You Dont Have To Look Old Issue, includes, Advances in Facial Rejuvenation, Nose Jobs, Infini, Breast Implant information

  • You don't have to look old

    New advances in the surgical rejuvenation of the ageing face and neck really do give you a choice.

  • What type of implant do you use for breast augmentation?

    Dr Hodgkinson answers the question of implant types.

  • Getting a new nose:

    We tell you what need to know about Rhinoplasty/Nose Reshaping Surgery.

  • A Letter From Dr Hodgkinson

    From Sydney to Hobart to Vienna

  • Infini - A Six Month Review

    A report on the success of the Infini Treatment

  • New Restore Clinic

    Expanding our Non-Surgical Services

  • You don't have to look old

    New advances in the surgical rejuvenation of the ageing face and neck really do give you a choice.


    As we age, there comes a time when non-surgical treatments no longer provide a satisfactory result and the necessity for surgical procedures becomes apparent to rejuvenate the face and neck.  With improvements in non-invasive radiofrequency treatments such as the newest INFINI™ treatment, combined with injectable fillers and resurfacing procedures, this age has been pushed up to around 50 for most women and men.   After that time, however, the sagging of facial tissues, facial muscles as well as the fat maldistribution which occurs with age (either excess or degeneration) and bony resorption result in the inevitable situation wherein further
    non-surgical procedures alone become a  waste of time and money.

    Typically, with the years excess skin and or fat bulges form around the eyes and brow causing the eyebrows and often the forehead as well to sag causing us to look tired or angry.  The surgical solution can be eyelid surgery to the upper and lower eyelids (blepharoplasty) as necessary and in cases of more profound forehead wrinkling and eyebrow sagging and endoscopic browlift.

    The sagging neck however, and lack of definition in the jaw, however, are perhaps the most common complaints as we age for both men and women.  As we lose elasticity in our skin as we age we develop jowls and deeper folds especially in the naso-labial area around the mouth.  I have had patients describe this to me as the “chipmunk” or “hang dog” look.  To surgically correct this, there is no single solution and the surgery must be customised to address their specific ageing so as not to create a tight, plastic and operated on look.  A variety of face and neck lifting techniques from full SMAS facelifting, mid-face lifting, mini or minimally invasive facelifting all can be employed.  What is critical, however, is to consider Pan Facial Rejuvenation (PFR) and not forget the neck and surrounding areas.

    Pan Facial Rejuvenation which addresses all areas of the ageing face as required simultaneously gives dramatic but most importantly natural results as every aesthetic unit of the face from the brow, the eyes, the face, the neck and the skin are addressed and the clock set back on all of them to reveal not a different looking but more youthful version of the patient.  In fact, I encourage patients to bring in pictures of themselves from a much younger age when they felt more confident to assess the various areas of their appearance which they feel have changed.


    Patients benefit psychologically, gaining not only an improvement in their appearance but also importantly in their self-image.  The results speak for themselves and you can imagine that extra confidence and quality of life that naturally occur from a patient’s improved perception of themselves.

    Pan Facial Rejuvenation (PFR) is not a minimal procedure; it requires careful consultation with the patient and their supporters, and one to two weeks of healing prior to social scrutiny.  Our philosophy is to only provide treatments and procedures that get the patient a result.  We do not use non-surgical fillers and radiofrequency on patients who will derive little or no benefit, because they need the “real thing”, namely a surgical result which only Pan Facial Rejuvenation can achieve.

    What type of implant do you use for breast augmentation?

    Dr Hodgkinson answers the question of implant types.

    Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

    dr hodginson

    Q:”What type of implant do you use for breast augmentation?”Dr Hodgkinson answers:A: In contrast to many surgeons who prefer to use one particular type, I use every sort of implant as well as a wide range of incisions to insert them. This flexibility is important to meet the patient’s desires and obtain the optimal individualized result.No one look or shape suits everyone. I use both saline and the newer silicone implants, known as “memory gel implants” which have a proven lower rate of capsular contracture.We pride ourselves at the clinic on our highly experienced staff’s ability to size a patient accurately for breast implants, not only by measurement but also by various ways of trialling different sized and shaped implants.


    Getting a new nose:

    We tell you what need to know about Rhinoplasty/Nose Reshaping Surgery.

    Getting A New Nose

    We tell you what need to know about Rhinoplasty/Nose Reshaping Surgery


    Of all the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, nose enhancement, or rhinoplasty, remains one of the most common and satisfying for patients. Just as no two noses are alike, no two rhinoplastic procedures are alike. Every operation must be customized so that the result for the patient is a nose that is not only attractive but one that fits their face and is in balance with all of their features.  Rhinoplasty can take the form of nose reduction surgery to reduce the size, or plastic surgery to modify the size and shape of the nostrils, tip or bridge of the nose; or to alter the slope or angle of the nose. Rhinoplasty can also be performed to repair birth defects or injuries to the nose.
    Because of the many factors involved in communicating with the patient, planning the operation and carrying out the procedure, the experience and expertise of the surgeon are the major determinant in the quality of the result.  I have performed thousands of rhinoplasties in my years in practice and have found that the following are some of the most common questions that patients ask.
    How can I know what I might look like after Rhinoplasty Surgery?
    At the clinic we have been using digital imaging techonology for years as a tool to communicate with prospective patients so that both surgeon and patient can agree not only on what is desired but also possible to be achieved with rhinoplasty surgery for their “new look” nose.  I also encourage patients to bring in pictures of noses that they do and do not like to assist in communicating and in the imaging process.  Clear and accurate communication between surgeon and patient using visual tools allows the patient not only to explain their expected result but allows for a proper assessment to be carried out and realistic advice to be given by the surgeon.

    What is the right age to get your nose fixed?
    Many patients come to us in their late teenage years and early 20s asking about rhinoplasty. They have been incorrectly told when they were younger and already self-conscious about the shape of their nose that they should only consider surgery when they are much older. In fact the nose is completely grown by 18 years of age and the end of high school is a popular time for young people to have nose surgery, as they are then entering the workforce or moving on to university.
    Can a Rhinoplasty improve my breathing?
    If a breathing problem is present, prior to surgery in addition to imaging, I test the breathing function of the nose and sometimes X-rays are necessary to discover the cause of nasal obstruction. In most cases any difficulties with breathing can be improved at the same time as the rhinoplasty.  If the septum of the nose is crooked, often referred to as a deviated septum, then this can be corrected surgically at the same time as a cosmetic rhinoplasty to improve both breathing and appearance. Breathing can also be improved by removing or adjusting the turbinates which act as the internal humidifying mechanisms of the nose.  In most cases any difficulties with breathing can be improved at the same time as the rhinoplasty surgery.

    Can a rhinoplasty fix a flat nose?
    Many Asian patients and some Caucasians as well have a “flat” nose and would like the bridge of their nose to be built up to create “a high nose”.   The desire for a more Eurasian appearance is becoming increasingly popular although it is an aesthetic that dates back more than a century in some cultures. Other patients who complain of a flat nose are those who have had nasal fractures, often associated with contact sports like rugby.  This can also create an unattractive “flattening” of the nose.
    Elevation of the nasal bridge with silicone is an occasional option, but I prefer to use the patient’s own tissue being it cartilage or bone as it does not react or have a tendency to move around or extrude like silicone over time and gives an excellent result.  I have published these results in international journals and presented them at conferences worldwide.


    Do I have to stay in hospital?
    Rhinoplasty surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at our fully licensed and accredited day surgery facility.  The patient goes home the day of surgery with a family member or friend to act as their overnight support person.

    How long do I have to be off work or away from my studies?
    The normal recovery period for rhinoplasty is approximately 7 -10 days during which time the patient wears a splint and/or has their nose taped. After this the nose is still tender and slightly swollen but the appearance is such that patients are able to resume most activities except for contact sports within two weeks.
    In conclusion, in my over 30 years of performing rhinoplasty surgery, I have never seen two cases exactly alike.  I have, however noted the obvious gain in self-confidence for all age groups in both men and women.  The wonderful thing about rhinoplasty unlike age related rejuvenation surgery is that it is an operation that if done properly the first time never needs to be repeated.  This technically demanding procedure provides great satisfaction for patient and surgeon alike.

    A Letter From Dr Hodgkinson

    From Sydney to Hobart to Vienna

    A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson


    The end of 2013 was certainly exhilarating with a win in the 69th Sydney to Hobart yacht race for me and the 12 dedicated crew members of my yacht ‘Victoire’, which I skippered. Fortunately, the conditions were favourable, the boat and crew performed exceptionally well and we took out the Tatersalls Cup and prestigious title of overall winner.  This was an aspiration I had personally had, as had all our crew members, namely to win this iconic race and excel in such a demanding environment as the 628 mile race on Boxing Day 2013 served up.

    Winning such an event, emphasises the need for team work, to aim high and gain experience over time, so that one can face the challenges which come up, in all aspects of one’s life both professional and personal.  At the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic and the Double Bay Day Surgery, we have a second to none team, with literally hundreds of combined years of surgical, nursing and administrative experience in the delivery of both surgical and non-surgical procedures for patients requesting cosmetic improvement and reconstructive surgery of the face and body.

    This year, I will be a guest lecturer in Vienna at the ICAPS meeting as well as being on the educational committee and I am also a guest lecturer at the biennial ISAPS meeting in Rio de Janeiro.  Being on the guest faculty at international meetings, allows me to interact with peer experts around the world to maintain our clinic and day surgery as the front runner in cosmetic surgery in Sydney.

    Infini - A Six Month Review

    A report on the success of the Infini Treatment

    INFINI™ (A six month review – available exclusively at our clinic)


    We are pleased to report our success with INFINI™, the most advanced technique in the delivery of radiofrequency for non-surgical facial rejuvenation.  We were the first to introduce Thermage® 7 years ago, however, like all new technology it becomes surpassed. Being convinced that INFINI™ was a step forward for our patients with superior results, we launched it in Sydney 6 months ago and we have treated 60 patients. Best results are obtained with 3 treatments, one month apart. The patient’s comfort is maintained by applying numbing gel or using nerve blocks like at the dentist. We have noticed that the results are not only great for tightening ageing skin but also improving the quality of all types of skin, especially in acne scarring.  Fortunately c INFINI™ costs less than Thermage® but can require 2 to 3 days for the minor redness to dissipate.  Call us now for a free consultation to see if you are a candidate.

    New Restore Clinic

    Expanding our Non-Surgical Services

    New Restore Clinic – Expanding our Non-Surgical Services

    Buoyed by our success with the new INFINI™, we recognise that there is a high demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. I am now committed to the Restore Clinic, which specialises in all injectables, Microdermabrasion, Laser treatments, radiofrequency, injections for spider veins and peeling; all to give your skin a boost, improve the complexion and tight and sagging tissues before you need surgery.


    Being recognised as a world leader in cosmetic surgery, I appreciate the role that the non-surgical procedures have prior to surgery and in maintaining the results of surgery.

    For your convenience we have extended the clinic’s hours to include Thursday evenings and Saturdays as well as providing on-site parking.

    To enquire about the various treatments at Restore Clinic, call us on 02 9362 7400.