Nipple Correction

Sydney cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Darryl Hodgkinson discusses procedures to correct inverted nipple and other problem conditions. Tara Casey reports

Nipple Correction
One of the major concerns of candidates for breast augmentation is what will happen to their nipples after the procedure. About 10 percent of women have nipple issues that need to be addressed at the same time as their breast augmentation.

Case Study 1

Some woman who have lost weight or breastfed, may find their nipples become floppy. In some situations this condition can be improved by a breast augmentation alone. The procedure can rejuvenate the nipple with the pressure of the implant.

The nipple areolar size can increase by approximately 20 percent and patients have to be aware of this.

‘I avoid scars around the nipple during the procedure as it often leads to distortion,’ says Sydney cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Darryl Hodgkinson. ‘The scars around the nipple can be seen when the patient is nude and because the incision and access to the breast tissue is more difficult, cutting through the tissue can cause potential damage to the breast.’

BEFORE and AFTER correction of floppy nipples with breast augmentation by Dr Hodgkinson


Case Study 2

A complete nipple inversion is where the nipple is totally reversed and cannot be pulled out. According to Dr Hodgkinson who performs cosmetic surgery in Sydney, this condition cannot be improved by a breast augmentation. `Some patients are advised by their general practitioners or families that breastfeeding will improve the situation but most patients want the problem corrected at the same time as an augmentation,’ he says. `For this I make a tiny incision around the nipple and release the ducts, then reconstruct the breast tissue underneath the ducts, allowing the nipple to protrude. The patient wears a small rubber ring around the nipple for about a week to prevent recurrence, and the small incision within the areolar is barely noticeable.’

BEFORE and AFTER correction of inverted nipple by Dr Hodgkinson

Case Study 3

Another concern women have about their nipples after breast surgery is the size of the areolar complex. This patient presented with severe asymmetries: the left areolar complex was huge and the right approximately normal size, the left breast was tuberous, the right breast small and the nipples were irregularly positioned. The left breast was lifted and the areolar complex made smaller. The right breast was augmented to give a symmetrical result with regularly positioned, shaped and sized nipples.

BEFORE and AFTER correction of symmetry and breast augmentation by Dr Hodgkinson

About Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

Dr. Darryl J. Hodgkinson is recognized world-wide as an expert in aesthetic plastic surgery with more than thirty years of experience in both aesthetic and plastic/reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson did his plastic surgical training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States and is amongst an elite group of a very few surgeons to hold two degrees in plastic surgery from American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons, Canada.

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