Buttock Implants FAQs


    Everyone has a bottom of course but some people have a flat bottom with no shape or a very small bottom. A fuller bottom can give a woman a more feminine shape.

    We also do implants on men—in men, a “flat butt” is an ageing butt. Implants can make the male buttocks look more in proportion with the rest of the body, especially if they have been exercising and building up the upper body.

    The three main groups of patients I do are South American women with flat bottoms, Chinese women with small bottoms and gay male patients.

    Some doctors have used injections of fat but the results can be quite unpredictable. I use implants made from solid silicone or cohesive gel. They come in either round or lozenge shape and in various sizes. The implant is inserted deep underneath the main muscle—the gluteus muscle (glute) via a small incision between the cheeks and the muscle.

    The number of women seeking buttock implants is definitely increasing, particularly since the popularity of the American Latino singer, Jennifer Lopez. The pioneers of buttock implants were actually the South Americans, particularly the Brazilians and the Mexicans, where culturally generous buttocks are more popular than breast enhancement.

    b&a before and after buttock implants

    Before and After Buttock Implants by Dr Hodgkinson