Why liposuction isn't a replacement for dieting and healthy eating?

Why liposuction isn’t a replacement for dieting and healthy eating?

Dieting and healthy eating are essential components of a healthy lifestyle.  Liposuction is not used for obese patients or patients with a high BMI.  Liposuction is used mainly for people who have already tried dieting and eating well, may have had nutritional advice but are “trapped” by the genetics of their shape.  For example, their mother may have “heavy” buttocks, thighs and knees and these can tend to be a genetic predisposition that cannot be avoided.

Liposuction, which is really “Liposculpture” anticipates the improvement of a shape of a patient, the figure in a female and the torso and shape in a male.  It is important in liposuction to encourage patients not to diet prior to surgery and the ideal is to be able to maintain a normal lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise after the unfortunate saddlebags, thighs, hips or “man boobs” have been removed