Breast Lifting FAQs


    The extent to which this will happen is in your hands and the hands of the Gods.  The patient needs to control weight gain or loss, lifestyle habits that erode skin elasticity (smoking, drinking, sunbathing) and general wellness.  The Gods have given you your genetic make-up and that in turn determines how we age and we all age differently.  One thing is for sure, with time and ageing gravity will take its hold whether you have had surgery or not.  Patients who require breast lifts also usually have compromised elasticity of their skin and women who have had children especially, due to previous enlargement and shrinkage of the breasts following pregnancy and lactation. Breast implants in conjunction with a lift can help prop up the sagging breast tissue and give volume especially in the upper pole. Sometimes the patient’s own fat is injected to fill the upper pole of the breasts. If necessary, a mastoplexy (breast lift) can be repeated at a later date.

    Before and after Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

    Drooping breasts can be a source of embarrassment as well as a sign of their loss of youth and femininity. This sagging can occur naturally with age or follow after pregnancy when the breast tissue shrinks. Breast droop can be corrected with an operation called mastopexy which involves removing some skin and excess tissue from the lower breast with a vertical incision combined with a peri-areolar incision (incision around the nipple) or with just the peri-areolar incision itself (the Bennelli technique). The skin is drawn together and stitched creating a higher, tighter breast. Sometimes I insert an implant to give the breast added support and fullness if the patient has inadequate breast tissue.

    Before and After Breast Lift with Breast Implants (Bennelli: Minimal Incision) by Dr Hodgkinson