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NOTE: These images are un-retouched un-posed clinical images, of actual Dr Hodgkinson patients.

Before and after breast augmentation with 300cc smooth round implants

About The Procedure

ImageBreast Augmentation

For the woman who, for personal reasons, feels her breast size is too small, or not properly contoured, cosmetic breast enhancement can be the answer. Breast enhancement can balance a difference in breast size and improve the body contour. Implants have been used since the 1960s to enhance and enlarge the shape of female breast tissue.

Dr. Hodgkinson encourages his patients to take an active role in not only discussing their desired goal but in communicating more specifically about the size they want their breasts to be, as well as the shape of breast they find attractive, how much cleavage they want to have and even patient input on nipple position can be very important. No two women are alike and so there is no one implant or operation that will suit all women.

After meeting with you to discuss your desired goal. Dr. Hodgkinson will then prescribe the most effective technique to achieve the desired results. This will include selecting the appropriate size and type of implant in proportion to your body contour and chest wall and determining the best incision site to achieve the look sought after. Also, Dr. Hodgkinson will discuss the various types of procedures and implants that achieve the best results for you.

Types of Implant

A breast implant is a silicone rubber shell filled with either medical grade silicone gel or a saltwater solution known as saline. Both types of implants have their advantages and disadvantages. The saline not only has a more natural feel but moves more naturally and has a “shimmy effect”. The saline implant can also be inserted through a smaller incision including the umbilicus. Silicone implants, however, are preferred for women with bony chest walls or who have very thin skin. Silicone implants are also generally preferred for women having implant replacement or reconstruction after mastectomy. The differences between the two implants are best discussed with Dr. Hodgkinson and the aesthetic specialists at our Sydney cosmetic clinic will review and discuss the best option for you.

Image Image

Before & After Breast Augmentation “B” to “D” partial sub pectoral 400cc smooth round saline implants

Sizing and Satisfaction

In the over 30 years that Dr. Hodgkinson has been performing breast augmentation surgery and the thousands of women who have benefited from his expertise, he has developed techniques in not only measuring the chest wall of patients but in sizing implants to give them an indication of the end result that they will achieve. This has resulted in patients almost always being satisfied with not only the shape but the size of their new breasts.

Types of breast augmentation procedures/approaches

Under the Breast/Inframammary Approach

ImageAn inframammary incision is the most common approach for placement of a breast implant. This approach places the incision in or adjacent to the inframammary crease. The inframammary approach provides the most direct route and, in general, requires the least operative time for placement of the implant.

Around the Nipple/Periareolar Approach

Implants placed by an incision within the pigmented areolar tissue are referred to as a periareolar incision. This approach is recommended when our patients desire the least conspicuous scar.

Under the Arm/Transaxillary Approach

Placing incisions in the axilla, referred to as a transaxillary approach, avoids placement of the scar on the breast’ however, the incision may be visible when the patient wears a sleeveless dress and elevates her arms.

Through the Belly Button/Transumbilical Approach

A transumbilical approach commonly known as TUBA(transumbilical breast augmentation), involving placement through the umbilicus/belly button, can be used for augmentation of the female breast. This approach is only used for saline implants.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, Dr. Hodgkinson and his highly specialized team can provide you specific information on how he would proceed in your particular situation.


  • Can I tell the implant size I need by the bra size I want to wear?

    Breast size, bra size and implant size cannot be directly compared. Correct sizing of patients is important because no two women are the same. No woman has the same exact same sized breasts on both sides and no two bras are the same, but two implants by the same manufacturer will be the same size. At the Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic, we pride ourselves on our ability to size a patient accurately based on the size she wants for breast implants, not only by measurements but also by using industry specific tools and  trialling different sizes and shapes of implants with the patient. To learn more about breast implants, to make a time for sizing and or learn about other procedures, contact us at the Clinic or just check our website.

  • How can I get breast implants without looking like I had a ‘boob job’?

    Getting natural looking breasts with breast implants is possible — it’s a matter of eliminating the “give-aways”.  Things that give the artificial look of having had breast augmentation surgery are:  seeing the margins (outlines) of the implant, an implant that is obviously too large to be real and an implant that is too “perky” or that stands to attention even when you are not. If a natural look is what is desired, then it is possible for an experienced breast surgeon working with the patient desires to choose the size, shape and position correctly and create a natural slope of your chest wall that is in balance with your body. The trend in recent years in Australia is to not have very large breasts but to lean more towards a “C” cup or average to large average look for a more natural result.

    Before and After Breast Augmentation: C cup 300 cc Round Smooth Saline Breast Implants by Dr Hodgkinson

  • Is there a danger of silicone implants leaking?

    Silicone breast implants have come a long way.  The implants are no longer filled with low viscosity silicone which was more fluid but are now filled with a highly viscous grade of silicone get that is similar in texture to Turkish delight. This substance is more easily contained and removed should the implant rupture and leak.  Because no implant will last forever and because small defects in implants may be undetectable for an unspecified period of time, it is recommended that women have regular annual check-ups.  Any hardening, suspicions or irregular ultrasounds should be followed by an MRI for a definitive diagnosis.  The average life span of all implants averages approximately 10 years and this need for reaugmentation and further surgery should be factored into the decisions to have breast implants: personal, physical & financial.

    Although the newer generation of Silicone Gel breast implants have been deemed safe by Therapeutic Goods Administration, it is still good to find out if you are a candidate for saline breast implants.  Dr Hodgkinson prefers to use saline (salt water) implants, when appropriate.  In addition to their safety, they move more naturally and require a smaller incision site for insertion than gel implants, which of course means less scarring. Furthermore, if a rupture does occur, it is much easier to detect with a saline implant as it causes an almost immediate deflation of the affected side.

  • What type of implant do you prefer for breast enhancement?

    I’m often asked this question. In contrast to many surgeons who prefer to use one particular type, I use every sort of implant *as well as a wide range of incisions to insert them. This flexibility is important to meet the patient’s desires and obtain the optimal result. The choice is contingent upon the patient’s shape, the condition of the breast tissue, whether there is droop (ptosis) of the breasts and the overall figure shape. In over 90% of cases, I use a saline implant. The smooth-walled saline is ideal for the younger patient who has never had an implant, has very little ptosis of the breasts and wants to have a C or C+ brassiere size. A gel implant is used if patients want a more generous size or they are quite thin and have little breast tissue to cover the implant.

    * (except for textured polyurethane breast implants which are under suspicion due to links to ALCL anaplastic large cell lymphoma)

    Before & After Breast Implants by Dr Hodgkinson

  • What techniques are used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

    There are basically two options for patients who want a reconstruction: to use your own tissues to make a new breast or to try to get more skin and then place an implant under the skin (the expansion technique).

    Post-operative treatment following a mastectomy, such as radiation or chemotherapy, might impact on the available options. If the patient has not had radiation, then the expansion method can be used. This involves placing a silastic balloon underneath the residual skin on the chest wall. Every two weeks, more saline solution is added to the balloon in order to stretch the skin. Once the required amount of skin has grown, a gel implant is positioned.

    In the method that uses your own tissue (autogenous), the tissue can be brought from the back or the abdomen to make the new breast. We use both these techniques for breast reconstruction.

    Before and After Breast Reconstruction (Latissimus) by Dr Hodgkinson