Sculpted For Summer

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Darryl Hodgkinson discusses the process of a recent patient’s body contouring surgery.

Three months prior to a much-anticipated holiday to the Mediterranean, Carlie consulted me regarding liposculpture and breast augmentation. This total body makeover to get her ‘bikini-ready’ for her holiday meant a thorough reshaping of her hips, inner thighs, saddle bags and abdominal area with liposculpture.

This complete approach allowed for reshaping not of a single area but of the entire figure from the waist (key to a feminine figure) to the knees. I anticipated the patient would lose two dress sizes, as well as also being able to restore the defined musculature she had from her earlier active sporting life. Diet and exercise had failed to shift these hereditary bulges which had resulted in a lack of confidence and a reticence about the upcoming trip of a lifetime.

At the same time, Carlie thought her breasts were somewhat saggy and not as pert as she would have liked, so she also chose to undergo breast augmentation surgery in conjunction with liposculpture. The total procedure time was three hours, performed under a light general anaesthetic. Post-operatively Carlie wore a dressing and compression tights for four weeks while the swelling resolved.

I explained to Carlie the risks and complications of this type of surgery. In a healthy, well-informed, well-motivated patient who has good support

from family or friends and who is willing to follow the pre-operative and post-operative instructions, the risk of complication in these elective surgical procedures is minimal when carried out by an experienced and highly skilled surgeon.

As we approach summer, many patients are anxious about wearing brief summer clothes or swimwear. Liposculpture is a well-established procedure that I have been performing since the early 1980s and has been refined to a point where a smooth, contoured figure is attainable for most patients.

BEFORE & AFTER liposculpture to the hips, inner thighs,
saddle bags and abdomen by Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

About Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

Dr. Darryl J. Hodgkinson is recognized world-wide as an expert in cosmetic plastic surgery with more than thirty years of experience in both cosmetic and plastic/reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson did his plastic surgical training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States and is amongst an elite group of a very few surgeons to hold two degrees in plastic surgery from American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons, Canada.

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