Man Boobs / Gynecomastia FAQs


    Men of all ages can be embarrassed by excess fatty tissue on the chest and may be reluctant to wear tight-fitting shirts because this only accentuates the problem. This condition is called gynaecomastia and affects an estimated 40-60 percent of all men, and it doesn’t always respond to diet and exercise.

    Fortunately, this excess fatty tissue can be removed surgically and sometimes with liposuction. The actual procedure will depend on an individual assessment of the problem. The excess can be removed with a combination of surgery and liposuction but if the operation is to remove fatty tissue only, ultrasonic liposuction may be used on its own. If surgery is needed to excise firm male breast tissue, it is removed via a small incision made half-way around the nipple areola. The scar fades in two to three months.