Rhinoplasty Surgery Options for Men



Rightly or wrongly, we all know that in the modern age, appearances do matter. A person with a nose that is misaligned, misshapen or damaged – can suffer from physical discomfort and/or self-consciousness.

Men who have suffered from a broken nose, or who have nasal defects, deformities, obstructions, or simply don’t like the appearance of their nose, may benefit from having rhinoplasty (which is the correct terminology for what is commonly known as ‘a nose job’).

Nose surgery is used for medical or cosmetic reasons to make surgical modifications to the nose in terms of size, shape, width, symmetry and other features.

Male rhinoplasty surgery options

There are many rhinoplasty surgery options. It is often used to do the following:

  • Make adjustments to the nose to improve the patient’s breathing, usually due to a twisted or deviated septum. This procedure is known as a septoplasty.
  • Repair a nose that has previously been broken and needs reshaping.
  • Modify the size of the nose, by making it either smaller or larger to fit the face.
  • Make the nose more symmetrical.
  • Alter the width of the nose.
  • Modify the bridge of the nose. For example, many Asian patients seek a stronger nose and nasal grafting.
  • Alter the nose profile.
  • Adjust the nose tip.
  • Alter the size or positioning of the nostrils.
  • Make improvements to a nose as a result of birth defects.

Who can do rhinoplasty procedures?

Rhinoplasty needs to be done by a professional cosmetic plastic surgeon. To undergo the surgery, patients need to be in a good state of general health.

With this surgery, patients need to have some time off work in order to undergo the procedure itself and then recover. Generally speaking, ten days to two weeks after the surgery is adequate for recovery, although there is minor residual swelling which can take a few months to subside.

At our Sydney clinic we provide a digital imaging service to enable patients to see how their nose might look after surgery.

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