Breast Augmentation And Banishing Leg Veins

I had my breasts augmented!
Beauty consultant Dita Marashi is 27 years old and chose the CRSC to do her breast implants. Now she tells you about it!

Beauty consultant Dita Marashi is 27 years old and chose the CRSC to do her breast implants. Now she tells you about it!

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson
Breast Lifting – The Brazilian Technique
Latest method from Rio de Janeiro is a breakthrough.

The Doctor is in!
Dr Hodgkinson talks to you about those hard-to-shift fat deposits – and what to do about them!

Holistic Wellness: It’s all in the face
Chinese Meridian Theory shows the way to health (Part III) by Dr Jennifer Hunter

Get rid of post-holiday veins
Our KPT Aura Laser just vaporises them away!

Sclerotherapy banishes disfiguring leg veins
Procedures now available from Dr Hunter in-house at the Double Bay Day Surgery

Operation Restore Hope’s 1999 mission the largest yet
Dr H’s charitable medical mission this year is off soon. And you can help too.

Beauty industry executive Dita Marashi chose CRSC for her breast augmentation, and tells you about it!

“I had doubts and fears. Now I only wish I’d done it years ago…”

My name is Dita Marashi. I’m 27 years old and have just completed my long awaited breast implant operation to enlarge my breasts from a size smaller than a 10A bra up to the marvellous full B cup that I had long wanted.

“For many years I’d wanted my breasts to be bigger, firmer and more shapely. But there had always been one thing holding me back…”

For many years I’d wanted my breasts to be bigger, firmer and more shapely. But there had always been one thing holding me back from making the final decision and that was fear.

Looking back on it now, I realise whatever I’d read in magazines or seen on television was always telling me about the negative aspects of the procedure and not the positive side. As I intended to have kids in the future I kept asking myself what about breast feeding and what if this happens and what about if that happens. I just had all these doubts and fears going through my mind. There was no room for any positive thoughts!

I’m very health conscious and train at the gym four to five times a week as I work in the beauty industry and manage and coordinate an exclusive salon in the city.

First impressions important

I’m the first contact the public/customer has before deciding to have a beauty consultation with our company. First impressions are very, very important in this type of industry. When a few of my friends and close customers had their breast surgery done, their comments were quite positive. After they showed me the finished product, I was astonished not only by the fantastic transformation of their breasts, but also their change of attitude. They were a lot more confident in their walk, talk and general work behaviour and above all, raved about the benefits to their social life. During many discussions with each of them on different occasions after I told them I’d always been considering this type of operation, the only thing they kept saying to me was “you will wish you’d done it years ago” – and believe me, it is true.

When I walked in, there were still doubts and the fear of pain in the back of my mind. I think I asked every single question in history about the operation, procedures, Dr. Hodgkinson’s record, the facility and staff! I had to know in my mind that I was not only going to be in good hands, but that the operation itself was going to be a success. After my consultation, I knew it was for me; I made my surgery appointment immediately.

“They, and that means all the staff, treated me like family…”

My breast operation was a 100% fantastic success. I must begin by saying that the staff at Dr. Hodgkinson’s Clinic was the most professional I have seen or heard of ever. They, and that means all the staff, treated me like family – that’s the only word that comes close. I felt like family.The staff advised me about everything and helped me endlessly before, during and after my surgery, especially after. I harassed them from my home by phone every five minutes and not once did they push me aside. The staff erased all my fear and pain and as I was told I would, I now say “I wish I’d done it years ago”.

Born with this talent

As for Dr. Hodgkinson, I trusted him and put my decision for breast surgery – which I have to live with for the rest of my life – in his hands. I wouldn’t let the money issue even come into this as it is a lifetime decision. I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that he hasn’t just studied and practised to be this skilled, he has been born with this talent to perform breast operations that changes people’s lives for the better. I’m very, very proud of my new breasts and will never look back and the best thing is without any scars to show for it!

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

Breast Lifting – The Brazilian Technique

I recently made a two-week visit to Brazil, working with Dr. Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes M.D. Ph.D, on minimal incisional breast lifting.

The problem with a woman’s breasts, if she has had several pregnancies, is significant drooping of the breast tissues and a stretching out of the skin envelope or the skin brassiere; the breasts have a ‘sad look’ referred to as ‘droop’ by the patients.

The ‘droop’ of the breasts is the result of the misshapen, shrunken breast tissue and the excess skin. The nipple points downward towards the floor. This constitutes a very aged and distressing shape which cannot be rectified by the insertion of a breast implant. If a breast implant alone is used, the breasts will be even more distorted, large and unattractive.

Working with Dr. Goes in Brazil was a marvellous opportunity. It was a great privilege to be shown the finer points of this technique as performed by Dr. Goes. I believe the trend is away from the traditional operation with the ‘anchor’ type scar. In my opinion, patients will not accept the excessive scarring of

breast lifting from the traditional operation, nor should they. Instead, once informed, patients will choose the periareolar Bennelli. or, as I now call it, the Brazilian Goes technique for lifting the breasts.
The procedure of breast lifting can be carried out as an outpatient procedure and we are performing these procedures on-site at the Double Bay Day Surgery.

Sincerely yours,Dr Darryl J. Hodgkinson
M.B. MS. (Hons) F.R.C.S.(C) F.A.C.S

Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: Why are the fat deposits on my hips, thighs and waist so hard to budge, even though I am exercising and have a sensible diet?

A: Many women gain weight on their hips and thighs during their teenage years. Often this is of a genetic predisposition. The main contributors to later fat deposition, however, are hormonal changes in a woman, such as pregnancies, menopause or hormone replacement therapy. We encourage patients to have a healthy diet and regular exercise, but this is not sufficient for many patients. Treatment options include liposculpture either with a traditional procedure or the newer ultrasonic method, or sometimes other surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck, or a thigh or body lift.
For dietary advice and consultation regarding fat excess, why not consult our in-house physician, Dr Jennifer Hunter or Dr Hodgkinson himself? They will suggest a treatment program and possible surgical options for your particular problem.

Got those post-holiday veins?

After having time in the summer sun as well as a few extra glasses of champagne, spider veins to the face become more prevalent. There is no need to go into winter with those tell-tale lines on your face, whether they be on and around your nose or on your cheeks and chin.

The KTP Aura laser vaporises the veins away in a treatment that takes only 30 minutes and requires no anaesthesia! If you want to be rid of those purple lines on your face, call the surgery for more information or for your appointment.

Sclerotherapy banishes disfiguring leg veins

Dr Hunter operates the KPT laser

Dr Hunter is now offering sclerotherapy. Most varicose leg veins can be simply and safely eradicated by injecting an irritant solution into the vein. The vein then seals itself closed. This stops the back flow and stagnation of venous blood in the legs. Associated symptoms such as heavy aching legs, cramps, ankle swelling and leg ulcers are resolved. There is no time off work. You may need 3 to 8 sclerotherapy sessions to treat the problem. If you would like to get rid of those unsightly leg veins then make an appointment to see Dr Hunter for an assessment.

Operation Restore Hope’s 1999 Mission largest ever

Before and after an Operation Restore Hope operation

Operation Restore Hope’s 1999 mission scheduled to leave for the Philippines at the end of February will be the charity’s largest mission ever. Dr. Hodgkinson’s team includes four plastic surgeons, three Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, an Otolaryngological surgeon, four Anaesthetists, a Paediactric Intensivist, six Nurses and a Biomedical Engineer. Fifteen of the team members come from Australia but we are also lucky to have two surgeons from Japan, a surgeon from Singapore, one from Germany and one from the United States.  
As always, the team has to take every piece of equipment and every single supply right down to sutures and gloves. The logistics are always incredible and the planning to ensure the team’s success began months ago.
Donations of time, supplies and equipment have begun to arrive in earnest as we grow closer to our departure date for this year but more help is always needed.

If you can help, please phone Katherine Hassler or Kim Castrey on (02) 9362 7400 or you may send a cheque payable to Operation Restore Hope to P. O. Box 1185, Double Bay 1360.

(Note: Operation Restore Hope is a registered charity which puts 100% of all donations into the mission – all administrative supplies and costs are donated.)

Holistic Wellness:It’s all in the face (Pt III)

by Dr Jennifer Hunter
B.Med; MScPH. D.L.S.H.T.M.

For a thousand years, Chinese doctors, herbalists and acupuncturists have observed the correlations between certain facial features and our internal health. They use Meridian theory to understand the health of the whole person – body, mind and soul. There are 14 Meridians and each has a separate function. This is the third of a series of five articles where I will review the face diagnosis of two of the ten main Meridians.
If we have a problem in an area, what do all those wrinkles, sags and blemishes mean?

The Kidney Meridian

The main facial features can be seen underneath the eyes. Dark rings and baggy eyes are common examples. The Chinese say that the size and positioning of the ears correlates to the kidney organ and (continued p.4 col 1) Meridian functions. This Meridian governs the kidney organ, adrenal glands, ovaries, testes, hair, teeth, bones and hearing. It provides us with a will to live and work. Problems with the Meridian may result in kidney disease, poor hearing, greying and thinning hair, osteoporosis, fear and stress, lower back pain and difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.



The Urinary Bladder Meridian

The main facial features include wrinkles across the forehead and loose skin under the chin. Balding on the top of the scalp is a common feature in men. This Meridian governs the urinary bladder, the autonomic nervous system and the spine. It provides us with a sense of groundedness and support. A poorly functioning Meridian may result in bladder symptoms, cystitis, frontal headaches and sciatica. Emotionally, the person may feel insecure, unsupported and may have a tendency to martyr themselves.