Finesse Rhinoplasty And Mummy Makeovers


New Memory Gel Implants Prove Their Worth
At last there has been a big improvement in silicone gel technology

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson
Dr Hodgkinson talks about our Cosmetic Surgery Update Issue

The Doctor is in!
“I want my nose fixed but am worried I will end up with a “cute” nose.”

Mummy Makeovers Are Safe!
Dr Hodgkinson gives you the background on these popular combination operations

Finesse Rhinoplasty
Dr Darryl Hodgkinson explains the procedure

“I Want A ‘Real’ Facelift!”
Focusing on the shape of the body produces a better result for men and women

Thermage® continues to advance
Dr Hodgkinson and Dr Baxter, from Seattle, Washington, presented a Seminar on Thermage® at the ISAPS Conference.


Newer Memory Gel Implants Prove Their Worth

At last, I can definitely report to you that there has been a big improvement in silicone gel technology
After the unfortunate experiences with the old gel implants in the 1980s and their subsequent withdrawal from the market – rightfully so, because of their 50% rate of capsular contraction (i.e. hardening of the breasts) – a prospective study by Dr Mark Jewel, from the United States, has shown that the new Memory Gel implants have a very low rate of capsular contraction, an extremely high satisfaction rate and a very low rupture rate.


A meaningful study

A proper prospective study means that a patient has the operation and then is followed very carefully and studied up to 40 months after the original operation. This is a meaningful study, whereas most studies are purely anecdotal and many doctors around town, will say, “I never have any problems”, “They never go hard”, but they do not follow up their patients and to be fair, following up patients who have undergone breast augmentation is difficult because many of them are young patients, who move and are quite mobile in our global society.


Before and after breast augmentation surgery by Dr Hodgkinson

Less palpability of the implant

We are now stocking the new Memory Gel breast implants and although I maintain a loyalty to saline implants and have thousands of satisfied patients, I do think that in a thin woman, there will be less palpability of the implant. In a very interesting study conducted by an Israeli group of doctors over 15 years, they found that in normal women, the amount of fullness of the upper part of the breast decreases and the breast fold underneath the breast slips down. We know that there will be normal changes in the breasts over time, which can make the breast implant seem more palpable. The new Memory Gel implant has been designed to address this issue.

We pride ourselves on our ability to size a patient accurately for breast implants, not only by measurements but also by different ways of trialling different sized and shaped implants. Tania Dalamangas EN from our staff has a vast experience and a particular interest in the sizing. Generally speaking, I try to avoid extremely large sizes, generally choosing implants for a patient that will achieve a C or C+ brassiere size.


A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

Cosmetic Surgery Update Issue

Melbourne – February 2008 where the world and plastic surgery met in Australia for the first time.

I was very fortunate to be chosen to be on the Faculty of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) for the first ever Conference in Australia of the world’s aesthetic plastic surgeons (plastic surgeons who specialise in cosmetic surgery). I thought it would be appropriate for me to report to you as a Faculty member and Moderator of sessions at this meeting, an update from the world’s top surgeons and indicate to you all what I believe are the facts and folly of cosmetic surgery.

This edition of Looking Good, will concentrate on Rhinoplasty, Breast Enhancement and Facelifting. I am proud to say that after 30 years in plastic surgery, the results that we achieve at the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic can stand up against the world’s best achievements.

I wish to thank my international colleagues over the years for their wonderful contributions to the ever-expanding field of cosmetic surgery.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Darryl J. Hodgkinson
M.B. MS. (Hons) F.R.C.S.(C) F.A.C.S.



Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: “I want my nose fixed but am worried I will end up with a “cute” nose.”

Dr Hodgkinson answers:
It is important whether male or female that surgery to the nose be carried out with a sensitivity to the patient’s face, gender, ethnic background and family resemblance. Experts in nose surgery/rhinoplasty can individualise the result for each patient to ensure that their new look is natural, balanced and attractive.

Before and After Surgery for Rhinoplasty
by Dr Hodgkinson

Often, patients who want reshaping due to an injury have some sort of breathing problem as well. The two procedures of rhinoplasty and septoplasty can be carried out at the same time, improving both the appearance and the function of the nose.



Mummy Make-Overs are Safe!

Dr Grant Stevens from the United States, whom I have known for many years, has a highly successful practice and is a pioneer of the “Mummy Make-Over”.

A “mummy make-over” is a procedure that is performed for patients in their late 30s or early 40s. It involves a one stage procedure of restoration of the body contour by undergoing the procedures of breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Grant’s fantastic experience of 151 consecutive cases reported from his practice in Marina Del Ray, indicates that there was no increase in major or minor complications from combining these procedures on an outpatient surgical basis.

Many of the patients that we have in Australia fall into this category and the opportunity of being able to get into swimwear and wear nicer, sexier clothes without unattractive bulges, or to remove skin which is wrinkled and/or torn from the pregnancies, results in patients who are more confident in themselves and after their children are in school, it is time to treat themselves to a “mummy make-over”.

“Mummy Makeover” (combined breast lift/ liposuction/ tummy tuck) performed by Dr Hodgkinson




Finesse Rhinoplasty – Individualising Nasal Operations

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson explains the procedure

Dr Guy Jost and Dr Yann Levet from Paris, gave a fabulous discussion of Rhinoplasty at the recent ISAPS Conference.

These days, patients want an individual look, and we make a big effort to fit in with their wishes. They do not want a standardized, Southern Californian “nose-job”. The too perfect nose with a turned up tip and a cute appearance is out!

Computer Imaging valuable

I have always enjoyed the opportunity of working with patients with our Alter-Image system, whereby photos are taken of a patient and I then try to individualize a potential rhinoplasty result for them.

Individualised Results

At the same conference I gave a paper on Oriental Rhinoplasty, where I use bone and cartilage grafting to produce a natural appearing nose, avoiding silicone. There is a strong trend internationally amongst Asian surgeons to try to abandon the silicone which has given lots of long-term problems in the nose.
At the Double Bay Day Surgery, we also improve breathing problems, especially if they are associated with the septum being twisted and/or deformed.

Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty performed by Dr Hodgkinson



“I Want A ‘Real’ Facelift!”

There are facelifts, and then there are facelifts. Recently a patient contacted us from Queensland after having had two previous “facelifts”.
In fact, these were not full facelifts but minimal procedures including threads and a mini-lift, one performed by a well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. After consultation, she came down to see us, staying one week in Sydney after her “real” facelift. She is delighted with the initial result as I am.

What is a “Real Facelift”?

A “real” facelift is usually performed in the 50+ age group. The procedure improves the saggy neck, jawline, jowls and cheek area and is often combined with eyelid surgery if the patient has not had eyelid or brow surgery before. The results do not look “tight” as the procedure concentrates on the tissues underneath the skin, the S.M.A.S. and platysma muscle elevating them to their previously unsagged position. We carefully modify the shape of the face, often distorted with age by shrinking of tissues as well as fat accumulation.

Each case individualized

Each case is individualized to the patient’s own parameters of ageing and the scars hidden in their own natural creases or within the hairline. There is no distortion or loss of hair. Patients never complain about incisions or scars if they get the results and Dr Hodgkinson’s patients have been delighted with their results as his techniques have matured over the past 28 years.

Patients always want to know how to maintain their results: the answer is to have occasional “fillers” or anti-wrinkle injections. After several years if there is a slight loosening of the tissue, Thermage® can be used. For a “real” facelift, do not consider the Minilift, Threads, M.A.C.S. lift, the S-lift or anything that looks like a neat sales pitch.


Striking before and after results of one of Dr Hodgkinson’s full facelift and eyelid surgery patients.



Thermage® continues to advance

Dr Hodgkinson and Dr Baxter, from Seattle, Washington, presented a Seminar on Thermage® at the ISAPS Conference.

The Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic has now performed nearly 300 cases of Thermage® with a very high satisfaction rate, basically because we are highly selective of the patients we believe will achieve the desired result. The equipment has also become more refined. The Thermage® company’s continuing focus on research and development has led to significant advances in their patented tissue tightening technology.

Body as well as Face

So, now we can do body shaping and tightening with Thermage® of the arms, thighs and the tummy. This is usually done by our Registered Nurse, who has performed hundreds of cases. I try to concentrate more on the facial cases, doing Thermage® on the jowls, neck and cheek area. I am obtaining the newest Thermage® machine which is quieter, more efficient but not necessarily more effective than the third generation machine, which I now have. Thermage® continues to be the only non-surgical way to tighten tissue.


Thermage demonstration at the ISAPS Conference  the Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic.