Double Eyelid Surgery (Asian Eyelids) in Double Bay, Sydney

Before & After Gallery Double Eyelid Surgery (Asian Eyelids) in Double Bay, Sydney

NOTE: These images are un-retouched un-posed clinical images, of actual Dr Hodgkinson patients.

About The Procedure

It is quite desirable for people of Asian background to wish for a double eyelid aesthetic, especially as people of this ethnicity do not often have an upper eyelid fold when they open their eyes.

Interestingly enough, the fold that creates the “double eyelids” aesthetic has nothing to do with nationality; it is genetics that determines whether or not it will be present.

To create the double eyelid look, people often turn to a simple procedure which involves the placing of a stitch through the eyelid. This is, however, temporary and unreliable result. Instead, we recommend an eyelid surgical procedure which offers a higher-quality and more permanent results. The procedure that Dr. Hodgkinson performs involves the creation of an attachment between the skin of the eyelid and the levator muscle which lifts the eyelid.

Before and after droopy saggy eyelid surgery
Before and after double eyelid surgery by Dr Hodgkinson

Roughly 60 percent of Asian patients have this natural attachment, with a far fewer number found in Caucasians. By ensuring the fold sits at the correct height, usually mid-height for someone of Asian background, you can achieve a natural-looking result.

What are the double eyelid/Asian eye surgery procedure options?

A symmetrical incision is made to remove a conservative amount of fat during this procedure. This is then followed by the stitching of a connection between the skin and levator muscle (the lid & levator eyelid muscle). Patients will only be required to be under Twilight sedation with Dr. Hodgkinson performing the operation at his fully licensed and accredited day surgery facility (The Double Bay Day  Surgery) allowing the patient to go home after surgery.

It is also possible to perform double eyelid surgery in conjunction with other procedures including lower eyelid surgery, the removal of eye bags, rhinoplasty, a face and neck lift, or skin resurfacing. The need for this can be assessed during your consultation at which Dr.Hodgkinson will provide all of the necessary information and process steps to help achieve your goals.

Before and after of droopy eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Hodgkinson
Asian double eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Hodgkinson on a male patient, before and after.

Dr. Hodgkinson’s experience with Asian eyelid surgery

Dr. Hodgkinson is an expert in Asian or double eyelid surgery with over thirty years of experience with the procedure and many Asian patients who visit his clinic for this kind of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson is a member of the faculty at the Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (OSAPS) and has lectured in Asia at cosmetic surgical meetings throughout China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, and Singapore. As a result, he has had a large amount of first-hand experience with Asian aesthetic surgery working alongside the top Asian aesthetic surgeons.

Roughly 15 percent of Dr. Hodgkinson’s Sydney-based patients are Asian, Eurasian or of Oriental extraction. As a result, Dr. Hodgkinson has a wide range of experience with customising eyelids and other facial surgeries to the particular aesthetics necessary to create a natural look for a variety of ethnic subgroups. The ethnic ideals of the patient are very important to Dr. Hodgkinson and with a range of advanced techniques he aims for permanent results that his patients will be immensely pleased with.

Before and after double eyelid surgery
The primary goal of Asian double eyelid surgery is a natural look that will enhance your facial features.

It is important to note that stitch through-style procedures which are often less expensive have less predictable and impermanent. Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson puts a significant focus on ensuring that the fold or crease in the eyelid looks as natural as possible while sitting at the correct height. He works to create an attractive Eurasian look by ascertaining the exact height at which the double eyelid fold should sit, be it low, medium or high, based on the aesthetics of the individual’s face. Euroasian eyelids have a mid to high crease position

The procedure requires twilight sedation to ensure the folds are symmetrical as the patient will be able to open and close their eyes during the operation to check the symmetry. Dr. Hodgkinson understands that the slightest pulling down of the lower eyelid tissues can cause the white of the eye to be over-exposed resulting in a ‘round eye’ or a severe, ‘hound dog’ appearance. During the consultation, he determines who is at risk of developing this problem and uses surgical procedures, such as canthoplasty or canthopexy and temporary tarsorrhaphy to prevent the dragging down of the eyelid.

A lazy eye (ptosis of the eyelid) is caused by the weakening of the lid-opening mechanism and can be repaired by Dr. Hodgkinson at the sametime.

Before and after double eyelid asian eye surgery
The before and after results of double eyelid or Asian eye surgery as performed by Dr. Hodgkinson.
Patient had unsatisfactory eyelid surgery from another surgeon.

Why the various aesthetic options for this procedure?

Ethnic patients often consider double eyelid or Asian eye surgery to enhance their features. This is not about changing their identity but to appear more attractive. The modification of certain elements which some feel are limiting or defining; they can move towards a visual aesthetic that creates a sense of comfort and confidence in their appearance.

double eyelid asian eye surgery
The various options available for double eyelid surgery. (Also called inside fold or outside fold)

Double eyelid surgery offers a range of new look options for patients who wish to have their ethnic features enhanced and can often be inclusive of other procedures like Rhinoplasty. The various options as pictured above depend on the particular crease style, and resulting look that patients wish to achieve, these can include:

  • Low Crease, Close Oval Shape
  • Medium Crease, Open Oval Shape
  • Low Crease, Open Round Shape
  • Medium Crease, Open Round Shape

It is essential to consider that this trend is not different ethnic groups striving to be more Caucasian. High-quality experienced surgeons will have an appreciation for the aesthetics of different racial subgroups, working to bring out the beauty of these various faces in our multicultural society.

Before and after double eyelid surgery for men by Dr Hodgkinson
Before and after double eyelid surgery for men by Dr Hodgkinson


  • What is involved in the recovery for double eyelid surgery?

    As double eyelid surgery is performed as day surgery, you will likely be able to return home after the procedure. You may experience some mild discomfort such as swelling and bruising for anywhere between a few days up to two weeks. Every patient experiences a different healing process; however, most patients can return to office-style work after one week and light exercise after two.

  • How do I know which look will be best for me?

    Beauty is subjective, and your idea of beautiful eyes may be different from someone else. During your consultation, Dr. Hodgkinson will work with you to find a look that you love, which also suits your aesthetic and will appear natural. The goal should be an eyelid that suits your unique facial characteristics with a harmonious result.

    A natural symmetric upper eyelid fold is often the priority for most patients, as is a stable supratarsal fold or a dynamic fold which will vary based on eye position. We may also look to remove upper eyelid fat to reduce the appearance of puffiness in the upper eyelid. You can rest assured that Dr. Hodgkinson will assess your unique look to formulate a strategy to enhance your features naturally.

    double eyelid asian eye surgery

    Making eyelid creases symmetrical

    Dr. Hodgkinson will work with you during your consultation to find a natural look that suits the aesthetics of your facial features.

  • Are there any risks with double eyelid surgery I should be aware of?

    As with any surgery, there are some potential risks, however many patients come to Dr. Hodgkinson for his impeccable track record of various cosmetic surgery procedures with minimal complications. It is still essential for all patients to be aware of the potential risks associated with double eyelid surgery, which can include infection, bleeding, or abnormal scarring. The incidences of these complications are very small, and Dr. Hodgkinson’s team has a very effective aftercare process to monitor the progress of your recovery, which will allow for the early detection of potential complications.

    If you have had an unsuccessful double eyelid surgery performed by another surgeon, we can assist with revision double eyelid surgery. You may notice some asymmetry of the upper eyelids or prolonged swelling and puffiness as the result of a previous surgery. If this is the case, Dr. Hodgkinson can assess your situation and apply his comprehensive understanding of Asian eyelid surgery to produce a result that you will be much more comfortable with.

  • Does my age matter in terms of double eyelid surgery?

    The effects of aging may determine the requirements of your surgery as excess upper eyelid skin caused by age may also need to be addressed. The same applies to a drooping brow that may be found in the older Asian population.

    Regardless of your age, however, Dr. Hodgkinson has the required years of experience and precise skills to achieving a natural look for the upper eyelids. Any complications that may be presented due to your age will be taken into account in the planning phase of your surgery and dealt with accordingly to ensure you receive the best result possible.