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NOTE: These images are un-retouched un-posed clinical images, of actual Dr Hodgkinson patients.
Before and one year post gynecomastia

Before and one year post gynecomastia

About The Procedure

How does Gynecomastia Develop?

Gynecomastia or the development of male breasts sometimes referred to as ‘man boobs’ is more common than many people think. Gynecomastia occurs for a variety of reasons: weight gain (fatty deposits such as love handles around the waist might be mimicked with fatty deposits elsewhere on the torso such as in the breasts); the taking of certain drugs such as steroids or use of cannabis, but in many cases the cause is unknown and may be genetic. Regardless of the cause, gynecomastia can be very embarrassing and create insecurity in social and intimate situations for males who suffer from it.

About our gynecomastia surgery in Sydney

Our Sydney plastic surgeon Dr. Hodgkinson, who is an expert at gynecomastia surgery says that for a successful and uniform result that liposuction to the chest/breast area is usually not enough as in these cases it is not a fatty deposit alone but breast tissue as well that has developed. Therefore it is necessary to make a small incision at the juncture of the nipple to avoid visible scarring to remove some of the tissue and fat. In rare cases where a man has experienced extreme weight loss, it may be necessary to remove some skin as well that has lost its elasticity to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.


Before and after gynecomastia

Men and Plastic Surgery

From facelifts to rhinoplasty, liposuction to pectoral implants, there seems to be a consensus amongst surgeons that the number of men seeking out plastic surgery is on the rise.

Dr Hodgkinson noted that the procedures that men are seeking differ with the various age groups with younger men opting for rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), liposuction/liposculpture procedure and gynecomastia whereas the older males favoured neck and face lifts.  Since opening the clinic, he had seen a fivefold increase in the number of men getting facelifts.

Why the upswing in male surgery numbers?  Dr Hodgkinson ascribes some of this to the fact that many men are having cosmetic surgery to remain in the workforce and stay active with a younger spouse, and that cosmetic surgery was no longer “taboo” among men.

If you’re looking to address a problem area on your body, contact Dr Hodgkinson to arrange a consultation to discuss your goals and how best to achieve them.  Contact us today!


  • How can I lose weight before summer?

    So many patients are coming to us now wanting liposculpture of their waist, hips and thighs to get back their figure so that they can fit into the summer fashions.

    Liposculpture to enhance your figure involves reshaping from the waist to the hips and thighs using the latest pneumatic and ultrasonic liposculpture cannulas. The procedure is carried out as an outpatient at my fully licensed facility, the Double Bay Day Surgery, under a light anaesthesia. Patients usually return to most activities and work within 7-10 days.

  • What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?

    When the fat cells are removed, it is critical that the surgeon creates a smooth contour.

    Creating this contour or figure for the patient requires the surgeon to remove fat to the right depth in both the area affected and all surrounding areas to avoid the pitfalls of dimpling. This can necessitate the use of multiple liposculpture techniques including tumescent and ultrasonic as well as many sizes of cannulae (instruments).

    In Liposculpture, the expertise of the surgeon is more important than any machine or method, as creating the right contour takes many years of experience.

    I was at the meeting where liposuction was first introduced by Dr. Illouz from Paris over 25 years ago and have enjoyed great success with these techniques for over two decades.



  • Can I get liposuction to more than one area of the body at the same time?

    Yes, but there is a limit to how much fat can be removed. It is inadvisable to remove more than a total of 5000ccs at one time. This is because there would be too much trauma to the tissues with risks of fluid imbalance and the possibility of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the legs.