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About The Procedure

Cleft lip and palate is a common congenital disorder more often found in developing countries and if not corrected in early infancy can lead to difficulties in feeding, oxygen uptake, speech and social development.

This highly specialized area of plastic and reconstructive surgery requires a life-long commitment by the surgeon. Dr. Hodgkinson, who trained at the Mayo Clinic with world world-famous Cleft and Craniofacial Surgeon Dr. Ian Jackson and Dr. Ortiz Monasterio of Mexico City has performed hundreds of these complex operations.

It is not uncommon for these operations to require fine revisions as the child/adolescent/adult cleft patient develops. These revisionary surgeries are usually to accommodate the maturation of the face and may be to the lip or nose.

Having formerly worked in India, Nepal, Mexico and Guatemala, Dr. Hodgkinson established the Peninsula Cleft Clinic in 1982 in southeastern Virgina. He went on to found the charity Operation Restore Hope in the Philippines of which he is still the Chairman today. Operation Restore Hope has performed over 1,500 operations to date on less fortunate children who without aid would have been left uncorrected. For more information on Operation Restore Hope, please see


  • Can I Have A Mid-Face Lift Without Visible Scars?
    Yes you can.  The mid-face lift is ideal for people who have lost tone and volume in the middle third of their face.  High cheek bones have always been associated with youth and the maintenance of a youthful face as we age. The problem with ageing in the cheek area is that the tissues underneath the eye slide down with the effects of gravity and facial movement, producing nasolabial folds. These can be improved with injections of non-permanent injectibles; however, there comes a point where simply plumping up will not do the job. Fortunately, we now have a newer procedure called "Mid-Face Lifting" which is done without leaving evident scars. Small incisions in the mouth and hairline enable us to endoscopically release these droopy tissues to bring them up higher, recreating the fullness of youth in the cheek area. If a patient has always had a flat cheek, we can add cheek implants using the same manoeuvre.  

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