Calf Implants FAQs


    Calf implants continue to be popular, especially in summer. Usually, women choose to have one implant on the inside of their leg to produce a nice curve below their knee, while men choose four implants – two implants in each leg – one on the inside and one on the out-side, to provide a much more bulked up appearance.

    A small incision is made at the back of the knee area in a crease in order to insert the implant. Careful planning is necessary and often patients undergo liposculpture at the same time.

    In the twenty years I have been performing this procedure, there have been very minimal complications and problems in these patients.

    Women who have had calf implantation are delighted to be able to wear a short skirts and men are much more comfortable about wearing shorts!


    Before and After Calf Implants by Dr Hodgkinson