Infini / Thermage FAQs


    This ‘non-surgical’ facelift is actually a non-invasive procedure suitable for the 35-55 year old age group, employing radiofrequency technology to tighten loose skin by using heat to shrink tissues and stimulate collagen growth.

    It is also called the ‘Thermacool Facelift’ because it has a cooling spray to protect the surface skin. No anaesthesia or down time is required and the procedure takes between one and two hours to perform.

    non-surgical facelift non-surgical facelift

    Before and After Thermage Facelift 

    If controlled by an experienced and qualified doctor such as Dr Hodgkinson, then yes. The INFINI treatment is a TGA approved system and is well proven in the USA where it is FDA approved. Dr Hodgkinson would not adopt any new technology unless it had been guaranteed with an impressive safety record first. The safety of his patients is of paramount importance across every procedure.

    This varies based on your goals, but the average number is often three treatments, especially if they suffer from acne. That being said, some patients will only require one. Consecutive treatments can be performed as close as 3 or 4 weeks.

    Depending on your needs, treatment can take about 45 minutes.

    We encourage anyone interested in knowing more about how much any of our surgeries cost, to access our free information packs which contain up to date pricing information on your selected procedure.  You can access those information packs here.

    It is unlikely that your private health insurance will cover the INFINI treatment as skin tightening procedures are purely cosmetic and not deemed medically necessary. We will of course assess this during your consultation, however, this request is often purely for aesthetic improvements only. Exact pricing that is relevant for your specific procedure will be provided to you in your consultation.

    Most patients find the highest amount of discomfort being areas which are over the bone, such as the forehead, Pain thresholds do vary, but most patients report no discomfort during the procedure.

    The initial redness will subside very rapidly, with roughly 24-36 hours to resolve completely. This can vary per patient with some experiencing redness for a few days.

    Dr Hodgkinson and his team are always on call to support you during your recovery process. The INFINI recovery time is minimal, and Dr Hodgkinson assures the safety of every patient during and after every procedure. 

    If you do experience adverse issues during your aftercare process, Dr Hodgkinson and his skilled team are on-hand to assist you whenever you need. 

    The use of fractional heating as opposed to bulk heating is what sets the INFINI apart from other devices. The needles are insulated and have variable depths meaning coagulation occurs for maximal collagen stimulation. This keeps the epidermis safely protected from the heat and allows for safe and effective treatment of all skin types.