Correcting Inverted Nipples at the Same Time as Breast Augmentation

Before & After Breast Augmentation with Correction of Inverted Nipples by Dr Hodgkinson

Dr Hodgkinson in conjunction with Dr Nara, who studied under him, have recently published an article on the surgical correction of inverted nipples being carried out at the same time as breast augmentation. The article was published in the prestigious Plastic Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open journal.1  Dr Hodgkinson and Dr Nara note that whilst many techniques for the surgical correction of inverted nipples have been published dating back to the late 19th century,  there is little mention in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery of nipple inversion surgery taking place simultaneously with other breast surgeries, especially the insertion of breast implants.

Here are a few things most people do not know about inverted nipples:

Inverted Nipples are More Common than You Think

Inverted nipples are much more common than most people realise. Patients who present with inverted nipples feel that they are that one in a million person who was unfortunate enough to have this condition. Not so! In fact, it is believed that up to 8.93% of the population might have either one or two inverted nipples. When patients are made to realise that they are not alone, it is a huge mental relief to them and an even greater one when they realise that something can be done to correct their inverted nipples.

 Inverted Nipples can be Unilateral or Bilateral

This published study by Dr Hodgkinson included 34 breasts across 19 patients who had breast implants inserted at the same time that they had their inverted nipples corrected. Obviously, this means that not all patients had inverted nipples on both breasts. In fact, many people don’t realise that inverted nipples can be either unilateral (only on one side) or bilateral (on both sides). In this study, 15 of the patients had inverted nipples on both breasts and the remaining 4 only on one breast. It would be interesting to know if these same percentages might apply to the population of those with inverted nipples as a whole worldwide.

Men also can have Inverted Nipples

Another thing that many prospective patients do not realise is that both women and men are affected by inverted nipples. Just as we are likely to associate breast cancer only with women, we have a tendency to do the same with inverted nipples. Men also have issues with breast tissue and inverted nipples. In fact, men are also self-conscious about their chests whether it be due to enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia), a puny chest or chest with chest wall deformities (pectus excavatum, pectus carinatum or even Poland’s syndrome which are all common to both men and women). Each of these issues whether they be congenital or developmental can all create concern for men who are concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their chest.

Inverted Nipple surgery can take place at the same time as all other Breast Surgery

Whether you are a woman seeking breast implants, a breast reduction or breast lift (mastopexy), if you have inverted nipples, the correction of the inverted nipples can take place at the same time as the other breast surgery. In the past, it was believed that these breast surgeries had to take place in a staged way so that the prospective patient would have to have one procedure at a time. This meant not only multiple surgeries but extensive downtime to wait for healing to completely take place from each step along the way before subsequent surgeries could take place. Of course, the same applies to men.

In conclusion, if you or someone you know are bothered by inverted nipples; you are not alone. Not only is it commonplace for women and men alike to have inverted nipples but they can be surgically corrected either as a stand-alone operation or in conjunction with other surgeries both of the breast and body.

For more information on inverted nipples, see our page on inverted nipples with more unretouched before and after images

1. Nara, Kishen, Hodgkinson, Darryl J. “Correcting Nipple Inversion Simultaneously
with Implant Augmentation of the Breast, Using “Pirelli” Technique”, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open (2020)

2. Cristenu JM. The correction of inverted nipples without scars: 17 years experience 452 operations. Aest Plast Surg. 2000;24:52–57.

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