Getting Rid Of Spider Veins In The Face And Pevonia Skin Products

CRSC helps aspiring model Emma Byron
Emma Byron recently enhanced her chances for a successful modelling career by having her breasts augmentedA Letter from Dr Hodgkinson
Summer’s coming and breast augmentation and liposculpture procedures are popular. Dr H comments on the implant scene, and warns about sun effects.

The Doctor is in!
Embarrassed by skinny legs? Male or female, calf implants may be the answer, says Dr H

Will I develop spider veins on the face?
Dr John Doyle, Dermatologist, responds to your queries about those spider veins, what they are and how to get rid of them

CRSC at the International Beauty Expo
CRSC booth attracts attention at this huge exhibition (picture)

New range of skin products for him
Complete new range from Pevonia might be just the thing for Christmas for the man in your life!

More space added to the Clinic improves facilities
New consultation rooms now provide better facilities for patients and staff

Manila expansion for Operation Restore Hope
Dr H visits the Philippines and finalises the mission’s expansion to Metro Manila

Free GP Seminars
Continuing educational opportunities for General Practitioners at the CRSC

Country and Western theme at ORH Fundraise
Operation Restore Hope fundraiser at the Arizona restaurant in Sydney was a colourful affair..

CRSC helps aspiring model Emma Byron

Aspiring model Emma Byron recently enhanced her chances for a successful modelling career by having her breasts augmented.

Realising that an increase in her bust measurements could have a beneficial effect on her professional progress, she chose to have her breast augmentation carried out at the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic in Double Bay.

New figure boosts her professional profile.

“It has made me more confident and I love wearing a bikini!”
Dr Hodgkinson performed the procedure using saline implants that took Emma’s bust size from an “A” cup to a “C” cup. The operation took just 70 minutes and was complication free.

“I wanted a natural look,” says Emma. “It has made me more confident and now I love wearing a bikini!”

Accreditation was important
Emma chose Dr Hodgkinson from a list of accredited surgeons.


She was impressed by his membership of the AMA as well as the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

After her breast augmentation, she says she now gets mistaken for well-developed actresses Emma Harrison and Alyssa-Jane Cook, and looks forward with added pleasure to spending time on the beach this summer!

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

Summer is coming!
Some of our patients have recently featured in the summer issues of popular magazines vaunting their new cleavage and/or liposculpture. So keep watching – we’re happy that our patients are doing so well and exhibiting the good work!

Over the last two to three months breast augmentation and liposculpture have been particularly popular as people get ready for summer.

I still remain committed to the saline implant as it is the safest kind. Occasionally we use the silicone implant, but the saline implant is proving long term to be very effective in reducing the incidence of capsular contracture, as well as having a very low rate of rupture.

There does not seem to be any particular new product “around the corner” and the soya bean implant “crashed and burned” before it was used in Australia, thank goodness! Three years ago, we knew this implant was going to be a failure and it proved to be just this in Europe, being subsequently withdrawn from the market.

I would remind all our readers to heed the advice of Dr John Doyle and myself to cover up with sun screen in the summer. Not only to reduce the possibility of skin

malignancy but also sun damage which includes dilated  blood vessels and brownish discolouration of the skin (permanent, unlike tanning).

If you wish to have free samples of sun screen, do not forget to ask for them when you are in the office next time.

All the best for the summer and best wishes for the Christmas and New Year Holiday period.

Sincerely yours,
Dr Darryl J. Hodgkinson
M.B. MS. (Hons) F.R.C.S.(C) F.A.C.S.

Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: I’m embarrassed by my skinny legs – what can I do?

A: Calf implants continue to be popular, especially in summer. Usually, women choose to have one implant on the inside of their leg to produce a nice curve below their knee, while men choose four implants – two implants in each leg – one on the inside and one on the out-side, to provide a much more “bulked up” appearance.

A small incision is made at the back of the knee area in a crease in order to insert the implant. Careful planning is necessary and often patients undergo liposculpture at the same time.

In the twenty years I have been performing this procedure, there have been very minimal complications and problems in these patients.

Women who have had calf implantation are delighted to be able to wear a short skirt and men are much more comfortable about wearing shorts and at the beach.

Before and After

Q : Will I develop spider veins on the face?

Dr John Doyle, Dermatologist, responds to your queries
A : Spider veins are a relatively common occurrence in facial skin, particularly at the sides of the nose. They tend to be mostly seen in people with fair coloured skin, particularly those of Celtic back-ground. In many cases they develop on the cheeks and chin.

Q : What causes these spider veins?

A : The tendency to thread or spider veins on the face is due to a number of factors includ-ing inheriting a fair and sensitive skin from one’s parents. Very often there is a strong family history of this type of change. The develop-ment of the capillaries is worse in individuals who received a lot of unprotected sunlight exposure. In individuals who are prone to rosacea, which is a type of adult acne, the inflammation developing in the oil glands tends to make the facial capillaries more prominent. Contrary to popular opinion prominent facial capillaries do not indicate that the individual has high blood pressure or is an alcoholic

Q :What can be done to treat the broken capilliaries?

A : It is important to protect the skin from factors which might tend to inflame the surface of the skin and increase blood flow through it. Gentle skin cleansing and the daily use of sunscreens and moisturisers are important. If a person has a tendency to rosacea they should avoid hot drinks, spicy foods and restrict the intake of alcohol. In some instances pre-scriptions creams such as hydro-cortisone cream, metronidazole gel and even low dose tetracycline oral antibiotic can be beneficial. However, the most efficient therapy is the use of the KTP vascular laser.

Q : What is the KTP Laser and how does it work?

A : The KTP laser is a low energy laser, which gener-ates a wavelength of laser energy which is preferentially absorbed into the blood vessels of the skin. The energy that is absorbed into the vessels tends to “weld” the blood vessels shut.

Our staff often take the opportunity to use our treatments and procedures.

Q : Are there any side effects from this kind of therapy and will it scar?

A : The KTP vascular laser is a low energy laser compared to resurfacing lasers such as the carbon dioxide or Erbium laser. There is some energy trans-ferred into the tissues surrounding the blood vessel, but this ordinarily only produces a mild sunburn-like redness of the skin, which settles within one to two days. Most patients will be back at work the next day and able to wear their normal make-up. Patients are however advised to keep the skin as cool as possible and avoid activities such as strenuous exercise or hot showers which will tend to flush the face and open up the vessels which have been sealed by the laser.

For further information concerning the KTP laser contact the staff at the Double Bay Day Surgery

Dr John A. Doyle MB, BS, FRACP, FACD, DIP American Board Dermatology.


Skin products for him

A complete new range of products for men from Pevonia is now available at the Clinic.
One of the most popular is the pre-shaving emulsion for skin that suffers from folliculitis, razor burn or sensitivity. This has a micro-emulsified formula that adheres to the skin and hair to help the razor glide without “hanging”, promoting a smoother, silkier shave without any after shave irritation. It leaves the skin oil-free and smooth and is recommended for all skin types.

The active ingredients are hazelnut oil for softening and nourishing, Vitamin A for hydra-tion, Vitamin E for healing, Camomile to calm and soothe and tea tree extract which acts as an anti-irritant.

The new range of Pevonia skin products for men complements their women’s selection.

Please contact Gail at the Clinic for advice regarding these products, your skin type, or any other question regarding your complexion.

CRSC at International Beauty Expo

The CRSC booth at the trade-only International Beauty Expo at Darling Harbour attracted a lot of attention from the 6,600 beauty professionals who attended. Companies from all over the world exhibit at this, the largest exhibition of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

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More space added to the Clinic means better facilities for both patients and staff

It has sometimes been a harrowing experience while it lasted, but now the new extensions to the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic have been finished and building activity has ceased, we think you’ll like the result.

Our building has been expanded with three airy new rooms to provide further facilities and offer our patients the optimal in treatment and personalised care. This new area will provide us with spacious surroundings for Sydney microdermabrasion and KTP laser consultations and procedures, as well as administration activities.


New consulting rooms at the CRSC in Double Bay are spacious and airy with a pleasant green outlook.

Operation Restore Hope News

Dr Hodgkinson reports:

I have just returned from Metro Manila where I viewed the Paranaque General Hospital with other Operation Restore Hope team members. Thanks to the wonderful support of Via Hoffman from Sydney, and her two brothers Joe and Danba, we will be expanding our Cebu mission to include children living in this poor Manila suburb (soon you can see photos of these children at ). Watch out for more details of the upcoming mission in our next newsletter, and as always, thank you to all our supporters.

Continuing Education Seminars for General Practitioners 2000

Wednesday 6 December 2000
Breast Surgery: Augmentation and ReductionPresenter: Dr Hodgkinson
All Seminars are 6pm- 8.30pm
Venue: The Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic, 20 Manning Rd, Double Bay4 CME points each seminar
(subject to review by RACGP)
Light Supper provided

Country and Western theme at Operation Restore Hope Fundraiser

The Olympic and Paralympic Volunteer shirts donated by Dr Howard Roby, who was involved in the Games, proved a very popular item in the Silent Auction at the Operation Restore Hope Fundraiser held in Sydney.

A happy afternoon was had by all at our Arizona Party in November. This major fundraiser for Operation Restore Hope’s 2001 mission saw supporters entertained by a colourful Philippines dance troupe. Raffle prizes and a silent auction added to the excitement. Keen competition for the various auction items was in evidence, and we raised almost $7,000.00.