Liposculpture: No One Wants Chunky Inner Thighs

Before LiposuctionAfter Liposuction

Before & After Liposuction of Inner & Outer Thighs by Dr. Hodgkinson

Liposculpture implies an artistic procedure to shape the body whilst liposuction suggests just removal of extra fat. Body etching attempts to define the most attractive shape of the body as well as emphasising the six packs or deltoids or pectoral muscles in a man to give a cut, sculpted, well defined, look. To aid in the sculptural techniques, ultrasonic and power aspirators are used, however, these alone are not guaranteed arbiters of success. Artistry and artistic anatomy understood by the surgeon contributes the most to getting this kind of top result along, of course, with experience to define the figure in a woman and shape the torso in a man.

Before the surgery the patient must be designed. The patient will point out the areas that are of most concern to them (for women a problem area tends to be chunky inner thighs) and we will discuss realistic goals. I have the patient stand in front of the “David Jones mirror” and we design the procedure meticulously taking into account skeletal shape, muscular development, skin lavity, and elasticity as well as fatty dsitrubution. We proceed with the shaping of the patient under a light general anaesthesia monitored by our experienced anaesthetists. After the procedure the patient wears a firm fitting stretchy garment. Some of the commericial ones available are just as good as the medical garments. We discuss this prior to surgery and the patient brings this garment to the operating suite.

Winter is the most popular time for liposculpture as wearing the garments are less conspicuous, and by the time summer rolls around you will be ready to confidently pull on your swimsuit and show off those thin thighs at the beach.