine whether or not you are suitable for a mini facelift procedure based on your current situation and goals.

The benefits of a mini facelift

There is a range of reasons why patients, both women and men, opt for the mini facelift procedure if it is deemed suitable for their situation and goals; these include:

  • Less scarring – As the incisions required for this procedure are much smaller, they are less visible and can easily be concealed in the natural contours of your hairline and face
  • Fewer side-effects and risks – The side-effects of a mini facelift such as swelling, bruising, and tenderness are lessened due to the size of the procedure, leading to a faster recovery and less discomfort
  • A conservative option – The mini facelift is targeted at the lower third of the face and neck and works to complement natural features which can lead to a more conservative and understated improvement as opposed to a traditional facelift which may be more obvious
  • Increased self-confidence – Many patients report a drastic rise in the confidence of their appearance after this procedure. They get their mojo back!
  • Time efficiency – The mini facelift often only requires 2 hours depending on the requirements of the specific case with sedation.
  • Anaesthesia – This procedure is performed under a light general anaesthesia
Before and after mini facelift
Before and after a mini facelift procedure performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.

What is involved in a mini facelift procedure?

There are various techniques that can be used to perform a mini facelift, often dependent on the goals of the patient. The main goal is often the removal of excess skin as sagging skin creates an older appearance. When this skin is removed, we see a significant change in someone’s features.

In some cases, a mini facelift can also tighten loose facial muscles, which gives a sharper and youthful aesthetic to the face. These techniques are most appropriate in situations that do not require a full facelift to look rejuvenated.

Information about the incision required during a mini facelift

As mentioned above, an incision is still needed during the mini facelift  procedure. The incision, however, is smaller in size to that of a full facelift, stopping behind the ear as opposed to progressing into the hairline.

mini facelift
An example of the incisions of a mini-lift. Image ref:

It is important to note that you will likely have a scar after their treatment; however, it will be much smaller in size when compared to a traditional facelift.

The mini facelift is still a surgical procedure which can bring with it certain risks or possible side-effects. The aftercare program provided by Dr. Hodgkinson and his team will significantly lessen any risk of adverse experiences post-surgery.

Before and after a mini facelift
Before and after a mini facelift procedure performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.

What should I expect from a mini facelift?

The goal of the mini facelift is a youthful, rejuvenated look, however, it is crucial to note that every patient is different, and the results will be unique. To give yourself a rough idea, you can push any loose skin you may have towards your ears, to in some way replicate the effects of the procedure.

We strongly recommend a consultation with Dr. Hodgkinson to ensure that this procedure will have the desired look you wish for. You may be better suited to a different procedure or path to creating a more youthful look. Dr. Hodgkinson will assess your current situation, listen to your wants and goals, and determine the right way forward.

A mini facelift with renowned facial surgeon Dr. Hodgkinson

The reason why so many people visit Dr. Hodgkinson is the sheer number of cosmetic surgery procedures he has performed during his career. Not only does Dr. Hodgkinson have a wealth of experience and knowledge across a range of cosmetic surgery procedures, including both the standard and mini facelift procedures, but he has an unwavering commitment to his patients. The personal side of surgery is very important to Dr. Hodgkinson and his team as he believes that the relationship between doctor and patient is a vital element of a successful operation.

Dr Hodgkinson has published many papers and book chapters on facelift for men and women in major plastic surgery journals.

As a result, patients trust and feel comfortable with Dr. Hodgkinson and his team. They know there is a total understanding of the specific desires and goals of their procedure, while also knowing that the right path forward has been chosen to obtain the best results.

dr hodgkinson
Dr. Hodgkinson is well-known for the time and care he takes, getting to know his patients before every procedure to achieve the best results.

To help ensure you feel comfortable with your chosen procedure, Dr. Hodgkinson uses a computer program called ‘Alter Image’ which will give you as accurate a picture of potential results as possible. This is done to ensure that you are not only well-informed but completely comfortable with your decision of whether or not to proceed with surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson received his training at the Mayo Clinic, has two degrees in plastic surgery with over thirty years of experience while also being an integral part of the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Also editor of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal (APS).

The Double Bay Day Surgery from which Dr. Hodgkinson operates is a fully licensed day surgery centre known for providing every patient with the highest levels of care. Our state of the art equipment and the well-experienced, highly skilled team produces outcomes that patients are immensely pleased with. We can ensure that you will go into your procedure with all questions answered and a team who are on-hand 24 hours a day to ensure that your surgical journey and recovery is a pleasant experience. We can provide the necessary care for patients post operatively.

Along with a wealth of surgical knowledge and experience, our post-operative care processes are second-to-none. There is also the option of home care if required. Speak to our highly skilled staff today about a consultation with Dr. Hodgkinson to learn if the mini facelift is the right procedure to achieve your goals, or if another path forward would be better suited.


  • What are the main outcomes of a mini facelift

    The main goal of the mini facelift is to replenish the jaw and neck line contour. This can create a refreshed, youthful look that takes a few years off while helping people to feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance.

  • What side-effects should I be aware of?

    The most common side-effect experienced by patients as a result of this surgical procedure is swelling. This is a normal part of the healing process that will subside with time and no cause for alarm. In some other cases, patients may experience bruising, another relatively normal side-effect, that will subside each day as your body heals.

    Mini Facelift

    The main goal of the mini facelift is the replenishment of a youthful jaw and neck.

    Our team will keep you well-informed as to the guidelines regarding your aftercare to ensure that you have a pleasant, and quick, healing process. Everyone’s body heals differently, so we cannot offer any exact timeframes. If required, we may prescribe certain medications or wound care, and our team is always on-hand to support you through your healing journey.

  • How long will the results last?

    The longevity of the results of a mini facelift will vary for each patient but should last anywhere between eight to ten years. During this time, however, the aging process continues, which works against the work of the procedure.

    There is a range of non-surgical treatments that help the results of a mini facelift to last for as long as possible, including:

    • Ablative laser treatments for skin blemishes
    • Cosmetic injections to target fine lines and wrinkles
    • Dermal filler injections for the lips, cheeks, and various other areas of the face
    • Liposuction which can target stubborn fat, restoring definition to specific areas of the face
    • Radiofrequency technology that can tighten skin
  • What should I expect as part of the recovery process?

    You may have heard people refer to a mini facelift as a weekend facelift. While there is undoubtedly less downtime required for this procedure, a weekend is a little inaccurate. The healing process can be hard to quantify as everyone heals differently. Some patients have previously been able to return to work a week after surgery, while others need several weeks to recover from swelling or other side effects properly.

    Mini Facelift

    Face with Rhinoplasty

    In extreme cases, the actual results of the procedure are not evident until a year post-surgery. All of this being said, a mini facelift is classed as an outpatient procedure. This means that you will not have to remain overnight, and will be allowed to head home after your procedure. When home, you should focus on resting, wear a compression garment, and avoid any strenuous activity. The less strain placed on your body during recovery, the sooner you are likely to heal.