Subtle Yet Beautiful Breast Augmentation

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Before & After Breast Augmentation by Dr Hodgkinson in Sydney

(“A” to “B” 200 cc gel implants)

Breast Implants generally summon up images in our minds of large breasts.  Not all women, however, seeking augmentation want to have large breasts.  For many women, breast enhancement surgery is about having more attractive and feminine breasts, not necessarily large ones.  Women who would fall into this category would include athletic women who have very little fatty tissue but whose sporting endeavours could be hampered by large breasts.  For these women, a smaller implant can be used; the smaller implant will not impact on their ability to compete but will give them the more feminine and shapely figure they desire.  Other women may simply prefer the subtler look of a small implant if their desire is not so much to have a sizable bust but to appear more feminine in clothing or swimwear.

The most important thing is to be able to clearly communicate your desires and your lifestyle with your surgeon so that you get the look you want with the result that is right for you.  Dr Hodgkinson has performed thousands of breast augmentations on women of all ages, shapes and sizes in his thirty years as a plastic surgeon.  He and his staff work together with you to help you understand the different types of implants and procedures so that you can decide if breast augmentation might be for you.

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