The Cosmetic Surgery As An Investment And What To Do With “Love Handles”

“I consider this surgery as an investment …”
Roz Rhoden is in her 40’s, but you wouldn’t know it now. She recently had a facelift performed by Dr Darryl Hodgkinson.A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson
“Extreme Makeover” and the Silicone Implants controversy

The Doctor is in!
“What can you do for my ‘love handles’? ” Exercise and diet don’t seem to help at all!”

Summer sun can cause broken veins
KTP Laser helps get rid of them

Our Patients Gallery shows you real results, not air-brushed ones!
Dr Hodgkinson’s Patients Gallery shows you a wide range of procedures and before & after photos of patients

140 children helped by ORH Mission
A few months ago in November, 140 children received an early Christmas present, the ability to smile…

“I consider this surgery as an investment …”

I wanted to look fresher, not tired all the time.

Roz Rhoden is in her 40’s, but you wouldn’t know it now. She recently had a facelift performed by Dr Darryl Hodgkinson and feels that it has changed her life for the better.
“ Dr Hodgkinson has asked me to write to you with a brief story on my personal experience of having a facelift.

First of all, the reason I have had this done is because I wanted to. I wanted to look fresher, to not look as tired all the time. Many people used to say I looked very cranky because I frowned when I was listening or concentrating.

The saying “cheer up, it could be worse” when there was nothing wrong was growing a bit old.

Life has many different twists and turns and some of these twists can leave you looking not quite your best.

When I turned 40 I thought this was going to be a magic time. I had the confidence thing happening and all, but this same year our family had a life altering experience: my eldest child, then a 24-year-old young man, had a severe motor bike accident. The loss of his left arm was only one of his horrendous injuries. He has survived all of this and has since married and become a father, but it took a toll.

It has been 6 years since then and life is full and good now. Dr Hodgkinson has managed to erase all the unkind lines and also the frown.

From the time I had my initial consultation I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and a kindness that makes you feel very safe.

If it was your breasts at least if something went wrong, although very frightening, you could cover up in public until it was fixed, but your face is another matter.
Once I met Darryl Hodgkinson I knew that this man would only do his best because it would be his personal best not just a job.

I do not think he would allow himself to do anything other than a great job as he takes a personal pride in his work. In fact I woke up with a few little extras that complemented the work that I had asked for. Of course Darryl had mentioned that he would like to do this prior to my surgery and had my consent.
On the day of the surgery I was greeted by the team and introduced to all the members which I thought was very nice. The anaethetist was excellent, asking about any complications with prior surgery so as to make sure I was comfortable not just during the procedure but after it as well.

The next thing I remember…

The next thing I remember is I woke up and found myself wrapped in a nice warm blanket with the head nurse waiting to give me a cup of tea and a biscuit. I was told that the operation took over 5 hours, but I felt great no pain and no nausea at all.

One of Dr Hodgkinson’s recent facelift patients, Roz Rhoden, was so pleased with her results that she was only too willing to write a story for us about her experience!

Before and after facelift by Dr Hodgkinson

My husband had all the instructions and the on call nurses number, and because we live over an hour away we went to a nearby motel for the night.

The next morning we went back to the surgery and Darryl gave me the once over. He was very happy and because I felt so good we were allowed to come home to Wollongong , but only if we came back up the next day.

We followed all post surgical instructions and I never had any pain at all. Some discomfort but nothing a panadol did not fix. I cannot believe the lack of pain throughout and my friends who had to look at me thought I was just being brave.

It has taken a good three months to really appreciate the difference and I like it. A lot of people really notice the difference but people that I don’t really know well just think I have lost weight because they know something is different.

I consider this surgery to be an investment and will continue to visit Darryl for maintenance over the years.Thanks, Roz”



A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

The “hottest” show this summer has its points

“ Extreme Makeover” comes in at number 1 for women between the age of 16 to 54. I watch the show regularly and I think there are some very interesting points being made with some very good information disseminated.

Realistically, the patients are reviewed at six weeks which stresses the fact that patients require time to heal. Also, one can see that multiple procedures can be done safely on appropriately selected patients.

Additionally, most of the patients do not go to hospitals but, as occurs at the Double Bay Day Surgery, are operated on in the doctor’s day surgical facility and then go to a nice post-operative facility with a nurse.

We have certainly had many patients contact us after the programme for surgical procedures and it is nice to see the positive view of cosmetic surgery is being endorsed by the media.

Silica Gel Implant Controversy

The United States after a continued review has decided not to re-introduce silica gel or silicone. After extensive research, they believe that there is not enough evidence to suggest that these implants do not cause significant problems for patients.

It has been our practice to use saline implants as much as possible for breast augmentation. We are very comfortable with the use of saline implants; the majority of patients have excellent results and upon review of cases five and ten years after the surgery, the breasts are still soft.

The problem with the silicone is that even the “new” silicone has a high rate of capsular contracture – the breast feeling hard and unnatural.

We know that the consequences of rupture of a silica gel implant which increases with time, can cause disastrous local complications such as severe scarring and damage to breast tissue whereas with saline implants, the worst that can happen if they rupture, is that they require replacement; the material being saline cannot damage the tissue.

Whether the Australians will follow the American example is unknown but there seems to be a “go it alone” attitude in Australia by plastic and cosmetic surgeons who seem unaware that there is a controversy and that alternatives to silicone are available.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Darryl J. Hodgkinson
M.B. MS. (Hons) F.R.C.S.(C) F.A.C.S.


Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: “What can you do for my ‘love handles’? ” Exercise and diet don’t seem to help at all!”

A: Liposuction is extremely effective for the love handle area. Men store fat in different areas to women and just like women, find these isolated pockets of fat hard to shift with diet and exercise. Liposuction, or the removal of fat cells, is ideal in such areas to restore or even improve a man’s physique.

The major difference in liposculpture for men and women, is that in men the goal is to expose muscularity, whereas in women the emphasis is on creating sensuous curves. This procedure can be carried out as an outpatient at my licensed day surgery facility.

For more information on this or other procedures, just call the clinic or visit our website.

Liposculpture by Dr Hodgkinson

Before and After

Male body-shaping is becoming more popular each year. To review some of Dr. Hodgkinson’s Liposuction cases, please check out our Patients’ Before and After Gallery.


Summer sun can cause broken veins – KTP Laser helps get rid of them

Since the peak of summer is almost over, a lot of people have had sun exposure during the holiday period and for many this has also resulted in a return of broken vessels on their cheeks and nose. The Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic has a laser which specifically treats broken vessels on the face.

Significant reduction of vessels in one treatment
Most people get a significant reduction of the vessels in one treatment; however, some people may require a second treatment several months later to finalise the overall effect. The laser targets blood in the broken vessels and causes a constriction and trauma effect in the vessels which causes them to close. In the two weeks following the treatment, you need to avoid any heavy exercise, sun exposure or anything that is going to make your face flush such as spicy foods, spa solarium.

Minimal down-time

There is minimal down time with this laser. Most patients find that their skin is a little red or flushed in the immediate post treatment period of half an hour to an hour. You will be required to ice your face, several times during the afternoon and evening. After about an hour most people’s skins have settled.


Our Patients Gallery shows you real results, not air-brushed ones!

Patients come in all shapes and sizes, with many different problems. At the Clinic, we feel it’s important that patients have realistic expectations of what a procedure can do for them.

Some results are better than others, that’s inevitable. On our website, Dr Hodgkinson’s Patients Gallery shows you a wide range of procedures and before & after photos of patients so that you can get a realistic idea of the kind of results you may expect.

We show you the results online

We’re updating the Gallery all the time, and are in the process of a major upgrade, but right now you can find photos of more than 300 patients covering virtually the complete range of procedures carried out here at the Clinic and the Double Bay Day Surgery.

Not fashion photos

The photos you see are not specially modelled or styled but are the normal before & after shots taken of every patient during the course of treatment by Dr Hodgkinson. They may not be very creatively lit or posed, but they are real patients and give you a good idea of possible results.


140 children helped by ORH Mission

Team of Volunteers in one of the theatres at Paranque Hospital
Right: Happy to be included in pre-mission patient screening

A few months ago in November, 140 children received an early Christmas present, the ability to smile and be smiled back at from Operation Restore Hope! Three teams operated over a two week period to make this miracle possible.

Surgeons from Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Germany as well as Anaesthetists, Dentists, Nurses and even a Radiologist all gave their time to make last year’s missions amongst the best ever

Australian Filipino volunteers return to give back

What has made each year better is the number of volunteers from the Filipino community of Australia who come to give something back to their homeland by giving its children a chance for the future. We are already planning this year’s missions and already have surgeons committed as well as some great plans for fun fundraising.


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