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Rhinoplasty in a Multicultural Society

Before and After Rhinoplasty by Dr Hodgkinson

It is wonderful to live in multicultural Sydney because we have the opportunity in my practice to work with a wide range of ethnic subgroups from all over the world.

This experience is both enriching and challenging as it requires the surgeon to have an understanding of what is beautiful and appropriate in each of these cultures. One large group of my patients that I greatly enjoy working with can trace their origins back to middle-eastern countries. One of the procedures often sought after by this group is rhinoplasty or nose surgery.

In working with these strong, attractive features, especially in the eyes and around the mouth, the goal is to produce noses that are both ethnically appropriate and fit in harmoniously with their overall facial appearance. Often a too prominent nose detracts from the overall beautiful features and when put back in balance with the face with a rhinoplasty the focus is taken off the nose thereby enhancing the other facial features like the eyes and mouth.

The procedure of Rhinoplasty starts with the consultation; we spend at least an hour with a patient examining the patient, evaluating their health and desires and having computer imaging with our excellent “imaging” system run by Naomi, my staff member of nearly 20 years Naomi, who is a talented artist in her own right. Initially, I verbally and physically demonstrate the changes that are desired by the patient and with my expertise then suggest how I would surgically obtain an “optimal” nose.

A standard set of photographs are then taken of the patient front-on and in profile which can be manipulated by Naomi working with the patient to arrive at the most aesthetically ideal but also ethnically appropriate computer images. The patient is given a copy of the ‘before and after’ imaging pictures of their potential rhinoplasty result to assess. As you can see from two results shown, the enhancement and overall appearance are excellent and the patients are generally thrilled with their final result which is of course, very gratifying.

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

Sun & smoking ages you!

I had an opportunity to visit the south of France recently and observed the extreme premature ageing of the women in this area caused by a lifetime of smoking and ongoing excessive exposure to the sun. Their dehydrated skin and unhealthy tissue make it more difficult to perform quality facial rejuvenation surgery.

With the approach of summer, and as our sun is much harsher than in Europe especially with the ozone hole, we implore patients to use sunscreens, hats and avoid over-exposure to the sun especially in the midday.

We hope that with our harsher sun and the Australian tendency toward premature ageing, public education regarding sun exposure and convincing women that smoking has a strong effect on the ageing of their appearance will be successful.

Still time for Christmas surgery

With the practice being extremely busy at this time of year, I am not going away for any further conferences before 2012. Still, I already have two faculty appointments and speaking opportunities next year in Asia and Europe to present to the world’s top plastic surgeons.

These international meetings also give me a chance to review the most up-to-date technology and techniques which I can bring back to Australia to share with my patients and staff thus ensuring that our Clinic gives the highest quality results possible.

Please also take time to check Our surgical charity’s activities have expanded significantly into two new programs in the Philippines, supporting children who cannot be taken care of by surgical missions by backing excellent local surgeons and clinics to provide more prolonged treatment regimes.

We wish you all the best for the end of the year and the New Year.

Dr Darryl J. Hodgkinson

Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Before and After Liposculpture to hips, inner thighs, saddle bags and abdomen by Dr. Hodgkinson

Q: “I want to wear a swimsuit, but I just can’t get rid of a few extra areas of fat.”

Dr Hodgkinson answers:

As we approach summer, many patients are anxious about wearing brief summer clothes or swim wear. When diet and exercise alone will not change your hereditary shape, you may be a candidate for liposculpture, a well-established procedure I have been performing since the early 1980s.

A smoothly contoured figure can be achieved by re-shaping of the hips, inner thighs, saddle bags and abdominal area.

This complete approach allows the re-shaping of the entire figure from the waist (the key to a woman’s figure) to the knees.

“Mummy Makeover”

Having children is wonderful, but afterwards…

Before and After a “Mummy Makeover” by Dr Hodgkinson

Many patients present in my practice in their thirties or later after having had two or more children and seeking to restore their figures.

The “Mummy Makeover” often involves three things: Breast Enhancement and/or Lift, Abdominal Liposuction or Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and some liposuction of the overall figure.

I try to perform these procedures all at once, so that the patient gains an overall improvement to their figure and can fit back into the clothes that may have been worn before starting the family.

This is a highly gratifying group of patients who for the most part are realistic and with good family support are likely to achieve their goals.

When You Need A Facelift

What is the right time to consider surgery?

Before and After Facelift by Dr Hodgkinson

At the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic, we are encountering more women in their early to mid forties who are thinking about a surgical option and rejuvenation to address their facial ageing.

Unfortunately, in Australia, women tend to age a little bit more prematurely than their counterparts in Europe, where the sun is not nearly as strong and exposure to sun as a child is a lot less than in Australia.

Ultraviolet damage

With the effects of ultraviolet light being very strong here in Australia due to the ozone layer being depleted, this results in skin that is damaged, splotchy, sometimes with red, dilated veins. Coupled with normal ageing due to expression, weight gain and loss and genetics, this causes patients to look a little older than their European counterparts.

Non-surgical options

Of course, we use non-surgical approaches as long as we can, but many clinics who only offer Injectables, come to a stage where they are really wasting a patient’s resources because the tissues are sagging and cannot be lifted.

Thermage®, which we endorse strongly but only for the 35 to 45 year old age group, is not used for patients who require a lifting procedure.

Rejuvenated and “younger”

Before and After Facelift by Dr Hodgkinson

My surgical lifting procedures concentrate on the whole face in its entirety. All the formal aspects of the face are observed and worked on together in such a manner as to produce an overall appearance of a fully finished, confluent result whereby the patient looks rejuvenated, refreshed, more in tune and of course, if you compare with the pre-operative photographs, younger. The patients do not look “tight” and do not appear “overdone”.

Re-establishing “tone”

Emphasis is not placed on removing every wrinkle but instead, the re-establishment of the “tone” in the face. When patients possess chemical peeling and lasering a feature such as “flat” cheeks or a receding chin or an unattractive nose, additional procedures are suggested in order to optimize the facelift procedure, such as a rhinoplasty, cheek and/or chin implants or some judicious fat injection to produce a nice, overall, volumetric, fresh look.

 Body Implants

An answer for many patients with contour deformities.

I have long been interested in the enhancement of the male and female body that is “abnormally” shaped due to either injury, genetics or infections like polio.

These patients are usually embarrassed to wear clothes that reveal their imperfections and so the use of calf implants and chest wall implants in particular, and sometimes buttock implants, are necessary to address any deficiencies.

The buttock, and calf implants are solid implants which do not leak, are not dislodged with movement and stay in their respective positions. More and more patients are interested in this type of procedure.


Non Surgical Procedures – Injectables

At the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic, we have a full range of non-surgical treatments available.


Our very experienced nurses and myself perform these injections using a topical, numbing gel to minimize discomfort and minimize downtime.

Despite the multitude of clinics offering these injections, we have always remained one of the premier injecting clinics, based on our combined experience and the rapport we have established with our many satisfied patients. I myself have been injecting since the late 1970s and my two nurses have been injecting for over ten years.

Our results speak for themselves. We make a point of only using products we know to be safe, not necessarily the “newest” and most “media-hyped” products, but products that we are confident will give the patient their desired results, whether in augmentation, lip enhancement or wrinkle reduction.

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