Male Rhinoplasty

Before & after rhinoplasty by Dr Hodgkinson
Before & after rhinoplasty  by Dr Hodgkinson

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) for men is now a common procedure representing 25% of the
approximately 500 cases I perform each year. Often men have a history of nasal trauma from
contact sports or accidents in their childhood or young adult life which not affects the appearance of
their nose but also their breathing.
When I consult a patient with former nasal trauma, we always test the breathing function as well as evaluate the inside structures of the nose. To determine what is best for the appearance or the
outside of the nose, we use computer imaging as a tool to communicate with the patient what might be the best shape for the nose to complement their overall facial features.

Sometimes to further evaluate the breathing we may need a CAT or MRI scan to aid in the planning.
Once the patient and I agree on the possible shape of the nose, we can proceed with the surgery which is carried out as an out-patient procedure at our on-site fully licensed and accredited facility, The Double Bay Day Surgery. The entire surgery including the correction of the breathing usually takes about one and a half hours. A splint is worn on the nose for one week and most patients go back to work or their studies after seven to ten days. Any discomfort is easily managed with mild analgesia.

It must be noted that if a patient has had an unacceptable result from another surgeon and requires
secondary surgery, that the results are less predictable.
Overall, the satisfaction rate for male rhinoplasty surgery is very high, this being an operation that
needs only be done once if done right the first time.