Special Male Surgery Issue

  • Facelifts on the Rise as Baby Boomers Fight Back

    Before and After Facelift, Browlift and Eyelid surgery by Dr Hodgkinson

  • Medical Tourism: should you take the risk?
  • Male Cosmetic Surgery - A Trend On The Rise
  • Online Only Money Saving Specials
  • Breast Implants: Safety First
  • Great News – More Patient Parking at the Clinic
  • Volume 9: Number 4: Autumn 2013

    Welcome to Autumn Newsletter for The Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic, Double Bay. This edition contains:

    Facelifts on the Rise as Baby Boomers Fight Back

    Before and After Facelift, Browlift and Eyelid surgery by Dr Hodgkinson

    facelift facelift

    Before and After Facelift, Browlift and Eyelid surgery by Dr Hodgkinson

    ”Last year’s statistics showed plastic surgery continuing to grow at unprecedented rates. Boomers are not only getting into the act, they’re spearheading it. More and more of them appear to be heeding the words of comedian and plastic surgery fan Joan Rivers: ‘Looking 50 is great … if you’re 60.’” (Breasts, butts out in 2012; faces in,  By Dr. Anthony Youn, Special to CNN February 19, 2013 – http://edition.cnn.com/2013/02/19/health/youn-plastic-surgery/index.html)

    The fastest growing procedure used to be breast augmentation but as baby boomers age, the procedures on the rise are now facelifts and eyelid surgery.

    Dr Hodgkinson noticed similar trends in his clinic and his emphasis on facelifting techniques which are both natural and long lasting have seen him publishing and
    lecturing world wide on the topic.

    Medical Tourism: should you take the risk?


    Medical Tourism: should you take the risk?

    Medical Tourism is a “hot” topic as patients who return from overseas often find themselves in situations whereby the thrill of having a cheap operation is mitigated by the disappointment of a poor result or a complication.

    A recent study from Great Britain showed 70% of patients who returned after having cosmetic surgery overseas were disappointed with their results or had a complication after their overseas “holiday”.

    I am not saying that there aren’t some very good aesthetic surgeons overseas but one is bound to get an “operation” if you go overseas and patients require very careful physical and psychological work-up before they undergo cosmetic surgical procedures.

    There are innumerable other issues that come into play when one considers going to another country, perhaps in South-East Asia for a “cheaper” operation. One has to undergo a long flight, so the chances of a leg clot are greater; one is disoriented upon arrival in the country, the food and language are different, one meets a surgeon for the first time; there may be language difficulties and one is not aware of the ability of the nurses or the anaesthetists.

    If one does have a complication or a problem, e.g. an infection may occur with a bacteria that is not common in Australia, this will be difficult and expensive to treat. The facilities may or may not be licensed for general anaesthesia or accredited as they are in Australia.

    Hidden Costs


    There are many hidden costs for patients and their accompanying persons, when they have overseas cosmetic surgery and the thought of having to return back to the country where the surgery was performed, will be expensive.

    One has to realize that there will be very little enthusiasm for local plastic surgeons to look after your case post-operatively. I have done this for patients because I felt empathy for them and I try not to be judgmental as to why they have taken this “leap” but as the old saying goes “look before you leap” and do not consider having cosmetic surgery from a purely commercial point of view.

    Male Cosmetic Surgery - A Trend On The Rise


    facelift facelift

    Before and After Facelft with Chin Implant by Dr Hodgkinson

    Cosmetic surgery for men is on the rise. Although there are many cosmetic surgical procedures that are common to men and women, the male aesthetic is very different and takes special sensitivity and experience to achieve.

    In my personal practice of over 20 years in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the percentage of male cases has grown to at least 30% of total procedures.

    Non-surgical treatments are also on the rise, in particular anti-wrinkle injections for frown lines between the eyes and wrinkles or crows feet around the eyes. Injectible fillers also are commonly used in men with deep nasolabial folds which can give a man an aggressive appearance. These fillers plump out and soften the appearance.


    Facial Surgery/Face & Necklifting

    facelift facelift

    As a man ages his jowls and neck begin to sag; this is especially true for men born with weak jawlines. This lack of early definition to the jaw is only further diminished as the tissues of the face and neck sag with age. These men in particular may choose facelifting, surgery to accentuate the jawline and perhaps even a chin implant to correct a weak or receding chin.

    The eyes are considered the “windows to the soul” and when heavy and puffy give the impression of self abuse, a lack of sleep and disinterest or sadness. Bags under the eyes must also be addressed.

    Eyelid surgery in males, however like facelift surgery is different to that in females. Men do not want a glamourized look but a natural one.


    Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping Surgery)

    facelift facelift

    A nose which is not in proportion to a person’s face can detract from their overall appearance. Men frequently present for rhinoplasty after injury, often from sport. In these cases it is critical to also assess the patient’s breathing. If the tissues inside the nose are damaged or twisted then these should be corrected at the same time as creating a more attractive nose.

    Communication with the patient prior to surgery is essential and we use digital imaging which allows the patient to see what type of result they might expect. Men do not want to have a cute nose or a nose that looks operated on. It is critical not to over-resect or remove too much tissue. Men look masculine with a stronger profile nose.


    Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping) 

    facelift facelift

    Protruding ears, commonly referred to as ‘bat ears’, are usually corrected during or prior to the teenage years. For men, this can be especially distressing as short hair accentuates the problem and can make wearing a hat or helmet difficult and uncomfortable. Otoplasty (ear reshaping surgery) reshapes the ear and sets it back against the side of the head.


    Facial Implants/Chin & Cheek 

    facelift facelift

    Facial implants alter the contour of the face and are popular with men who wish to have a stronger jaw or more angular face. We commonly associate handsome men with having a well defined jaw.

    On the cheek, the angularity of the face and high cheek bones can be enhanced by inserting cheek implants. Lack of this definition weakens the strength and character of the face and for those seeking these attributes, a more masculine appearance might be attained with the use of facial implants.




    Gynecomastia (‘Man Boobs’)

    Gynecomastia Gynecomastia

    A problem which is quite common although rarely discussed is gynecomastia or “man boobs”. This generally appears in a young adult where puberty can lead to growth of male breast tissue. This condition can also be associated with weight gain or the taking of anabolic steroids.

    “Man boobs” as they are referred to can create embarrassment in social situations and put a cloud over intimacy.

    The procedure to correct this is sometimes viable with liposuction alone, although frequently liposuction is not enough because some breast tissue may be very hard and needs to be surgically removed via a small incision under the nipple.



    Liposuction Liposuction

    Men have a proclivity to develop fatty deposits around the abdomen as well as on their backs. This fat is usually resistant to diet and exercise. Even men in the fitness industry may have these localized fatty deposits despite their active lifestyles.

    Liposuction, also known as liposculpture can literally sculpt a more masculine physique and when combined with ‘skin etching’ can create specific contours to give the ‘six pack’ appearance.


    Contour Surgery After Massive Weight Loss: Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty

    Obesity is on the rise in our society. Massive weight loss, regardless of how it is achieved will often leave men and women with excess folds of skin that have failed to shrink with the reduction in bulk due to a loss of elasticity.

    The most common procedure in this type of patient is called a body lift with a circumferential extension around the back, where the extra skin in the abdomen and back is excised in a one stage procedure.

    The patients are gratified to be able to wear fitting clothes and not have discomfort or social concerns associated with having sheets of skin hanging over their jeans. In extreme cases in males, the skin of the thighs and arms may need to be reduced as well.

    Body Implants

    Body implants have become increasingly popular over the last 25 years. I have some patients who have had these implants in situ without issue for the 30 years that I have been using them.

    The concept was originally introduced in the form of calf implants to repair patients who had withered legs from polio. Body implants are solid silicone implants to correct contour deformi
    ties in the calves, buttocks, pectorals and arms.

    Body Implants Body Implants Body Implants Body Implants


    Male cosmetic surgery has certainly increased in my practice. The men who present at the clinic come from all areas, professions, age groups and social strata with a view to enhancing their self image, improving their quality of life and their social and professional status.

    Online Only Money Saving Specials

    Are you receiving our special online offers and e-news? These offers and updates come out monthly and are only available online. If you want to be informed and save $$$, call the clinic on 02 9362 7400 or email us at [email protected] to ensure we have your current address.

    Breast Implants: Safety First


    The most popular operation, but you have to be careful.

    Breast Implants Breast Implants

    Before and After Breast Augmentation with saline implants by Dr Hodgkinson 

    Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular surgical procedure for women. For this to be a positive experience for the patient, several factors can come into play:

    • The Expertise of the Surgeon No two women are alike and no one implant type, shape or size will work for every woman. Years of experience allow a surgeon to choose and properly place the implant best suited to woman’s chest wall.
    • The Safety of the Implant Saline Implants have the best safety track record, however there are several varieties of implants and your surgeon should be au fait with all of them. Safety should not be taken for granted, with the founder of PIP, the implant manufacturer, facing trial in France for the use of non-authorised silicone gel.
    • Post-Operative Follow-Up Medical tourism and fly by night surgery leads to women not knowing what type of implant they have and having no recourse or after care if a problem arises. It has been suggested that women with gel implants have their implants checked annually for rupture.

    Beware of “cheaper prices”. Price alone is a poor criteria for such an important decision. The hidden costs of not having your augmentation done well can far outstrip the costs of having it done properly in the first place.

    Great News – More Patient Parking at the Clinic

    Double Bay Day Surgery and the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic has expanded its parking. Parking facilities on site for patients are available. Because there has been so much construction going on in Double Bay recently, parking behind Woolworths will not be available for two years and due to this development, I have expanded our own parking lot and made it available for patients on a first come, first serve basis.

    There are four dedicated parking spots for patients which should satisfy the need for pick-ups and drop-offs as well as consultations and post-operative visits. The area for parking is situated on Court Road. You can check on our website for the parking garages which offer 1 or 2 hours free parking in Double Bay and are about 5 minutes walk from the office.