Nose Surgery with Chin Implant

Sydney cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson, believes cheek and chin implants are ideal for rhinoplasty patients who have a receding chin or jawline.

When patients seek rhinoplasty or nose surgery, they are often also concerned about their profile and creating a visage in which their nose is in balance and harmony with their other facial features. They want an appearance that is not overwhelmed by too large, too small or too twisted a nose.

People commonly think of nose surgery as making large noses smaller, but nasal surgery is actually about making the nose the right size and shape for the person’s face and ethnic group. Noses can be reduced, augmented with bone or cartilage grafts, straightened, have the dorsum or ridge heightened, a bump removed, or the tip reshaped, lengthened or raised. At the same time that the nose is reshaped, the internal breathing apparatus can also be improved.

Nose Surgery with Chin Implant before after
Nose Surgery with Chin Implant Before & After

These variations make it necessary to assess the balance of the patient’s entire face. Often, nose surgery alone is enough to give the patient the improvement they seek. Chin implants, however, combined with rhinoplasty, have a high patient satisfaction rate in persons with a receding chin or jawline. The chin implant surgery can be carried out at the same time as the rhinoplasty on a day patient basis. The implant is inserted through an incision inside the mouth, hence leaving no visible scars.

Cheek implants also add to the balance of the mid face. Also placed through a small incision in the mouth, they give the ‘high cheekbone’ look.

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