What Is The Right Age To Get A Nose Fixed?

Dr Hodgkinson launches his latest book
A must read if you’re considering cosmetic surgery

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson
Secondary Surgery

The Doctor is in!
“Can you do something about my thick ankles?”: “Yes”, says Dr Hodgkinson.

Facelifts 2010 Update
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Dr Hodgkinson and three nurses offer a variety of injectable treatments

Rhinoplasty – but when?
What is the right age to get your nose fixed?

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The Clinic Welcomes Amanda Bishay

Dr Hodgkinson launches his latest book

A must read if you’re considering cosmetic surgery

Dr John D’Arcy receives a token of appreciation from Dr Darryl Hodgkinson at the launch of the latter’s new book “Cosmetic Surgery – Just The Facts”.

On Tuesday 18 May Australia’s first and most loved doctor of the airwaves, Dr John D’Arcy, launched Dr Hodgkinson’s latest book at the Garvan Institute Library in the presence of the latter’s colleagues, his staff and some very special friends and supporters.

It was more than just a book launch, it was a celebration of 15 years in the Double Bay Clinic and 30 years for Dr Hodgkinson since he began practice as a plastic surgeon in 1980.

Dr Hodgkinson’s new book, ‘Cosmetic Surgery – Just the Facts‘ tries to bridge the wide information gap between the hype, glossy images and superlative promises so common today (no bruising, 20 years younger in 1 hour, etc) and the difficult to decipher clinical terminology in the age of evidence based medicine.

At the opening Dr Hodgkinson said, “After 30 years in practice as a plastic surgeon with a major interest in cosmetic surgery I have written this book to try and and crystallise the knowledge I have gained about procedures, to distil this information into a set of facts that can help patients rather than have them confused or have them enticed by a marketing and sales package”.

This book gives you or anyone considering cosmetic plastic surgery the facts that you should know and understand about all the major surgical procedures from head to toe and cosmedical treatments.

Whether you want to understand more about facelifting, breast augmentation, liposuction or injectables, this book is an easily understood reference with each procedure outlined, a glossary of terms and full colour before and


Dr John D’Arcy speaks at the launch of Dr Darryl Hodgkinson’s new book “Cosmetic Surgery – Just The Facts” at the Garvan Institute, Sydney.

after pictures of Dr Hodgkinson’s results from patients who were grateful enough to allow him to share their results with you.

For more information about the book or to order your copy, please call the clinic on 02 9362 7400 or visit us online at our website, www.newcosmetic.cosmeticsurgeryoz.com.


A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

Secondary Surgery

Many patients ask me if they will ever need more surgery. Many won’t, some will. By secondary surgery we mean surgery that needs to be redone. This can be after an initial operation, after a procedure ages with time or an implant ages with time and displaces or ruptures.

Secondary surgery is very common in cosmetic surgery. Some operations are for life such as a rhinoplasty or an otoplasty, but others have a likelihood of requiring another operation in the future.

For example, with breast augmentation, the most common operation, there is an aging of the implant and 3-5% of implants break within ten years. About 20% of patients will need some sort of revision surgery in ten years no matter who does the operation.

Some patients may get 30 years out of an implant or even more. In others, however, the implant may break in less than ten years. Implant life depends on many factors and therefore is unpredictable.

Weight gain often a cause of secondary procedures

Another operation which has a likelihood of a secondary procedure, especially if the patient gains weight, is breast reduction. Changes in a woman’s body with hormones, pregnancies and menopause can lead to weight gain, and hence changes in the breasts. This is reflected in the sagging of tissue from a breast reduction or lift.

Liposuction results are stable if a patient maintains their weight and fitness. Facelift patients may choose to have a touch-up operation in ten or more years as they continue to age. Although a facelift can turn the clock back many years, it cannot actually halt the aging process.

Correcting a bad operation

A different category is the patient who has had an unsatisfactory primary operation. Trouble begins when patients go overseas for cheap surgery or to inexperienced operators and then come to us with a much more difficult problem.

This is particularly true in rhinoplasty where 50% of my cases have been operated on by somebody else. These are difficult cases to repair, because the delicate tissues have been subjected to distortion by the original operation, over-resection, removal of too much tissue or inappropriate aesthetic judgment by the surgeon.

Some examples of primary rhinoplasty are in this edition of Looking Good, demonstrating the possibilities that can be achieved for those patients who have the right operation the first time with an expert surgeon.


Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: “Can you do something about my thick ankles?”

Dr Hodgkinson answers:
Yes! Thick ankles or “cankles” are generally not due to weight gain but are an excess of fatty tissue around the lower calf and on the leg above the shoe line. Patients often cannot wear boots and many are embarrassed so wear slacks or long skirts.

Weight loss generally makes no difference, and quite often there is a hereditary factor, whereby a mother, sister or relative has the same thick, lower legs.

Circumferential Liposculpture allows us to re-shape the lower leg from the knee to the ankle, creating nice curves and defining the achilles tendon, which looks great in stockings and frees a patient from the necessity to camouflage or conceal her legs.

Before and After Circumferential Liposculpture by Dr Hodgkinson


Facelifting 2010

Facelifting and facial rejuvenation surgery remain one of our major focuses at the Double Bay Day Surgery.

Before and after Facelifting, Eyelid Surgery and Chemical Peel by Dr Hodgkinson

Patients from Australia and overseas present for these procedures and we provide them with all the necessary infrastructure for a complete facial rejuvenation in order to revitalise their appearance.

Full Facial Rejuvenation

Full facial rejuvenation requires attention to the upper, middle and lower third of the face and many times patients have a brow lift, upper and lower lids, lip enhancement, cheek lift, neck lift and sometimes even a rhinoplasty.

This seems like a lot of surgery but in many ways all the components come together, giving a result without the stigma of an “operated-on” look. After two weeks most patients return to the majority of their normal activities. Out of town patients stay in Australia or locally for ten days prior to returning home.

We don’t do tight facelifts!

We are still seeing a lot of patients who have had simpler, less effective operations such as the S-lift, mini lifts and thread lifts, although the threads are becoming less popular. These more basic procedures often lead to a patient looking “operated on” because they place excessive tension on the skin.

We perform the more sophisticated deep plane facelift which re-establishes tone in the tissues without placing tension on the skin, giving a more natural result.

Tight skin equals a blank face, so it is also important to maintain facial expression: a few wrinkles, especially around the eyes, such as smile lines, should not be removed if the patient is to appear natural when animating the face – speaking, smiling or laughing.



At the Double Bay Day Surgery and the Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic, Dr Hodgkinson and three nurses offer a variety of injectable treatments.

The most popular over the last 20 years have been Anti-Wrinkle Injections to reduce wrinkling around the eyelids and on the forehead, carefully modulated not to completely reduce facial expression but to modify it; an important consideration with injectables.

Our highly experienced nurse injectors are available Monday to Saturday mornings by appointment. Injectable filler products have multiplied over the years and are used for fine lines as well as deep folds (particularly the nasolabial folds), neck wrinkles, around the mouth and especially to enhance the lips.

An advantage of the newer products is that they come with a local anaesthetic, and we also use a topical numb gel which is extremely powerful, reducing the chance of pain and any likelihood of bruising.



Rhinoplasty – But When?

What is the right age to get your nose fixed?

Many patients come to us in their late teenage years and early 20s asking about rhinoplasty. They have been incorrectly told when they were younger and already self-conscious about the shape of their nose that they should only consider surgery when they are much older.

In fact the nose is completely grown by 18 years of age and the end of high school is a popular time for young people to have nose surgery, as they are then entering the workforce or moving on to university.

Before and After Rhinoplasty by Dr Hodgkinson

Many patients have an ethnically predetermined large, prominent nose and we try not to change the ethnicity of the face but give the patient a nose that fits in best with their features without the obvious look of having a nasal operation. Breathing can also be improved by straightening the septum or removing or adjusting the internal humidifying mechanism of the nose (the turbinates).

Immediate and obvious gain in confidence

The more positive outlook and gain in self-confidence in both young women and men resulting from such an operation is obvious, and the wonderful thing about a rhinoplasty is, as an operation, it never has to be repeated. Two examples of rhinoplasties in the younger age group are shown above.

Before and After Rhinoplasty by Dr Hodgkinson


The Clinic Welcomes Amanda Bishay

Amanda Bishay, Paramedical Aesthetician, brings her full range of expertise and services to our Double Bay Clinic. Now everything you could want in the world of beauty is available under one roof at The Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic.