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Pan Facial Rejuvenation
Refers to surgery that addresses all the aesthetic areas of the face required to give an overall fresher appearance.

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson
Cosmetic Surgery and the Recession

The Doctor is in!
“A previous ‘rhino’ left me with a ‘scooped out’ nose, can anything be done to fix it?”: “Yes”, says Dr Hodgkinson.

New Power Liposculptor
CRSC is the first to use it Special Offers Online: Autumn special discounts

Breast Enhancement
Breast Enhancement now most popular procedure

Beautiful Lips – No Pain!
CRSC was the first in Australia to have the new Injectable Filler with Lidocaine.

Pan Facial Rejuvenation

“…a younger appearance that does not look overdone or operated on ” – Dr. D Hodgkinson

Pan facial rejuvenation refers to surgery that addresses all the aesthetic areas of the face required to give an overall fresher appearance.

In the hands of an expert, the combination of procedures such as facelift, browlift, necklift, eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing, possibly with even cheek or chin implants, in the hands of an expert will leave the patient with a younger appearance that does not look overdone or operated on – especially as all aspects of the face have been addressed equally.

Before and after pan facial rejuvenation by Dr Hodgkinson at the Double Bay Day Surgery using the Fogli lift.

Avoids tell-tale signs

This avoids the problem of the tell-tale signs of ‘having something fixed’ such as crisp eyelids and a droopy neck. The cornerstone, however, of all pan facial rejuvenation
is the facelift. The facelift however, can be a very misunderstood procedure and the name itself has been used for creams, treatments and lesser surgical procedures – none of which deliver the results or a well performed true facelift. Do it right the first time Many patients that come to the clinic seem afraid of the word ‘facelift’ ; however a well-done contemporary facelift is the only procedure which will in one step correct the sagging jowls, neck wrinkling, chin laxity and improve loss of facial fullness and return the tone of youth to the face. Many acronyms exist to lessen the blow of the facelift word including the MACS lift, the S Lift, the Mini lift, the Thread Lift, the Z-lift; but these only confuse and also tempt a patient into accepting less and therefore receiving less. This in all likelihood leads to disappointment because of a lesser result.

Lesser lifts often disappoint

30% of patients coming to me have had a disappointing experience with lesser lifts which have only partially improved the whole face and this may distract from the face by the inadequate correction. Threads are the worst of all, leaving a permanent barbed suture in the face with the result that it is unnatural and can never last more than 12 to 18 months.

“The surgery is not learned as a surgical trainee but evolves over years of surgical experience…”

My technique has evolved over 30 years, since my training by leading plastic surgeons in the United States in the late 1970s and progressing over the following three decades, so I understand the contribution to ageing of skin laxity as well as fat accumulation, fat degeneration and the sagging of the muscularity of the face. Understanding the S.M.A.S. platysma muscle complex which is responsible for the coordination of human expression and how this complex structure can be manipulated to re-define the neck, the jowls and the cheeks is imperative for the modern facelift. The surgery is not learned as a surgical trainee but evolves over years of surgical experience and critical evaluation of one’s results.

Patients bring photographs of themselves at 30 to 40, so that I can assess what has occurred to them and what endpoint the face needs to be surgically corrected to give them a natural appearance.

My advice

My advice is don’t your waste your money and valuable time in a procedure that leaves a temporary or inadequate result. To ensure a harmonious facelift procedure, eyelids and brow surgery are often combined in what we now call pan facial rejuvenation.

You can have these procedures performed as an outpatient at our fully licensed day surgery facility. We suggest our specialised plastic surgical nurses stay with you for 24 to 48 hours to ensure minimal post-operative swelling and maximal care.

Preserving Expression

“The eyelid and brow surgery are often combined together giving a natural youthful enhancement …

We know that 80% of expressivity of the face is in the brow and the eyelids. For the last 15 years we have done the endoscopic brow lift which is not as dramatic as in the open brow lift and with only small incisions in the hairline does not lead to a long scar.

Endoscopic Band-Aid type surgery allows for release of the eyebrows and just enough elevation to give a nice arch avoiding the startled appearance associated with the older procedure. In eyelid surgery we are also reducing our intervention. We are not removing nearly as much fat and are preserving some of the wrinkles, so that patients are not left with a blank expression.

Enhances the result

Leaving a few lines actually enhances the result as the patient maintains personality and appears to be happy, whereas a patient who has no lines around the eyes appears blank, expressionless and not natural but neutral. The eyelid and brow surgery are often combined together giving a natural youthful enhancement, taking away the scowl and the tiredness of the eyes but maintaining the paitient’s individuality.

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

Cosmetic Surgery and the Recession

Although Australia may not yet be in recession, the nightly news and business pages of newspapers point to a gloomy picture for the next year or two. Obviously, we will all be affected in some way, and cosmetic surgery is no different. Still, the history of recessions in the early 1980s and 1990s gives us some idea as to who may be candidates for cosmetic surgery in a downturn.

Individuals who unfortunately lose their jobs often need to put a new and best foot forward.

As competition for re-employment may be intense, this could be the right moment for them to improve their appearance, especially if they have severance pay. In fact, they may now have the time and finances to achieve their dream.

With laid-off middle executives in the past, men chose hair transplantation, upper eyelid surgery and neck surgery, removing saggy and baggy bulging fat pads in the lower lids to give them a more energized and vital facial appearance. For women, liposuction and breast surgery improved their self-image and gave them a psychological edge in a competitive marketplace.

Younger patients (20s to 30s) have always been consumers of cosmetic surgery as they are not worried about their super and are prepared to spend their income on something which is valuable to them – preservation of their youth.

Low interest opportunity

For these patients and for the retrenched, the very low interest rates offer an opportunity to borrow at highly competitive rates previously not available. In the United States, borrowing for cosmetic surgery is at an all time high as interest rates are at an all time low.

From my experience in two prior recessions, clients want the best for their hard-earned money, becoming more astute consumers. We’ve found that at the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic at Double Bay, with our fully licensed accredited day surgery facility, costs have increased as most of our supplies are shipped internationally. However, we have stabilized our fee structure by becoming even more efficient, without dropping our quality.

We have also extended our hours to accommodate the busy working public and professionals by offering Super Saturdays for Injectables and Thermage®.

Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: “I had a previous ‘rhino’ which left me with a ‘scooped-out’ nose. Can anything be done to improve this?”

Dr Hodgkinson comments:
Yes, to correct a “scooped out nose”, the procedure is called a Secondary Rhinoplasty. Approximately 50% of the cases that I perform are secondary rhinoplasties. Generally speaking, “scooped out” noses are the result of too much surgery being performed; particularly in a male, a scooped out nose definitely looks bad but in a woman, a “too cute” nose does not suit many faces.

Unfortunately, also, many patients seem to be getting injections into their nose or foreign bodies put in their nose during the original surgery, which leads in time to a reaction of more scar tissue and unnatural bumps.

The procedure of a “secondary rhinoplasty” involves a lot more planning and the procedure is technically much more difficult than the primary operation; however, persistence pays off and the results although less predictable than the primary operation, offer an improvement to the point where a patient’s appearance is enhanced.


Secondary Rhoniplasty surgery by
Dr Hodgkinson

New Power Liposculptor

Dr. Hodgkinson is the first in Australia to use the newest generation of power liposculptor.

Power liposuction hand units have been around and in use for a few years now, including by Dr. Hodgkinson at the Double Bay Day Surgery. This newest instrument, however, in the hands of highly experienced surgeon will allow for more accuracy in shaping and sculpting the body through liposuction making it the ultimate in precision currently available for body contouring.

Gentler on the tissues

Another added benefit is that this precision in targeting the fat also means that the entire procedure is gentler on the tissues.

Gentler on the tissues means reduced swelling, reduced bruising and therefore a faster recovery time. The most important factor, however, remains the experience and expertise of the surgeon in getting the most out of liposuction/liposculpture surgery.

Need to sculpt contours

The procedure is much more complex than simply removing fat; it requires the surgeon to actually sculpt contours which reveal a more beautiful figure or masculine physique. An artistic eye and an aesthetic appreciation of what is possible must accompany years

Breast Enhancement now most popular procedure

Dr. Hodgkinson recently attended the annual congress of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Chicago in November 2008 where they released statistics showing breast augmentation surgery is now the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States, overtaking liposuction for the first time in years.

This surge in the popularity of breast enhancement surgery is mirrored in Dr Hodgkinson’s own practice at the Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic in Double Bay. He believes it is due to improvement in the implants themselves and the return of women’s confidence not only in breast implant surgery, but in the implants’ safety.

Both Saline and Gel popular

Saline implants continue to be the ‘safest choice’ in many women’s eyes but the newer cohesive gel implants that have a texture similar to ‘turkish delight’ have not had the problems associated with the earlier silicone implants.

Dr. Hodgkinson says that in his practice the mix between saline and silicone amongst his patients is very nearly equal these days as opposed to being predominantly saline in the 1990s after the silicone implant scare. He is one of very few surgeons who uses every type of implant and incision site to optimize the result for each patient.

Beautiful Lips – No Pain!

The Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic was the first in Australia to have the new injectable filler with Lidocaine. Already our patients who have had their lips enhanced in the past with lip injections are commenting on how much more comfortable the procedure is and that they can achieve the same result with fewer injections as they do not require a dental block.

Before and After Lip Enhancement with Injectable Fillers

A new hypoallergenic injectible gel made from products which occur naturally in the tissues of living cells and our skin is now available. This filler reduces the creases in the face as well as adding volume to the lips and is a substance which dissolves naturally over time. This is also the only dermal filler that has an anaesthetic incorporated into it (lidocaine) to ease the discomfort of the procedure.

Our senior nurse injector is available to discuss with you how you might benefit from treatment with injectable fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and other cosmedical treatments such as Thermage to improve your skin and your appearance without the down time of surgery.