Eye Wrinkle & Crows Feet Reduction – Non Surgical Injectables

About The Procedure

The ageing process can become evident around the eyes as wrinkles and crow’s feet begin to appear. Luckily, this can be offset with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections which can refresh the appearance of these areas giving a youthful appearance that looks far less tired around the eye region.

Crow’s feet is the name given to the lines that radiate from the corners of the eye, particularly evident when you smile. While some lines should be present, it is undesirable for it to be too severe. That is why the goal should not be the complete eradication of these lines, as this can look unnatural.

What can be done about my crow’s feet and eye wrinkles?

The most common treatment for crow’s feet and wrinkles is anti-wrinkle injections. These injections work to relax the muscles that are responsible for the formation of crow’s feet. Anti-wrinkle injections work to target the primary underlying cause of crow’s feet, which is orbicularis oculi muscle contraction. When applied to the area just under the brow, the downward pull of the orbicularis oculi is reduced, which acts as a subtle brow lift.

Once the injection has been made into the muscle, it will take around four to seven days for the process to action. From here, it can take approximately two to four months on average for the results to become evident, dependent on the dose.

This procedure will need to be repeated every three to six months to ensure a continued youthful appearance. This time frame will vary per patient, and a clearer idea of your specific requirements will be given during your consultation, prior to any treatment, with Dr. Hodgkinson.

Eye Wrinkle and Crows Feet Reduction
Dr Hodgkinson can dramatically reduce a tired look via a range of eye-based procedures.

What are the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections?

While anti-wrinkle injections work primarily to reduce your frown lines and crow’s feet, they can also provide several other benefits including;

  • The reduction of smoker’s lines and marionette lines
  • Fast results
  • A more youthful appearance
  • No downtime as there is no required surgery or incisions
  • Can be performed in under 30 minutes
  • Quick and affordable
  • Look and feel amazing almost immediately
  • A dramatic reduction of the visible signs of ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Safely applied by our highly trained team
  • An enhancement of your natural features

What should I expect from the use of non-surgical injectables?

As mentioned above, aesthetically, the goal with the use of anti-wrinkle injections should be a reduction, as opposed to a complete resolution of crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are natural, and their presence is somewhat necessary, the purpose of anti-wrinkle injections is to diminish their severity.

Dermal fillers can also reduce crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes to counteract volume loss. The degree of improvement that dermal fillers provide is only small and is one part of an overall rejuvenation process of the area.

Eye Wrinkle and Crows Feet Reduction
Dr. Hodgkinson is an expert at improvements to the eye area via a range of procedures.

Why should I choose Dr. Hodgkinson for this procedure?

Dr. Hodgkinson is a cosmetic plastic surgery expert who is very sought-after due to the thousands of successful procedures he has performed on a variety of patients over his thirty-year career. As a well-known expert in all facets of eye and nose surgery, the knowledge and experience that he brings to each procedure are unrivaled.

Dr. Hodgkinson will assess your situation, both aesthetically and in a practical sense, and ensure that the best outcome is achieved. As someone who has travelled the world as a guest lecturer on various facial cosmetic topics over the last 20 years, patients know they can trust in the high-quality work provided by Dr. Hodgkinson and his well-trained team.

When it comes to improvements in the eye regions, Dr. Hodgkinson operates with the primary goal of rectifying any concerns while creating a natural and youthful look.

dr hodgkinson
Dr. Hodgkinson spends a significant amount of time understanding the wants of his patients.

Dr. Hodgkinson’s pre-surgery process involves spending a significant amount of time with his patients to understand their specific wants and needs. This ensures that everyone who walks in his door, later leaves with an attractive and pleasing aesthetic that they are beyond happy with. Dr. Hodgkinson’s ethos is that surgical outcomes are customised to the physical features of the individual. This leads to complete satisfaction in every outcome.

The positive relationship Dr. Hodgkinson forms with his patients creates a comfortable environment that makes the often daunting idea of cosmetic surgery much more straightforward. Combine this with Dr. Hodgkinson’s in-depth skills, and it is easy to see why patients know to trust the high quality of his work. When backed by his highly-trained team, a procedure performed by Dr. Hodgkinson is always a positive experience.

Eye Wrinkle and Crows Feet Reduction
Acquire a more youthful, refreshed look and do away with a tired appearance around the eyes.


  • Are the use of anti-wrinkle injections safe?

    If performed by an experienced and qualified doctor, yes. These injections are very popular as they can be performed in a matter of minutes, with the patient seeing a benefit that lasts for several months. Note: a doctor can only order the injectables used for these procedures, and the manufacturers and the medical community does not endorse it in a party environment.

  • Will this procedure be covered by health insurance?

    It is unlikely that anti-wrinkle injections will be covered under an insurance policy as only those deemed medically necessary are eligible for a rebate. While our team can assess this during your consultation, in most cases, this request is for aesthetic improvements only. We will provide exact pricing for the procedure in your consultation.

  • What do I do if I experience a problem after the procedure?
    Dr. Hodgkinson and his team are well known for their highly skilled aftercare, ensuring that all patients are entirely supported through their recovery process. The team is on-hand to assist you at any point should in the very rare occurrence that you experience any difficulty. Dr H. Hodgkinson creates a safe and pleasant experience for all of his patients backed with total support from his experienced team. If you should have an issue during your aftercare process, the team is on-hand to assist you at any point.
  • How do I know what to expect from this procedure?

    Dr. Hodgkinson uses a piece of software called 'Alter Image' which provides a clear picture of what potential results may look like. This will help you with the important decision of whether or not to proceed. Dr. Hodgkinson has over thirty years of experience and was trained at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, while holding two degrees in plastic surgery. He also serves on the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) which helps his patients to feel very confident in their potential outcome.

  • Where will this procedure be performed?

    Dr. Hodgkinson performs his work from the Double Bay Day Surgery. This fully licensed day surgery centre offers the highest levels of care via state of the art cosmetic and plastic surgical equipment. When operated by our experienced and highly skilled team, all of our patient’s needs are met. We work hard towards achieving all goals and we are on-hand to answer all of your questions in advance. Our team are available 24 hours a day to assist with your recovery to ensure complete support through your surgical journey.


    Dr Hodgkinson’s Double Bay Surgery Team

  • How do I set-up an appointment?

    Dr. Hodgkinson’s team is on-hand to help organise a consultation, which is a necessary step prior to your surgical procedure. Speak to our highly skilled staff about anti-wrinkle injections today and see for yourself why so many people choose Dr. Hodgkinson as their surgeon.

  • Will there be any side effects?

    There are no known permanent side effects that have been discovered over the years of anti-wrinkle injection use. Temporary effects may include tenderness and bruising of the treated area. In very rare cases there may be temporary eye problems such as double or blurred vision, drooping or swollen eyelids, or dry eyes; but it is important to note that no patient of Dr. Hodgkinson's has ever experienced these issues and less than 2% of people worldwide have experienced them at the hands of other surgeons.

    There may be an allergic reaction such as itching, rashes, dizziness or feeling faint, which should disappear within the first 48 hours.

  • Will my face be stiff after the procedure?

    This is a common myth that anti-wrinkle injections create a stiff face. There will be some visible results immediately after the treatment, but a frozen look is not one of them.

  • How often will I need the treatment?

    Anti-wrinkle injections are temporary, usually lasting for several months, at which point the procedure can be performed again. An ideal time frame for the procedure is every three to six months to ensure a continuous youthful appearance.