Male Surgery Trends: Body-etching, Facelifts & More

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“How can I get an idea if rhinoplasty will give me the look I want?”:
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Male Surgery Trends:
Body-etching, Facelifts & more

The Golden Years

“With role models such as Helen Mirren, the older generation are casting off their nana cardigans and proving that they can age with style, grace and yes, sex appeal”

‘Helen Mirren And The Art Of Ageing Gracefully’,
Sarina Lewis, Sunday Life, October 18, 2010

Before and After Pan-facial Rejuvenation by Dr Hodgkinson

A significant trend in my practice has been the increase in panfacial rejuvenation in women in their late 50’s 60’s and even into their 70’s. Procedures include (as necessary): facelifting, necklifting, browlifting, eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing.

With the average Australian woman now living to 84, women in their 60’s no longer consider themselves nor are they considered by society to be in their twilight years.

The fact that older women are having stunning personal careers not only in business and government but also on stage and in film well into and beyond their 60’s provides a positive role model for women. I find in my practice many women in their late 50s or early 60s see themselves not as ‘hanging up their boots’ but as having an opportunity of enjoying the next 20 years of their life in business, social/community and personal pursuits; they are in transition after having been overburdened by the years of juggling their roles as mother, wife and career woman, and come to me in the realization that there is still a lot of life for living.

We go for a natural look

Before and After Pan-facial Rejuvenation by Dr Hodgkinson

Our facelifts have been adapted to this group of patients and provide a natural look to their result, so that after pan-facial rejuvenation their face has a timeless appeal.

Most women are concerned that their neck ages badly and the turkey neck, or chook neck or double chin gives away their chronological age.

To counter this we concentrate on re-establishing a smooth jaw and chin line, reducing the jowls, de-emphasising the nasolabial folds, enhancing the mid third of the face and providing for brow and eye rejuvenation as needed.

No more “tight” facelifts

The tight looking facelifts of the 20th century have now gone, mainly due to improved surgical techniques and patients not wanting to look tight or ‘operated on’; but simply to look less tired, less worn out, and less angry.

Comments from these patients include: “I like looking in the mirror again” and “I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life”.

Very gratifying work to do

We find this is a very gratifying group of patients to work with. They have a lot to share and with the respect they have from family, friends and colleagues who are supportive of their new appearance, there is a reinforcement of their positive outlook for this next phase in their lives as vital, capable and yes – attractive women.

A Letter from Dr Hodgkinson

A Busy Year

Last year was a busy year at the Double Bay Day Surgery and the Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic as well as in my commitments to international plastic surgical meetings.

Dr Hodgkinson outside the ISAPS conference hall in Xi’an, China

After giving guest lectures in Xi’an, China, home to the Terracotta Warriors who are visiting Australia at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the next few months, I was a guest of the combined meeting of ISAPS and the Oriental Society of Plastic Surgery in Japan, giving papers at both meetings on facelift and rhinoplasty and a plenary lecture on body implants.

I am well known both nationally and internationally for my interest in augmentation of the body especially after trauma, tumours, maldevelopment or polio and especially in conditions such as Poland’s syndrome and breast asymmetry where patients have skeletal problems that can be improved greatly by the use of solid (non- gel) silicone implants.

Manila and Istanbul in 2011

This year, 2011, promises to be another busy year for international meetings as a guest lecturer at the Philippine Society of Plastic Surgeons in Manila and also at the 3rd International Eurasian Aesthetic Surgery Course in Istanbul.

All these meetings give an opportunity for me to rub shoulders with other top plastic surgeons of the world and discuss our mutual challenges both technically and relative to our practices. This collaboration brings benefits not only to me in terms of my ongoing education and development but benefits significantly our practice and our patients on my return.

Dr Hodgkinson answers your questions

Q: “How can I get an idea if a rhinoplasty will give me the look I want?”

Dr Hodgkinson answers:

Computer Imaging is just one of the tools that we use at our clinic to communicate with patients about the outcomes that are realistic and achievable for them with rhinoplasty surgery. This gives the patient an opportunity to have an input into their result as well as for me to see if their expectations are realistic, appropriate and achievable.

Before and After Rhinoplasty by Dr Hodgkinson

With 30 years experience in rhinoplasty surgery and more than 10 years of experience in computer imaging, my staff and I are more than able to communicate clearly with our patients so we can help them to get the result they want within the parameters of what is achievable in their particular case.

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Breast Implant Update 2011

There are many breast implants on the market, some of which are marketed in a very enticing, non-clinical way: gummy bear implants, furry Brazilian implants, etc. The facts are that although the silicone implants have improved over the years, saline implants remain highly popular especially in the United States and amongst my patient group. One of the reasons that we offer patients the choice of saline implants whenever it is appropriate is that surveillance necessary in a silicone implant is much greater than that in a saline implant.

Before and after Breast Augmentation by Dr Hodgkinson

“…the saline implant offers the least level of concern as well as the most natural result.”

The anxiety levels that are associated with silicone implants and leakage are naturally much greater than for an implant that is filled with saline which occurs naturally in the body. With a saline implant one knows immediately if an implant has broken as it deflates and a lesser procedure is required to replace the broken implant.

It is more difficult to detect leakage in a silicone implant and this is best done via MRI of the breast which is extremely expensive. The rate of breakage of saline and silicone implants is the same.

At the clinic, we not only assess what might be the most appropriate implant for the patient based on their desires, the size of their chest wall, the amount of tissue on their chest wall and the quality of that tissue, but we discuss with them as well any concerns they may have about implant choice and what it will mean to them in years to come.

We do offer silicone implants and they certainly have their place. The furry Brazilian implant has been suggested recently only for patients with intense capsular contraction of silicone implants. This implant is not FDA approved in the USA. The saline implant was the first implant produced and in the realistic patient who is worried about health issues, the saline offers the least level of concern as well as the most natural result.

Double Bay Day Surgery

The Double Bay Day Surgery is proud to be a premier provider of outpatient plastic surgery in Sydney. As a fully licensed and ISO9001 accredited surgical facility with over 12 years experience, we have two fully equipped operating rooms custom built for plastic surgical procedures.

Our dedicated medical staff has been with us for many years – some of them for nearly 20 years – and our regular staff anaesthetists hold senior positions at teaching hospitals in Sydney. Our records in all areas of quality and safety are reviewed by the NSW Health Department; and any risk is minimal because the unit is uniquely designed with the patient’s safety and privacy at heart. Our statistics are submitted to the State Board of Medicine and beat industry standards. All of the staff have experience specifically in cosmetic plastic surgery. I believe our years of commitment to our patients is reinforced by the positive feedback we receive from the thousands of patients we have operated on.


Our highly qualified nursing staff

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Visit to see our new-look web site. New features include “What Patients Say”. Many people like to read the numerous thank you letters from our patients and to learn more about the patient experience.A small selection of these letters and stories are now on the website with our thanks to these patients for sharing their experience with us and with you.  

Male Surgery Trends

More and more men are considering surgery

Before and After Liposuction and Body Etching by Dr Hodgkinson

I recently wrote a lead article for Australian Aesthetics Magazine on male surgery: a review of all the procedures commonly performed for men.

For the male body, we perform a number of procedures, but the ones I see most frequently are for ‘man boobs’ or gynaecomastia, and lipodystrophy of the abdomen – ‘the beer belly’.

Other procedures that we are called upon to perform regularly are calf implantation for puny legs and pectoral implants and custom implants for men with chest wall deformities such as Poland’s syndrome, an area in which I have specialised for a long time.

Facelifting for men

Before and After Facelift by Dr Hodgkinson

For the male face what men are interested in varies more with age. Men in the 50-60’s age group present for face lifting and eyelid surgery. This has been a growing area as the baby boomers realize that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness, but that a saggy jaw line and droopy eyelids can inhibit them in social and professional situations.

Rhinoplasty also popular

Nose reshaping, known as rhinoplasty, is the most common facial procedure men in their 20-30’s present for. When performing rhinoplasty in males it is important not to feminise the nose but to create a masculine nose that is proportionate to the man’s face: keeping a stronger straighter dorsum, removing a large hump if present, straightening a twist and reducing the bulk of the tip to create a natural result.

Men are quite pragmatic when deciding to have plastic surgery. Today, male surgery represents 20 to 25% of my practice and the number is growing as the stigma about males having cosmetic surgery has virtually disappeared.