Male Rhinoplasty FAQs


    The “ski-jump” nose is usually caused by trauma, an accident or in some unfortunate cases, previous over-zealous rhinoplasty surgery wherein a less experienced surgeon removes too much tissue leaving a the patient with a nose which is either unnatural in shape or too small.

    In a male, a small, weak nose is seen as most unattractive and lacking masculinity. Most men want a good strong nose and to achieve this for patients with a scooped out or too small nose, we use a patient’s own tissues to build up the top of the nose, thereby producing a more handsome, defined profile.

    The tissues used for this nasal grafting are most commonly bone and cartilage.  The use of silicone implants or implants of any synthetic material is problematic as over time the body rejects the implant and the implant works its way out of the nose and requires removal and can create an even more difficult defect to repair.

    If your nose is naturally too small or scooped out in shape from trauma or previous surgery, there are options for rhinoplasty surgery to create a more natural and pleasing shape to your nose.

    Before and After Nose Surgery

    This is often one of the biggest fears faced by male patients when it comes to having a nose augmentation. It is important to remember that Dr. Hodgkinson’s specialty across all procedures, male or female, is a sensitivity to a range of elements, including the look of the face, gender, ethnic background, and family resemblance.

    When it comes to the rhinoplasty procedure, some surgeons can over-feminise their male surgical results, creating a type of stigma that the nose job is a feminine procedure. This is not an issue; however, when an expert in nose surgery such as Dr. Hodgkinson is on the case. He works hard to individualise the results for each patient, so the new look is natural and balanced.

    Male rhinoplasty requires an avoidance of a cute or button look, which is often caused by removing too much tissue or cartilage. Dr. Hodgkinson believes it is critical to maintain a strong nose for his male patients, which is in balance with the rest of the face. This will, almost by default, guarantee a natural masculine appearance.

    male rhinoplasty

    A before and after with six months of healing as performed by Dr. Hodgkinson