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Male Facelift – the facts

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Darryl Hodgkinson explains the diferent approach required for the male facelift.

Facelift and neck lift by Dr Hodgkinson
Facelift and neck lift by Dr Hodgkinson
Facelift and neck lift by Dr Hodgkinson

An increasing number of men are choosing to turn back the hands of time and recreate a more youthful appearance. In the 40-to 45-year-old age group the most common procedures men are seeking are either liposuction of the neck for their double chin, or eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to the upper lids – especially to remove extra hanging skin, which not only obstructs vision but also gives a tired and haggard look.

When men reach their 50s, the skin and tissues of the neck become looser and they can lose definition to the jawline which projects a confident, masculine appearance. In addition to this laxity, a ‘hollowing’ or ‘hangdog’ look can occur when the jowls become heavy.

A double chin can also concern men, especially in the increasingly competitive and youth-oriented society of today. In these cases, a facelift and neck lift can provide an effective solution.
The biggest apprehension men have when considering surgery is that they want a ‘natural’ result – they do not want to look tight or ‘operated on’ but to project a more youthful, less gruff appearance. With meticulous surgical technique and a conservative approach, they can turn back the clock a good 10 years without any telltale signs they’ve gone ‘under the knife’.

When electing to undergo a facelift, it is important for patients to realise facelifts and neck lifts are major surgery. In fact, men have a higher rate of complications than women. These complications in males are due to the variation in their blood pressure. It is not uncommon for males to have a blood pressure problem in their 50s, and it is essential for the patient, surgeon and anaesthetist to control this prior to surgery. In addition, male skin on the face and neck can be subject to more problems with bleeding.

All patients are tested pre-operatively to ascertain if they are at risk of developing a complication. As this is elective surgery, the procedure is only performed when it is determined there is a very low chance of complication or bleeding risk and that that risk can be managed. Downtime is usually around two weeks for facelift surgery.

Facial cosmetic surgery for men can yield extremely satisfying results. My patients are pleased when they have a stronger jaw line, rejuvenated eye region and a less sunken and ‘stressed’ appearance, which overall creates a more youthful look.