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NOTE: These images are un-retouched un-posed clinical images, of actual Dr Hodgkinson patients.
Before and after facelift, lower blepharoplasty and a chin implant

Before and after facelift, lower blepharoplasty and a chin implant

About The Procedure

Interestingly, the idea of cosmetic surgery is often associated with females, with men often unsure about what procedures are available, or suitable to them. Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson has helped thousands men to improve their looks or correct any issues that cause them to feel less comfortable or confident with results that maintain their masculinity and look natural. About 40% of his aesthetic surgical procedures are on males.

Men, in particular, tend to steer clear of the various cosmetic surgery procedures available as they do not want it to seem obvious that they have had a cosmetic touch-up or look too feminine. This does not help the fact that men, just like women, still wish to look younger, less tired, more energetic and more confident.

facelift for men
Men are unsure about suitable cosmetic surgeries, however, Dr. Hodgkinson has helped many men improve their looks and maintain masculinity with a facelift.

The facelift procedure can be of great benefit to men, especially when taking into account Dr. Hodgkinson’s approach which looks to leave the lines of expression or various other rugged features that provide a natural masculine look. A male facelift should address the feature out of balance features in the face which show signs of ageing, for example, a sagging neck or jowls.

Dr. Hodgkinson’s approach to the male facelift

Dr. Hodgkinson believes that a man’s face should have character. This is often created by lines of expression. Many people associate these lines with a strong face, and any surgery that creates a tight or ‘pulled’ look will diminish these qualities, making a man’s face look blank or unnatural.

This is why, when performing a male facelift, Dr. Hodgkinson ensures the tightening of underlying structures such as tissues and muscles. This removes any tension that may be placed on the skin, which avoids an obviously ‘operated’ look.

Another fear that men face is the easy detection of scars due to balding or short hairstyles. Easily detected scars make it more evident that there has been some sort of cosmetic surgery; however, Dr. Hodgkinson ensures that the scars can be concealed in various creases or behind the ear.

facelift for men
Before and after results of a male facelift as performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.

Is the facelift procedure right for you?

Men who are experiencing a face and neck that has started to sag may be suitable for the facelift procedure. During a consultation with Dr. Hodgkinson, your skin’s elasticity and complexion will be assessed to ensure that this procedure will indeed be appropriate, or if you should perhaps be considering something else.

As with any surgical procedure, your general health and medical records will also be taken into account before deeming this as a suitable action. As every case is different, the surefire way to understand which procedures can help to improve the particular issues that you face is via a consultation.

We always recommend that our patients perform a level of research themselves, but the definitive answers will come during your assessment with Dr. Hodgkinson. Our experienced team will ensure that all of your questions are answered and you are completely comfortable with every element of the proposed procedure before committing to it. We work hard to ensure everyone is well-informed about every detail of the surgery and recovery aftercare process.

Why do men undergo the facelift procedure?

The primary goal of a facelift is the elevation of sagging tissues and re-adjustment of the contours caused by fat accumulation or degeneration. These are the main reasons why our faces can appear to look aged along with lax facial tissues of the neck, jowls, and brow. Many men wish to regain their confidence with a younger appearance, especially if they have a younger partner, are looking to be promoted or wish for greater energy.

These sagging tissues can be corrected by re-suspension of the platysma muscle along with a tightening and anchoring of the subcutaneous muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS).

The facelift procedure will tighten and remove excess facial skin, which will create a rejuvenated look. This procedure has been performed thousands of times by Dr. Hodgkinson in his already 30 year career. The procedure can also help to lessen the deep creases that can form under the eyes, as well as the folds and wrinkles that can appear in other areas of the face and neck

Depending on your goals and requirements, a facelift can also help to create a greater definition of the jawline.

facelift for men
A before and after with a four-month gap of male facelift surgery performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.

Enhancing outcomes with other procedures

The results of a facelift procedure can sometimes be enhanced by combining it with other cosmetic surgeries that focus on the forehead or eyes, especially when looking to improve a tired appearance.

Men have been known to undergo a Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, or a Browlift at the same time as a facelift to minimise downtime by combining procedures and create a more youthful look. You may also benefit from a neck lift, which is commonly combined with the facelift.

At what age should a man consider a facelift?

The most common age for facelifts in men is between 50-60 years old. As our faces age, they take on more of a square appearance compared with the oval face of someone who is younger. The restoration of a more youthful appearance needs to be carefully individualised for each patient.

Men who inquire about a facelift procedure with Dr. Hodgkinson will be asked to provide photographs that were taken in their early 30s, which will then be used as a guide for what the results of the facelift should be. For men in their mid-50s, Dr. Hodgkinson will often perform a procedure called ‘pan facial rejuvenation’ which focuses on lifting the upper, middle, and lower face and neck, as well as eyelid surgery or browlift. The primary goal when it comes to results is an outcome that looks natural.

facelift for men
A four month before and after of a facelift surgery showing the natural results achieved by Dr. Hodgkinson.

Caution with skin lifts

The skin lift procedure is a less invasive way to hold up these muscular structures; however, you should be warned that these procedures will create tension which makes scars more obvious and stretched along with unnatural contours of the face which will remove the natural expression lines that you should aim to keep. Skin lifts don’t last long.

These procedures are often cheaper and less invasive, but there is a significant decrease in the delivery of effective results when compared to the natural-looking, masculine, and attractive outcomes of a full facelift.


  • Will this procedure assist with my sagging jowls?

    Ageing in the lower half of the face is often the cause of jowls, which is a commonly noted cause of distress for patients. The ageing process also affects the elasticity of our skin, which, when combined with issues in the underlying tissues and fat, creates a sagging, loose appearance, in the jawline. This loss of definition can lead to a double chin, which a facelift that focuses on the lower two-thirds can elevate.

    To have an effective outcome, this may also require fixation of the tissues underneath to create a long-lasting and natural result.

    facelift for men

    A three-month image of before and after a facelift surgery performed by Dr. Hodgkinson which exemplifies the possible improvements to the neck.

  • I have a saggy neck, will a facelift help?

    A saggy neck, double chin, or “turkey neck” can cause significant distress and lack of confidence in men. To fix this, you may be suited to the mini-lift procedure, which will firm and create tension in the underlying muscles of the upper neck. Alternatively, you may require a neck lift or standard facelift. Dr. Hodgkinson has extensive experience in facelifts and will be able to determine which procedure will be best to rectify your situation during your consultation with him. Neck lifts are usually performed in the 35-45 year age group.

  • What happens during the procedure?

    Modern facelift surgery is quite a bit different from the way the procedure was performed in the past, which is also the way many people think it is still done. A facelift is no longer the stretching of wrinkled skin to create a smoother aesthetic. The advanced modern techniques used today look to reshape the layers of connective tissue that sits under the skin.

    The exact process of the procedure will depend on the needs of the patient, namely the ways in which their specific tissue will need to be manipulated, trimmed, folded, and fixed in place. All procedures look to achieve a natural, youthful appearance and discreet incisions which minimise scarring will be required. You will also go under general anaesthetic and twilight anaesthesia during the procedure.