Rise in Male Cosmetic Surgery

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Before & After Liposculpture by Dr. Hodgkinson

In response to the feature on male cosmetic surgery in last week’s Good Weekend, “Makeover man”, the trend toward men becoming consumers of cosmetic surgery and treatments began long ago to the point that 40% of all my patients are men. Unlike other doctors mentioned in the article, I do not find that men are more difficult patients to deal with. Patients, male or female, with unrealistic expectations are difficult to deal with and it is our job to hopefully determine this before committing to surgery.

There are, however, differences between males and females and the way in which they approach cosmetic surgery. Males are usually more pragmatic, “time-poor” like all of us and tend not to have the same support networks that females have. Men also usually are looking for refinement or re-definition rather than a big or dramatic change.

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Before & After Rhinoplasty by Dr. Hodgkinson

The types of surgery that men consider generally depend on their age. Men in their 20’s and 30’s are usually interested nose surgery or rhinoplasty in Sydney, a popular procedure to improve breathing as well as the nasal appearance. Men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s however are more interested in maintaining their edge in business or their confidence in socialising and relationships. In this age group they may have developed droopy or puffy looking eyes which leave them looking tired and angry and jowels have formed where they once had masculine jawlines. These patients look to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or facelifting procedures (rhytidectomy) to regain a more vital look while retaining or enhancing their masculinity. Men of all age groups, however, who may have formed love handles or beer guts with more sedentary careers and aging look to liposuction/liposculpture treatment to get their “abs” back.

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Before & After Facelift by Dr. Hodgkinson

Dr Hodgkinson’s cosmetic surgery in Sydney can improve physical appearance and hence confidence and self-esteem, but the surgeon should be wary of any patient who feels that cosmetic surgery will dramatically improve their career in the entertainment or fashion industries. The most important factors in a successful cosmetic surgical procedure are the surgeon’s expertise combined with patient’s who are healthy, realistic and well-motivated.

For more information on male cosmetic surgery see Dr Hodgkinson’s article on male cosmetic surgery. Click Here or email the clinic on [email protected] or call to speak with one of Dr Hodgkinson’s staff specialists on 02 9362 7400.

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