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How much younger do you look with a facelift?

Facelifts are usually performed in the 45 and over age group, both for females and males, as they have reached an age when the use of non-surgical rejuvenation such as anti wrinkle injections or injectable fillers no longer can provide the desired results.


Before and After Facelift by Dr Hodgkinson

“The question all patients have on their mind…”

Most patients in this age group present with concerns regarding their laxity and sagging of their jowls, necks and also cheeks and with a varying degree of problems associated with the skin wrinkling and ageing due to sun damage and other environmental and health related issues. One question that all patients seem to have on their mind is how much younger they will look. Although no warranties can be given about a specific number of years of “change” that people will perceive, the results are so gratifying and the positive change so real that studies are being conducted to assess the extent of the perceived change and how these perceptions might differ within a group.

A Seven Year Reduction?

A recent study was published in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery which had medical students assess the results of facelifting. The result of this study suggested that there was a seven year reduction in the age appearance of patients who had a facelift. Of course, one must pose the question as to whether first year medical students, who are at least 25 years younger than the age group that they are assessing are in a position to make such a judgment and what relevance that judgment holds.

Or could it be 10 years?

In fact, it has also been shown from studies that patients who have had a facelift always get the benefit from the facelift of looking younger and that this benefit of looking younger continues on for at least 10 or 11 years after the operation. Perhaps from this one can argue that the perceived age difference is 10 years.

Appear natural and ageless

Plastic Surgeons should never tell or imply to a patient that they will look a certain number of years younger as the result of a facelift. The aim and the idealization of the result from a facelift is to make the patient appear natural and ageless.

With the harmony that exists in the face after a facelift combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures as necessary, such as eyelid surgery, browlifting or skin resurfacing, we do not think about the patient’s age, but the return of vitality and expressiveness to their face.

Before and After Facelift by Dr Hodgkinson

Significant progress made

The facelifting procedure has progressed significantly over the last 30 years from the tight and stretched look with alteration in the hairline and “overdone” appearance (which we unfortunately still see on occasion) to a more natural appearance, paying attention to many features of ageing which we did not fully understand 30 years ago. The volumetric deflation of the face, the drooping of the nose and other features which contribute to the ageing appearance are now addressed at the same time.

The new facelifts, which I refer to as “pan-facial” lines implying expressiveness and a happy face, and concentrate on re-establishing tone in the neck, jawline, mid-face and brow area.

Patients are gratified by the positive feedback they get from their friends, relatives and children because they look refreshed without the stigma of the “operated-on” look.

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

Contacts in Asia

As a plastic surgeon practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Sydney, I have an ever increasing number of patients of Asian heritage.

To perform their cosmetic surgery it is imperative to have an intimate knowledge of oriental aesthetics, and to that end over the last 25 years I have spent considerable time travelling, working and attending plastic surgical meetings throughout Asia.

ASEAN Congress

I recently attended the 16th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery in Boracay, Philippines, as a faculty member presenting papers on rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation, body implants and psychological aspects of plastic surgery. Surgeons from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines all participated in this stimulating meeting on all aspects of cosmetic, plastic and of course reconstructive surgery. We all benefit from this close professional association which I have seen translate into real benefits for patients in my Double Bay Practice.

Dr Hodgkinson with Dr James Grotting from the USA and Dr Susumu Takyanagi from Japan

Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: “I want my breasts enlarged but need to know more about implants.”

Dr Hodgkinson answers:

A: Saline = Safety! Women who are interested in breast enlargement do need to be informed about implants. With the recent PIP implant scare, women are concerned about implant type. Whenever possible I prefer the sensible “headache free” breast augmentation – Saline Implants (as opposed to gel or the Brazilians). Patients need to be involved in the choice of implant for them. Many patients want to speak to someone who has had implants. Some of my staff have had saline implants inserted by me years ago and continue to be happy with their results; they would be happy to speak to you.

For our latest PIP and other breast implant updates please visit our website at www.cosmeticsurgeryoz.

Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants by Dr Hodgkinson

Rhinoplasty Update

Dr Hodgkinson has been performing this procedure for over 30 years

Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is probably the most artistic of all procedures performed by plastic surgeons.

There are a myriad of changes that can be made to the nose to create a nose that is both natural and in harmony with the other facial features.

Some parts of the nose can be made smaller or narrower while others can be made larger or augmented. Humps on the bridge of the nose can be removed, tips can be re-shaped and the angle between the nose and upper lip increased. Grafts can be also be placed in the nose to redefine the tip or strengthen and augment the dorsum of the nose if it is flat or scooped out.

Before and After Finesse Rhinoplasty by Dr Hodgkinson

A more enhancing feature

Regardless of which and how many of these intricate surgical manoeuvres are required to create the desired result, all these procedures must aim to make the nose a less conspicuous and more enhancing feature of the face.

To assess this requires years of experience and expertise. Even though I have performed thousands of rhinoplasties, I still need to spend a great deal of time with patients prior to the surgery to find out what they are trying to achieve.

With the aid of our computer imaging software, Alter Image, and my imaging specialist who has performed image modifications over many years, I try to ascertain what will give my patient the most natural and appealing look for their nose and their face overall.

The patient is very involved in the imaging and decision making process. Patient involvement is key to gaining a mutual understanding of what the patient wants and what is surgically possible.

“Meant to be on their face”

No one nose looks good on every face. Every patient’s nose needs to be individualized and appear as if it was the nose that was meant to be on their face, rather than one that was too prominent and detracted from their other facial features.

In a secondary rhinoplasty, when the patient has had a previous operation by someone else in the past, the results are less predictable and we have to be careful with computer imaging not to boost the expectations of patients too much.

If the patient has a deviated septum or internal breathing problem, we can take care of this at the same time. We do Rhinomanometric studies pre-operatively to assess whether or not there is a breathing problem, the extent of it and how we can address this when attending to the appearance of the nose.

Before and After Finesse Rhinoplasty by Dr Hodgkinson

Body Liposuction and Liposculpture

Liposculpture implies an artistic procedure to shape the body whilst liposuction suggests just the removal of excessive fat.

Before and After Body Etching by Dr Hodgkinson

Body etching attempts to define the most attractive shape of the body as well as emphasising the six packs or deltoids or pectoral muscles in a man to give a cut, sculpted, well-defined look.

To aid in the sculptural techniques ultrasonic and power aspirators are used, but these alone are not guaranteed arbiters of success. Artistry and artistic anatomy understood by the surgeon contributes the most to getting this kind of top result, along with the experience to define the figure in a woman and shape the torso in a man.

Meticulous “design”

Before the surgery the patient must be “designed”; I have the patient stand in front of the “three fold mirror” and we design the procedure meticulously taking into account skeletal shape, muscular development, skin laxity and elasticity as well as fat distribution.

We proceed with the shaping of the patient under a light general anaesthesia monitored by our experienced anaesthetists. After the procedure the patient wears a firm fitting stretchy garment. Some of the commercially ones available are just as good as the medical garments; we discuss this prior to surgery and the patient brings this garment to the operating suite. The cooler months are the most popular for liposculpture as wearing the garments are less conspicuous.

Before and After Liposuction by Dr Hodgkinson


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