How The Mid Face Changes Over Time

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You might not realise it, but your mid face is one region that draws your attention because of its contours and volume. The mid face includes your under-eye area, cheeks and nose region, and the balance of the area impacts the overall appearance of your face.

We all lose facial volume naturally as we age, and this can be particularly apparent in the mid face. Under the eyes, tear troughs may appear as darkness or circles under the eyes, making you seem tired or older than you feel. Over time the soft tissue of the cheeks that provide fullness and curves may start to decrease and descend due to its effects of gravity resulting in a hollow face.

Your nose is also a central feature that harmoniously relates to your other facial features. Around the nose, the nasolabial fold is a natural feature of the face that can be see in people of all ages. It is a groove or fold of skin that runs from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Deepening of the nasolabial fold occurs because the far and other soft tissue that normally sits high on your cheeks starts to move downward.

There are treatment options available that can restore the fullness of your cheeks and rejuvenate your face including anti wrinkle injections.  Facial rejuvenation has previously focused on improving the appearance of the neck. This is achieved by working with the submental fat pad along with the superficial musculoaponeurotic system SMAS. This process, however, did not alter the nasolabial folds. The other popular procedure, the brow lift, also failed to do much about the area between the eyes and the mouth.

Ageing causes the soft tissues from the cheek to fall, which creates deeper nasolabial folds which flattens the midface causing a square appearance. The facelift, while making vast improvements to a patient’s appearance, still left the midface with a fallen down look.

Facial implants were quite successful at filling and lifting the mid-third of the face, and this was improved even more when endoscopes were developed for cosmetic surgery purposes. This allowed for easy access to this area, making it easier to lift.

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