Liposculpture for Men

Before Liposculpture After Liposculpture

Before & After Liposculpture with Skin Etching by Dr Hodgkinson

Liposuction for men is very different rom liposuction for women. In women, the goal is to sculpt a smooth contour to create a lovely feminine figure, whereas in men the goal is to sculpt a highly contoured physique which reveals the muscles and sinews of the male body. This muscular, “ripped” look has always been associated with masculinity as we can see from classical sculpture.

The problem for men is that they tend to accumulate fatty deposits around the middle leaving them with a ‘gut’, ‘love handles’ and often fatty deposits on their backs. These fatty deposits can be resistant to diet and exercise. Because of this, men in their 20s to 40s who are finding it hard to win the battle of the bulge may consider body contour surgery to regain or create their physique.

Liposuction, also known as liposculpture, in the hands of an expert can employ many technologies and techniqes to literally sculpt a more masculine physique. One of these techniques which requires years of experience to be carried out effectively is ‘skin etching’ which can create specific contours to give the ‘six-pack’ appearance. Other techniques include the ultrasonic and pneumatic techniques which can reduce the trauma to the tissues and allow for a faster resolution of the swelling.

Patients usually return to work in a week and the result continues to resolve and improve over approximately three months.

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