Ideal Breast Shape: A Study by British Surgeons

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Before & After Breast Augmentation by Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

British surgeons determine what is the ideal breast shape – 2012.

In a fascinating study of one hundred topless models, the shape of their breasts was analysed, both in small, medium and large-sized breasts. One of their key findings, was that the upper pole slope is linear or straight-line, or slightly concave, in comparison to what is produced generally by breast augmentation. People who want a natural look should have a smooth “runway” going from their mid-chest to the nipple. The nipple should also be slightly pointing upwards at a 20º angle.

So many breast augmentations procedure in Sydney are too full in the upper pole and yet patients are confused because that is what they see in so many photographs on the internet and on plastic surgical websites. I even admit to the fact that I have been subjected to pressure by the patients to produce that kind of result but I do stress to them that “looking like you have a French push-up bra on without a brassiere is unnatural”. However, in the “patient-centred” medical world that we exist in today, surgeons are compelled to do what the patient wants often, rather than what they know is more aesthetically attractive. An example of a very natural breast augmentation using saline implants is shown. I also choose saline implants because of the more natural movement which they have in comparison to “gummy bear” implants and the fixed position implant like the “Brazilian” implant.

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

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