Eyelid Fat Removal – Herniated Fat Bags

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About The Procedure

As we age, our eyes can often give a look of a tired appearance due to excess fat in the areas around them. There are several factors that can cause this. Eye bags, for example, are caused by a loss of fatty tissue in the upper cheeks. As we age, the adipose tissue breaks down in our cheeks faster than it does below our eyes. As a result, our eyes are left with protruding bulges beneath them, known as eye bags. The bony structures of the face also resorb reducing the projection of the cheek bones.

The orbital septum, a membrane that holds fat under the eye weakens allowing fat to herniate out like a bulge. The ageing process causes the orbital septum to weaken, causing the fat behind it to bulge outward, pressing on the skin, and adding to the appearance of eye bags. Some people have a genetic predisposition to extra fat under the eyes.

For patients with eye bags caused by bulging or excess fat, Dr. Hodgkinson can remove or adjust the fat to eliminate the bags. In some cases, the removal of excess skin under the eyes may also be required during this procedure.

In the case of excess fat above the eye in the eyelid region, eyelid surgery known as blepharoplasty can assist in the removal of this excess fat; a field in which Dr. Hodgkinson is highly experienced.

Eyelid Fat Removal - Herniated Fat Bags
Before and After Blepharoplasty performed by Dr Hodgkinson

What if I am having issues with my vision?

In some cases, a heavy eyelid may droop or sag, causing issues with your peripheral vision called ptosis. If you are experiencing this or have an issue where your eye does not open completely, you may have visual occlusion, a situation that Dr. Hodgkinson can rectify with surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery can help to remove the excess fat, relieving the stress on that region of your eye, and restoring your vision. It may even be warranted to combine this procedure with a brow lift to give a more refreshed and youthful look to the face.

The removal of excess tissue from the eyelids, allows for the full opening of your eyes, increasing your field of vision. It is also important to note that if you are, in fact, diagnosed by Dr. Hodgkinson with visual occlusion, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate. This would likely mean that no GST is applied to your surgical fees and you can receive a rebate from private insurance

Can you tell me more about what my possible Medicare rebate could be?

Medicare does not often cover most cosmetic surgery as the procedures are considered elective and for aesthetic purposes only. In the case of a visual impairment, however, it is a little bit different. If we deem that you have a condition that hinders your vision, the act of restoring your vision could allow for a Medicare rebate.

Medicare is often quite stringent in their assessment and approval, particularly when it comes to the blepharoplasty procedure, and you will need to meet Medicare’s requirement in regards to the obstruction of vision.

We have seen many patients with excess fat in the eyelids who did not even realise that their field of view was lessened, so it is always a good idea to have this assessed as one of your first steps. Functional eyelid surgery can create a significant improvement in vision and your everyday quality of life.

Are there any other reasons why this may be happening? I’m not that old!

While ageing is a primary factor, it is not the only cause of heavy eyelids or sagging in the upper and lower regions. As we mentioned above, genetics can play a part, as can your ethnic background, allergies, and significant exposure to the sun. Along with a possible visual impairment, the face will look old and tired. The primary goal of surgery is a more refreshed look that helps to instill confidence and pride in your appearance. You don’t want to look tired or worn out, especially if you do not feel tired!

To ensure that the blepharoplasty procedure achieves this, it is vital that your surgeon has many years of experience in eye surgery. Dr. Hodgkinson is a world-renowned expert who applies a level of finesse that ensures a natural result with minimal to no scarring and a look that does not indicate there has been any surgery at all. Inexperienced surgeons may remove too much tissue or fat, or fail to recognise and treat brow ptosis.

Eyelid Fat Removal - Herniated Fat Bags
Rectify your field of vision with eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Hodgkinson while also creating a refreshed look to the face.

Why Dr. Hodgkinson is the best options when it comes to eyelid surgery

Dr. Hodgkinson is a cosmetic plastic surgery expert with over thirty years of experience across a wide range of procedures, particularly those concerning the eyes. His expertise in the face and nose areas are sought-after by patients all over the world due to his proven track record of natural and stunning surgical results.

He is known and has lectured around the world about his expertise in customising eyelids to create a natural look, negating the stigma or fear that cosmetic surgery produces results that look obvious. Dr. Hodgkinson uses advanced techniques to literally turn back the visual clock for his patients, restoring their appearance to their younger years. Part of Dr. Hodgkinson’s process is the review of pictures of the patient in their younger years, which he uses as a blueprint to restore a more youthful look.

Eyelid Fat Removal - Herniated Fat Bags
Dr. Hodgkinson’s consultation uses old photos of the patient to achieve a more natural look.

Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson places significant importance on the personal relationship he forms with his patients. This is one of the main points that sets him apart in his field, as does the comfortable environment he creates with his Double Bay Day Surgery to ease the surgical process and provide the best possible results. The trust in Dr. Hodgkinson’s high quality of work and the experience provided by his team has made him one of the most sought after top surgeons in Australia.

Eyelid Fat Removal - Herniated Fat Bags
Excess skin is likely the cause of the tired appearance around your eyes, speak to Dr. Hodgkinson about a refresh.


  • I’m not really worried about how I look, but I am having issues with my peripheral vision. Is cosmetic surgery the right path?

    If problems via an obstruction to your peripheral vision are the main or sole driver of your research into cosmetic procedures, Dr. Hodgkinson may be able to help. While not all reasons for cosmetic surgery are purely aesthetic, it is essential also to recognise that not all causes of peripheral vision obstruction can be rectified via these procedures.

    There is a range of visual impairment conditions that will not benefit from cosmetic surgery such as glaucoma, a detached retina, and compression of the optic nerve. If a loss in vision is your main or only concern, we strongly recommend that you see an eye doctor first. They will be able to give the correct diagnosis, which will indicate if a cosmetic procedure would be of benefit to you.

  • How long will this procedure take?

    The complexity of the procedure, and whether we are dealing with eyelids, eye bags, or both, will alter the time frame accordingly. Eyelid surgery specifically is often performed on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic, which brings with it a surgery time of one to two hours.

    We will be able to offer exact time frames during your initial consultation with Dr. Hodgkinson once your situation and requirements have been fully assessed. It is vital in all cases; however, that someone is available to drive you home post-procedure and you be with a responsible adult.

  • What should I expect in regards to recovery time?

    Once again, this is dependent on the degree of complexity of your procedure, but in most cases, patients are allowed to go home once the local anesthetic has worn off. It is difficult to offer exact recovery times as everyone has a different healing ability and procedure complexity, but on average, a full recovery is seen around the 2-3 week mark.

    Eyelid Fat Removal - Herniated Fat Bags

    A before and after of Dr. Hodgkinson improving the tired look caused by eye bags.

  • Should I expect any side-effects during my recovery period?

    It is quite common to experience swelling, bruising, or redness immediately after the procedure or a slim chance of light sensitivity or watery eyes. None of this is cause for alarm, and it can all be helped by keeping your head elevated or using a cold compress. These simple actions will help to reduce the swelling and minimise any discomfort. Sometimes different eyedrops are used to lessen there transient symptoms.